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Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Desk Review: Sit, stand, move!

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk Hero
(Image: © Nicolette Roux / iMore)

Our Verdict

Bottom Line: This ergonomic, height-adjustable standing desk was designed to boost productivity, reduce back and neck pain, lower the risk of obesity, and improve energy overall. It's easy to assemble and easy to use. It uses an electric motor and a simple up/down control so you can adjust the height according to your needs. It features a nice, large, versatile desktop suitable for every type of work project. On the downside, this product comes in two shipments that often do not arrive together, and it weighs just over 100-pounds, so it is very heavy.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Electric
  • Height adjustable
  • Large desktop


  • The two shipments came very far apart
  • Some confusing instructions
  • Heavy

They say that comfort and efficiency are imperative to productivity, and therefore, are essential things to consider when setting up your workplace. Ergonomics, ambiance, and aesthetics are all high on my list when it comes to creating my workspace, which is why I started looking for ergonomic furniture. I discovered the Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Desk (opens in new tab) and have found it to be the perfect addition to my home office.

It's affordable, quiet, ergonomically designed, and possesses a huge range of motion as far as sitting, standing, and moving go. I believe it has boosted my productivity overall, and it has definitely reduced the neck and back pain I often experience after sitting for long periods of time. I would recommend this product to anyone seeking ergonomic, height-adjustable furniture looking to sit, stand, and move as they conduct their work at home.

Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Desk Features

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

The Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Desk features a large work surface that is environmentally sourced and provides ample space for various monitor or laptop setups, in addition to room for ongoing projects and office supplies. It uses an electric motor so that you can easily adjust the height according to your needs. The motor lift mechanism offers smooth height adjustments from 28-inches to 48-inches at the speed of one inch per second. It moves quietly and efficiently.

It features an industrial-grade steel frame and an extremely solid desktop that can hold up to 154-pounds of weight. It's designed for working from home and allowing independent and remote workers to stay active, healthy, and productive while they work remotely.

Easy to assemble and use What I loved

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

Let's start this proclamation of love with assembly. Before we get really into it, let me just say that assembling furniture is not my forte, so if I can do it, so can you. This standing desk was relatively easy for me to assemble, and I did it all on my own. The most challenging aspect was the weight of this product. Note that it weighs 103 pounds, and assembly is much better suited as a two-person job. However, I did manage to do it myself.

This desk comes in two shipments, which I'll delve deeper into later. Once your two shipments have arrived, it's time for setup. It's packaged with an easy to follow installation guide that walks you through the process step by step. One important thing to note is that it does not tell you how far to stretch the crossbeam in step two. This doesn't seem like a big deal until you get to step five, where the crossbeam needs to stretch a certain distance for the feet to align with the desktop accurately.

Save yourself some time and take my advice. Measure the distance you need to have between the feet of the desk to get them to line up with the holes drilled on the underside of the desktop properly. This is very important because that's the exact distance you need to stretch the crossbeam when attaching it to the feet. Why this isn't articulated is a mystery. It was really frustrating to get to step five and then have to go back and redo step two. Hopefully, I'll spare you some angst here.

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

One other important note on assembly is that in step five, it says you need a drill to attach the desk feet to the desktop, and this simply isn't so. I did it with a Philips head screwdriver and managed just fine. It is firmly attached. From start to finish, assembling this desk took me just over an hour by myself. With two people working on it, you could probably cut that time in half.

Once your desk has been fully assembled, it's very easy to use.

You plug it into the wall to turn on the electric motor. It's outfitted with a tiny little remote box that has up and down arrows on it. Obviously, pressing the upward arrow makes it rise, and the downward arrow lowers the desktop. I was really impressed with the range of motion this standing desk has. It can lift and lower from 28-inches off of the ground to 48-inches off of the ground. The tallest setting is really tall and could comfortably accommodate people that are six feet and over.

Electric, height adjustments

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

My favorite thing about this desk is that you can adjust the height to suit your exact needs at any given moment.

For example, if I want to get moving, but still want to get some work done, I can create a walking desk setup. I have a 2-in-1 foldable treadmill that I like to lay flat beneath the desk. I'll then raise the desk to a comfortable standing height with the treadmill beneath my feet, and voila, walking desk. I can burn some calories and get some writing done at the same time. I find that moving often gets my creative juices flowing faster than sitting.

As a writer that works 100% remotely, having the ability to sit, stand, and move while working at home has been life-changing. My back and neck (especially) really start to hurt if I sit at my desk and stare at the computer for too long. Having the option of getting up and simply standing or even moving has really helped alleviate a lot of my physical pain.

I also love the fact that you can personalize the height to your own comfort and preference while sitting.

My preferred desk height while sitting is not necessarily your preferred desk height while sitting, which is the beauty of having an electric, height-adjustable desk. You can adjust it wherever you want, whenever you want. Whether you're sitting, standing, or moving, this desk really can accommodate any and every situation.

Large desktop

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

Another great thing about the Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Desk is that it features a nice, large desktop to work on. I do a lot of writing on my laptop on mine, but I'm also a performer and sew and rhinestone my own costumes from time to time. This desk gives me the convenient versatility to do either with room to spare. It can accommodate my sewing machine, my costume project, my laptop, my printer, my office supplies, etc. It really is incredibly versatile and spacious.


Flexispot Ergonomic Desk

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

The most frustrating thing about receiving this product was that it came in two shipments and that I received these shipments three weeks apart. I spoke to a customer service representative who apologized profusely and told me this was due to a recent spike in product demand. Nevertheless, the packages are large, heavy, and take up quite a bit of space, so it was annoying to have a boxed desktop taking up room, that I could do absolutely nothing with, for almost a month.

I did some sleuthing in the Amazon reviews of this product and found that these two shipments oftentimes do not arrive on the same day, but typically arrive only a few days apart. It seems that my situation was rare and unique.

Confusing instructions, very heavy

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk Instructions

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk Instructions (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

As I mentioned above, there are some confusing instructions in the installation manual, but overall, it's pretty straightforward. Please take note that this desk is extremely heavy. It weighs over 100 pounds and is very difficult to move on your own. I'd definitely recommend setting this up with a partner. It took a lot of strength to carry and move by myself.

Bottom line

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

The Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Desk is an excellent ergonomic office addition. It has a huge range of motion, and the height is fully adjustable to suit your needs. It enables you to sit, stand, or move while you work, increasing productivity overall and reducing back and neck inflammation. It's sleek and versatile; I highly recommend this product to anyone setting up any kind of workspace.