Vertu Constellation hands-on: The $6000 smartphone

If you're here, then you already know: good phones aren't cheap. The flagship phones from the big manufacturers can easily run you $700 or more. Many would consider it a luxury to have one. Then there's the Vertu Constellation. Luxury doesn't even begin to describe what this phone is aiming for, and it all starts with a $6,000 price tag.

I'm Michael Fisher, aka the High Duke Baron Chancellor Von MrMobile, and no, I can't afford this phone. But honestly, there's few things about this phone that would make me want to (though that Concierge service has its perks …). Hit up that video above, and watch me take a spin through how the other half lives. And if you're seriously considering this phone, and want to know more about it, check out Android Central's review here. Also, I'm available to discuss it over the phone (for a moderate hourly rate), or in person if you're willing to send your private jet.

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  • Better going for a blackberry android device. Paying this amount of money for unsecured android is madness Sent from the iMore App
  • Putting Android on a $6k phone is like putting a Hyundai engine on a Bentley. Do people actually buy those super expensive phones???
    I wouldn't even if I had money to spare.