Virgin Media UK announces pricing for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

We heard from Virgin Media UK a couple of weeks ago regarding their plans to start selling the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on November 22, and now we've got the pricing to go with it. Sales will be available in-store, online and over the phone and the iPhone 5s will begin at £69 on-contract for all three models.

The iPhone 5c will cost £29 for the 16GB model, and £69 for the 32GB version. The upfront cost of the iPhone 5s is the same for the three different storage sizes, and the additional premiums are absorbed into the monthly tariff cost. Since Virgin Media is an MVNO as well, at this point neither iPhone will be able to get any 4G LTE.

For more details on the pricing for the respective iPhone models hit up the source link below. Any Virgin Media customers out there thinking of pulling the trigger?

Source: Virgin Media

Richard Devine

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