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Weight Record for iPhone review

Weight Record for iPhone is an iPhone app that will help you keep track of your weight. It features a gorgeous interface with quick entry, BMI calculator, and the ability to record a voice memo with each entry.

To record a weight entry, you simply tap the giant weight button at the top of the screen, slide to the correct weight, and tap the button again. Below the weight, you can see your BMI and the amount of weight change since the previous day. Unfortunately, the weight change is only calculated for consecutive days and is not displayed if the time since last entry was more than one day.

Weight Record also allows users to record a voice memo with each entry. This is a unique feature for weight tracking apps, but it makes me wonder why there isn't the ability to add a text note as well.

At the bottom of the screen, there is a horizontal calendar that you can scroll through to look at past entries or submit an entry for a past date. In the middle of the screen, you can see your entries displayed as a graph. Unfortunately, this graph can only be viewed 7 days at a time

Rotating to landscape orientation will increase the number of days in the graph from 7 to 13 days, but again, the zoom cannot be altered.

At the top of the screen, there is a progress bar that represents your weight-loss progress. Pulling down on the little arrow will reveal your average weight change by day, week, and month, as well as display your start weight and goal weight.

One of the baffling things about Weight Record is that you cannot delete an entry. It's possible to change an entry, but I cannot figure out how to delete one. The description of Weight Record claims to include this ability, so if it's really there, it's definitely not intuitive. The developers have actually let me know that in order to delete an entry, you must change its value to 0 and it will disappear. It's definitely not elegant, but at least the ability is there!

The good

  • Beautiful interface
  • Simple setup
  • Create audio notes to keep track of diet changes or other events
  • Calculate your ideal weight
  • View your BMI
  • Set weight goals and monitor progress
  • Change weight from any day
  • Support for US and metric units
  • View your average weight loss/gain by day, week and month
  • Infinite Graph displays audio notes and overall loss/gain direction

The bad

  • Can't delete a weight entry (or I just can't figure out) Deleting an entry is a bit cumbersome
  • Can't zoom out graph and view by week, month, year, etc
  • Can't add text note with each entry, only voice memo
  • Weight change only displayed for consecutive days. It should calculate and display since previous entry. Some people only weigh themselves once a week and want to quickly know weight change since previous weigh-in.
  • No sync
  • No projections

The bottom line

Even though Weight Record is missing some features that I would love to see, especially when it comes to graphs, I really like this app. I'm a sucker for a pretty interface and that's how Weight Record grabbed my attention. It reminds me a bit of WeightBot and is now my go to weight-tracking app.

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

  • I prefer Weightbot instead. Or..simple pad and paper to be honest. Don't think these apps are worth it unless you like looking at pretty graphs.
  • Weightbot doesn't support the iPhone 5's big screen and that's a deal breaker for me.
  • Yea. I'm still using iPhone 4. Hoping I get lucky with contest ahah.
  • What is TapBot's aversion to updating to iPhone 5's screen size? I have a few of their apps and it seems only Tweetbot has been updated.
  • Not sure. But they did send out a Tweet a long time ago saying that there were no plans to update it.
  • That's a lame business decision. Looks like I am in the market for some replacement apps.
  • I prefer weightbot too. Just wish they would update for iPhone 5
  • It would be extremely annoying and demotivating to have to weight yourself everyday. Demotivating because your weight is not going to change within a few days unless you are taking unhealthy measures.
  • There are so many other great apps, I think I want to try weightbot or the one that connects with the scale.
  • Still struggling to stay motivated from fitness month... this looks like it might help :)
  • Looks good but having to weigh myself every day would be a deal breaker for me. I travel a lot and hotel rooms typically don't come with scales! I would only weigh myself on the weekend when I'm home.
  • I use My Fitness Pal for tracking calories, but I'm not a fan of how weight is displayed. This app interface is slick and w/ some added features might have a lot of potential.
  • Wow! A Weight Recorder on Iphone never hear that! This Could be the App of the Month on Fitness Month!
  • What a great app, I just tried it out! (How long until we can stand on our phone?)
  • Hmm. The lack of a sync could be a deal breaker for me
  • I like this app's interface. It looks really slick and I may be switching from Myfitness pal. I mainly use it to track weight. This may be a pretty good solution for me.
  • I've been weighing my 125 pound fat ass self on my parents fancy scale for about three months now, Only to find out yesterday it is a Wi-Fi scale! If I really wanted to I could use this app to let my phone tell me how overweight I am getting.
  • I can't find use for this kind of app in general. Why not use excel (or google spreadsheets)? Calculations and graphs as simple as those can be made in a few minutes AND you can add other data there too! The app looks neat, but I can't really see any real use for it...
  • well, when the first person invented a spear the rest of the clan probably said what do you need that for when we have perfectly good rocks to bludgeon our prey?
  • Ehmm, what I was trying to say is that this app does only one tiny feature (and does not send it to a "collection of my personal health" or similar) compared to something like excel sheet where you can input lots of different types of data. And as such I find it quite useless. But if weight is what you want to track then yes, this seems like a good app! Btw, someone needs to make a combination of apps and devices with for example: sleep monitor, weight monitor, calorie calculator and so on and combine the to one service. That wold be awesome.
  • Btw, someone needs to make a combination of apps and devices with for example: sleep monitor, weight monitor, calorie calculator and so on and combine the to one service. That wold be awesome.
    Ditto on this service area. If cost was one time, monthly, or lifetime. Would use it
  • This is just as easy to do in a program like Excel. But if you wanted to make it easier surely you would allow connection to Wii Fit or a similar game?
  • Ugh! If I didn't have a good reason to password protect my phone before this would do it. I would almost rather have my banking info stolen than my weight! How about a feature where if I don't reach my weight loss goal each week my weight gets automatically texted to all my contacts? Lol!
  • This is good but hey PEOPLE, dont be too lazy to check your weight :P too much dependent to technology is bad. Make yourself control your device not your device control you.