Best answer: Various fitness trackers provide excellent battery life, including the wearable devices shown here.

Months, not days or hours before needing a new battery

Battery life on both fitness trackers and smartwatches gets better with each passing year. Case in point is the Withings Move, which promises 18 months of operation before the included CR2430 button cell needs replaced. The advanced activity tracker has been designed for simplicity. In doing so, it looks like a traditional analog watch. Inside, it keeps tracks of walks, runs, sleep, swimming, and more. With the HealthKit-compatible Health Mate app, you can view your trends and improvements over time.

The Withings Move is being offered in five bright colors at launch. Later this year, you'll also be able to custom design your wearable device by selecting from different dials, cases, activity hands, and wrist bands.

Other wearable devices to consider

The Misfit Command and Moov 3D also include replaceable batteries with long battery life. The former, which is a smartwatch includes a CR2430 coin cell battery that lasts up to one year, while the latter offers a CR123A battery that runs for up to six months. The Garmin Vivovit 3, meanwhile, includes a CR1632 battery that will also last for up to 12 months.

If you're looking for a fitness tracker with a rechargeable battery, consider the Fitbit Charge 4 (one week between charges), and the Withings Steel HR Sport (25 days).

Our pick

Withings Move Activity Tracking Watch

The workhorse

An impressive eighteen months between battery replacements makes the Withings Move the winner in the battery sweepstakes for wearable devices. An upcoming Withings Move version with a ECG monitor offers a 12 month battery life.

Lightweight budget pick

Garmin Vivofit 3

Tiny footprint

If you're looking for a barebones fitness tracker, you can't go wrong with the Garmin Vivofit 3. With lots of built-in features, including the ability to track multiple activities, this is another workhorse.

Great battery life

Fitbit Charge 3

When you want a Fitbit

Fitbit's "best (and smartest)" fitness band to date is also the one that offers the most battery life between charges. Available in multiple styles, the Charge 3 is ideally suited for anyone who doesn't want a smartwatch.

Uniquely designed

Moov 3D Fitness Tracker

For something completely different

The Moov 3D provides real-time audio coaching for running, cycling, cardio boxing, and more. Lightweight and breathable, the band is available in multiple colors and styles.

Hefty choice

Withings Steel HR Sport

Rugged and beautiful

This hybrid smartwatch features heart rate monitoring, multi-sport tracking, connected GPS and a fitness level assessment via VO2 Max estimation. Like the Withings Move, it's also available in multiple styles.

The smarty

Misfit Command

Minimalistic design

Finally, there's this hybrid smartwatch with a sleek, minimalist design that automatically tracks steps, distance, calories, and sleep.

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