You can chat with Zootopia police officer Judy Hopps on Facebook Messenger

More and more chatbots are popping up on messaging clients. The latest example is available on Facebook Messenger, where users can chat with police officer Judy Hopps from the recent Disney animated movie Zootopia.


Chatting with "Officer Hopps" in Messenger will give users a chance to solve a number of mysteries, based on clues found in the movie. Here's more information on how this chatbot was created:

imperson, a Disney Accelerator 2015 alum, builds premium AI-powered chat bots that deliver in-depth and immersive storytelling experiences through conversational interfaces they call Chat Personas.These premium bots can understand user language and complex signs (i.e., acronyms and emoticons), leverages NLP to predict user intent, and retains relationship memory. Through complex algorithms, imperson's technology enables these bots navigate the best conversation flow to achieve predetermined goals -- this is what's making Facebook Messenger's first mystery case possible!

You can chat with Hopps by connecting to the "disneyzootopia" user in Messenger from now until June 8.

John Callaham

I have been writing professionally about technology and gaming news for 14 years.