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What you need to know

  • The good folks at Caviar have outdone themselves this time.
  • They've created an iPhone 11 Pro inspired by the design of Tesla's Cybertruck.
  • It features a titanium body, Cybertruck inspired geometry and all the functionality of a normal iPhone 11 Pro.

Russian engineers at luxury designer caviar have created a titanium iPhone 11 Pro inspired by the design of Tesla's Cybertruck.

The stunning luxurious gadget is vintage Caviar, who have previously created a $100,000 iPhone with a clock on the back and a Christmas iPhone 11 Pro Max that cost $140,000.

This new model is actually nowhere near as expensive, with prices starting at $5256 for the 11 Pro 64Gb.

CaviarSource: Caviar

Caviar's website says:

The design of the smartphone is based on the concept of a new headline-making crossover model by Elon Musk. Caviar created a modified iPhone 11 Pro in the Tesla Cybertruck style: in the device, one can trace the deliberate geometry of lines, simplicity of forms and versatility of materials.

The titanium body of the smartphone is protected all round from any outer mechanical impact: the back cover, sides and even the screen are hidden under metal plates. At that, the total protection of the body does not violate, but even enhances the smartphone's functionality: now, if you wish to use your favorite apps with comfort or have video calls, the folding titanium screen protection is transformed into a comfortable holder.

The design of the body is inspired by the geometry of Tesla Cybertruck. At the same time, it is improved aesthetically. Accurate lines are explained not only by the functionality but also create a visual component nice to look at.

The phone is so exclusive that your transaction is handled by a personal consultant, and they'll deliver the phone free anywhere in the world. Oh, also, it comes in this box:

CaviarSource: Caviar

If you want one though, you better move quickly, as the phone is limited edition, and only 99 have been made. Check out the video of the design below!