iPhone 11 Pro

What you need to know

  • iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro have the best cameras in an iPhone yet.
  • They were compared with two DSLR cameras.
  • iPhone 11 Pro fared surprisingly well.

There's been a ton of talk about iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro and whether their cameras are the best in the business right now. That's something that can be debated, but what about DSLRs? One YouTuber compared iPhone 11 Pro with two cameras to see how things panned out.

The video by PhotographyTalk actually also an iPhone X and that could be beneficial to anyone who skipped iPhone XS and is now due an upgrade. But the real interest is in the two DSLR cameras; a Nikon Z7 and a Sony a6400.

You can check the video out for all of the example shots including both stills and video, but iPhone 11 Pro manages to more than hold its own against so-called real cameras. The shots of a beach and pier as the sun goes down look stunning even when taken on iPhone X, but there's a clear improvement when you swich to the new iPhone or DSLRs.

This test was also carried out without the aid of Apple's Deep Fusion, a feature that takes multiple shots and combines them to improve fine detail. The feature is now available in the recent iOS 13.2 developer beta, and we haven't had time to test it fully. Whether Deep Fusion would have improved things for the iPhone 11 Pro remains to be seen. We expect Deep Fusion and iOS 13.2 to be made available to everyone before the end of the year.