Updated: 2.0 Pwnage Live-er!

UPDATE: Pawnage has been updated to address some of the problems users faced over the weekend, including better discovery of the boot loaders, creation of the devices folder, etc.

Original post:

Starting with the cryptic announcement "We love Sundays. We think you will too", the iphone-dev-team followed up quickly with the words many (including all those with unsupported countries and carriers) have been waiting clamoring for:

We’ll be releasing a more official announcement soon, but we wanted to get the tool out there. We sincerely hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it :)

Of course, the site's being hit so hard right now the links are down, if pwnage is what you seek, and you want to jailbreak and unlock 2.0 on your original iPhone 2G, or jailbreak your iPhone 3G (I don't believe unlock is supported yet on the 3G but will be following soon), new mirrors, seeds, rapidshares, etc. should be popping up.


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Reader comments

Updated: 2.0 Pwnage Live-er!


I just plugged in my iphone into itunes, upgraded to firmware 2.0. and unlocked it to work with an unauthorized carrier.

hey molo...just let me know how u unlocked it..i too upgraded it to 2.0...& i am stuck now..fashtuffatyahoo.com

Fash ... where are you stuck? If you describe it a bit more it would be handy. The pwnage tool has been updated btw. The new version clears out a few minor bugs and some packages you had to search for yourself in the first version.

question,if i unlock my iphone on my boy`s mac he did the ziphone for mac and now that i want to update my t-mobile iphone (1.1.4)(4A102)to the 2.0 new version that just came out today but useing my computer which is a windows OS is that possible? and if u can which is the best way to do this.. ple help.. thank u

Beyaco ... You can use the pwnage tool on your boy's mac to build the custom firmware package and do an unlock of your iPhone (if it is not unlocked yet). Once you have the custom firmware and unlocked the phone copy the custom firmware file to your Windows computer and install it on your iPhone using your own iTunes on your Windows machine.

On a Gen1 IPhone, this works perfectly. I was able to fully activate, jailbreak, and unlock the original IPhone with firmware 2.0. I was even able to install the free apps from the App Store. Tested the unlock with a 3 (HK) prepaid SIM card. Perfect.

Thanks guy, but I alredy unlocked it back when the last up date of itunes which was in march i think, since then i have not done any up dates, after that i relized HIS itunes acct was on my iphone & could never sync itunes so i didnt want to mess with the phone because it was working so good, but now with this new solfwear was hopeing to try to re-do my phone with windows on my comp, so i don`t no if i could since i started off on a MAC...what i manage to do so far,i went to my settings reset the hole phone,his acct is no longer on my phone but still cant sync w/itunes so what to do now.....all i want is to use my comp,sync itunes,and get the new 2.0 apps ....help me pleas some more any one