3G Rumors: AT&T Now Hiring Temps June 16 - August 16

AT&T now hiring temps June 16 - August 16

Last year AT&T took on temporary workers to help bolster their retail force for the days leading up to and the weeks following the launch of the first generation iPhone. So guess what's happening this year, just around the time of the scheduled WWDC Steve Jobs Keynote on June 9 and almost spot on the dates given in the last set of release rumors for June 19?

Yup, AT&T is taking on temps again! Secret "Summer Project Pro" is a G.O. from June 16 - August 16, 2008.

Wanna bet their training will begin with "Now, this is how you activate HSDPA for iChat Mobile..." ?


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3G Rumors: AT&T Now Hiring Temps June 16 - August 16


Very interesting... Very interesting indeed. Now if we could just get some pricing info...