Adobe Connect Mobile 2.1 adds quiz tracking, two way video conferencing, and more

Adobe Connect Mobile has just been updated to version 2.1 and brings with it lots of new features as well as several enhancements to existing ones. New key features include Adobe Presenter quiz tracking, two-way video conferencing, optimization for both the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, and more.

The new version of Adobe Connect Mobile focuses on giving trainers more tools that they need to teach while on the go or where physical access to a computer isn't possible.

With Adobe Connect Mobile 2.1, we’ve continued to innovate around mobile learning, enabling trainers to deploy training in Adobe Presenter format, and learners to conveniently access courses and content directly through the Adobe Connect mobile client when participating in a virtual class.

Aside from new features and tools to make it even easier to deploy live or on-demand sessions to students, there are also enhancements that fix or address current issues with Adobe Connect Mobile. A full list of changes and new features is available on the Adobe site via the link below.

Anyone use Adobe Connect Mobile to attend or host training sessions? What have your experiences been like with it thus far?

Source: Adobe

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Adobe Connect Mobile 2.1 adds quiz tracking, two way video conferencing, and more