Amazon will reportedly ship a 3D-based smartphone in September

Amazon's Kindle Fires have been a popular seller

The success of Amazon's Kindle line and the Fire TV may just have them finaly building a smartphone — and if rumors are true, it will have a 3D-style screen. According to the Wall Street Journal, folks have been briefed by Amazon about the upcoming smartphone. They're calling it part of a larger move to get into the hardware side of the business.

Supposedly developers in Seattle — where Amazon is based — and San Francisco have had demos of versions of this new Amazon phone, which is reportedly to be announced by the end of June. One of the things to set this apart from the field of other phones is the screen. Sources tell the WSJ that the phone will display a sort of 3D imagery without the need of special eyewear.

Of course, Amazon has declined to comment.

We know you guys and gals won't, so let us know if you would be interested in something like this.

Source: WSJ

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Reader comments

Amazon will reportedly ship a 3D-based smartphone in September


A 3D phone seems about as good as a 3D TV. Not so much but you never know what other people think. I personally don't see the need for a 3D phone any time soon(or maybe ever)but what do I know.

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I haven't seen much in 3D that I would be interested in. We got the kids a 2DS instead of a 3DS because none of them liked the 3D screen. Amazon would have to do better I think.

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3D to me is the is what Tony Stark has in his lair. A phone? Not so much. Besides, we've already seen 3D phones that didn't pan out so well right?

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Those phones screens gave me a headache and looked blurry. Can't imagine this would be any better. I don't know a single person who bought or was interested in the old 3D phones.

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LG made a glasses free 3D phone a few years ago. The tech was the same as in the 3DS, which requires you hold the device in the sweet spot so the 3D effect can work. It does work, but I personally find it gives me a headache after a few minutes.

It's also a gimmick which adds very little, which is probably why nobody makes 3D devices any more.