Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7? Microsoft Says Yes, Rovio Says No

You're Microsoft and today you're launching the brand new Windows Phone 7 platform and what better game to showcase that launch but iOS hit Angry Birds... unless of course the developer, Rovio, isn't making Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 and didn't give Microsoft permission to use it. Whoops.

Whether or not Angry Birds will make it to Windows Phone 7 down the road is debatable, but a lot of developers have been contacted and asked to make apps for the Windows Phone 7 marketplace.  In some cases, they've even been offered cash incentives. Hit the jump to see the letter some developers have been receiving from Microsoft asking them to develop for Windows phone 7.

And for complete Windows Phone 7 launch coverage, check out our newly renamed sibling site, WPCentral.

[WMExperts, via 9to5mac]

Exclusive, limited Time Offer from Microsoft to Help You Develop Application on the Windows Phone 7 Platform Dear Beacon Hill Apps, Beacon Hill Apps mobile applications have been identified as some of the key applications Microsoft would like to offer on the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is the official site for developers to market their mobile applications to a broad range of Windows Phone 7 users.  The Marketplace provides end users with an easy way, to discover, purchase and download mobile applications, games and other content with confidence and payment convenience. Microsoft is offering an exclusive and limited time opportunity for you to join, publish and distribute your applications on Windows Phone 7 Marketplace while receiving several benefits. The benefits for registering on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace by December 31st, 2010 during this offer include: - Rebate of US$99 dollars on the application registration (after having at least one compatible application included on the marketplace by December 31, 2010) - Application name reservation on the Marketplace - Technical & application submission support - Local events to assist with your development efforts - One free copy of Windows 7 - To apply for this offer please email me back with your contact information or call me at the number below to help you complete the marketplace registration and reserve your application names.  See additional helpful resources below. Should you have any questions about this email feel free to call me or send an email to N(3) is a third party vendor hired by Microsoft to assist and make mobile application developers aware of an exclusive offer.

Allyson Kazmucha

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There are 17 comments. Add yours.

Greg Foster says:

Lol, who wants a copy of windows 7? Even if it is free.

dloveprod says:

I heart windows 7 still even tho I mostly use my Mac at home, I got a free copy of ultimate from throwing a windows 7 party :-) Rovio should have jumped on that

Webvex says:

Sad and pathetic, but typical Microsoft.

Tweger01 says:

Haha, their "cash incentive" is waving the $99 application fee? That's hilarious

marktaylor#AC says:

I understand the deal with MS using the icon without Rovio's permission. SOP for them....but all of the hype that Angry Birds gets is a sign that most "smartphone" users today are kids. Its a stupid game! Move on!

Darryl says:

Actually, Greg, Windows 7 is a very robust and capable operating system. The Windows Phone 7? Not so sure. Only time will tell. It's funny that Microsoft jumped the gun and put Angry Birds on their website. I would say it's not just balsy assumption, but assertive assurance. They have the dollars to make sure it does happen and I would bet money that it will!

stldirty says:

And then microsoft bought out Rovio and submitted the app themselves...

RICH says:

...And then the game sucks because they try to modify it.

R2 says:

Wth... Winmo 7 is so bad that need to give people money to develop its games and apps etc...

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Shizue Bossie says:

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