App Giveaway: Notability for iPad

Notability, the note-taking app for iPad, received a big update that includes handwriting, PDF imports and annotations, and autosync to the cloud.

Handwriting is happiness! With this addition, Notability continues to provide the tools to capture ideas and information at school, work, or anywhere.

  • Full-featured Handwriting: Pour your thoughts, ideas, and notes onto a personal canvas. Write wherever you desire with amazingly smooth digital ink. Use zoom-view to quickly record the smallest of details. Choose a paper to suit your style while using a variety of pen colors and widths to create beautiful notes.

  • PDF Annotation: Import a class note, syllabus, lecture, presentation or book chapter, in PDF format. These documents provide great context for note taking. All of the tools are available for annotation, including pens and highlighters, writing blocks, images, type, and more.

  • Advanced Word Processing:** When speed and accuracy are essential to your notes, the advanced word processing features supply the perfect tools to assist you. A fully customizable tool bar places your favorite tools a touch away: font presets, bold, underline, italic, and cursor controls help you compose notes quickly. Create outlines easily using bullets or numbers. These are just a few of the tools that integrate seamlessly to support your note-taking style.

  • Linked Audio Recording: Audio recordings automatically link to your notes. Confidently take notes, with the knowledge that linked recordings help with review. During playback, simply tap a word to hear what was said at that moment. Our unique audio amplification features create brilliant recordings in any setting.

  • Media Insertion: Enhance your notes with pictures from your photo library or iPad 2 camera, web clips, figures and writing blocks. You can move and resize these, so they take the proper place in your notes.

  • Library Organization: Your notes are important to you, so Notability makes it easy to organize, protect and share them. You can place notes in subjects, and can put subjects into categories. Notes can be kept safe by password protecting them. Auto Sync makes backing up notes easier than ever, as notes are automatically uploaded to Dropbox, iDisk or WebDAV in a format you choose. And the import feature makes it easy to retrieve your notes and PDF files from the cloud. Also email notes, export via iTunes File sharing, and AirPrint.


The good folks at Ginger Labs have given us 5 promo codes to give away to our readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below!

Notability is available on the iPad and on sale for $0.99

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App Giveaway: Notability for iPad



Still looking for just the right note taking app that matches my style of taking notes... would love to give this a try!

I,m going to try this one ... Have found that you can read all the reviews ... But it finally comes down to trialling yourself!

This looks super cool. I have a lot of friends who have iPad's. I'd be telling them all about it if I win it !!

My son has a learning disability and is a visual learn. His learning specialist thinks this would help him greatly. also an architect in the family thinks it would help greatly in client meeting and drawings.

Is there anywhere that tells you how to use the app. I am frozen at a note that I don't want to save.

Sounds like a great app
Can you record voice and link it to recognized handwriting
Also is there a time limit on the length of recording

Guessing you already gave yourcopies of this app away but i am having a tough time deciding between notability, upad, and the crowd of others out there. Ugh!