App Preview: LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone

Right after we complete our contest for TiPB AT WORK: VNC, out comes a preview of LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone. LogMeIn is a free tool for remoting into your Mac or PC. Now, this functionality is coming to iPhone. 

This application has me rather excited since I already use this service; and it works well. I am currently hooked on Jaadu and Win Admin, but this could be a very viable option for replacement of these apps. The preview page discusses little about actual functionality, but based on the third image in the above graphic, you will be able to use multi-touch to zoom in and out of the screen. 

Also, by looking at the toolbar, it looks like you can search (a shortcut to Spotlight?) left/right-click, keyboard and even a globe (perhaps a shortcut to Safari?)

All in all, very exciting indeed! We will update you as we learn more!

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App Preview: LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone


I have never heard of this. How does it work? Any fees/costs? what does the other computer need? other requirements?

I wouldn't exactly call LogMeIn to be a "free tool" for remote access. When I had a subscription, I was paying over a $100 a month, so I doubt this Ignition is going to be very affordable. I recently switched over to another tool called Techinline Remote Desktop ( which I find to be more than enough for rmeote access and it's a fraction of what I used to pay for LogMeIn Rescue. Anybody else ever try it?

Looks good and logmein is awesome and totally free, I think techinline is an advertisement because logmein is free and works very well.

I agree Dave. Not sure what Alex is talking about. If you don't require remote printing and file copy you never pay a cent.
I use it extensively and both the Hamachi and Log Me In FEREE! tools from LogMeIn are brilliant. Can't wait till I get my hands on the iPhone version.

@Joe - the target computer need the log me in service installed. This is a small programm installed on each target comp.
The controlling computer uses a browser plugin for FF or IE. The controlled computer screen appears in a browser window. It can be a little sluggish depending on the network connection speed but I used it via a really slow throttled connection from work and although it was slowish it was certainly useable. On faster newtworks it is quite good.

I’m Andy Stefano, the Community Relationship Manager at LogMeIn. I want to make it clear that while LogMeIn does offer premium products, LogMeIn Free is completely free. You can use it for basic remote control of as many computers as you want, for as long as you want.
You can read more about LogMeIn Free at

Its only for the iPhone at the moment, I dont know where Alex is coming from, He must have had Rescue or something!

For your information, LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone is now available on the App Store. It costs 30$ (at release date). I understand there is a lot of work and money behind a software like that, and it's correct to pay few dollars, but I really hope the price will drop (at least for a limited time).

Logmein is free if you just want remote access. You can buy extra upgraded packages that include things like file transfer, but for purely remote access logmein is 100% free.
I just tried the Logmein Ignition application and it does work pretty well; I was even using it on Edge and it was not lagging. BUT, I do have to say I currently still prefer Jaadu. I find it a little more responsive (especially noticable on Edge, I guess Wifi wouldn't matter). Plus I like the control scheme of Jaadu, it's more intuitive, but that could be because i've been using Jaadu longer. I would have liked to see more functionality for Logmein Pro users; basically all I get through Ignition is remote access, even though I have a Pro account.
Price wise it's comparable to Jaadu, so no complaints there.
Just a note to can access your PC through logmein using the iPhone's safari browser (so you don't really need Ignition). Adjust your logmein account settings to html (I think default is activeX), then you can remote access right in safari. Not as effective or smooth as using Ignition, but a free solution if you need to quickly see something on your home PC.
Sorry for the long reply btw, I love this remote iphone access stuff! LOL