AT&T announces new international data roaming packages

AT&T announces new international data roaming packages

AT&T has announced new international data roaming packages, and while they aren't great, they are better than what's been available before. Here's the spin:

“Mobile data is a huge part of our customers’ wireless experience—whether they are in the United States or traveling around the globe,” said Bill Hague, executive vice president of International, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “We’ve long offered more phones that can be used internationally than our competitors, and now we’re delivering industry-leading value with redesigned international data packages.”

And here are the rates:

  • 50MB package for $24.99/month compared to the current 20MB package for $24.99/month
  • 125MB package for $49.99/month compared to the current 50MB package for $59.99/month
  • 275MB package for $99.99/month compared to the current 100MB package for $119.99/month
  • 800MB package for $199.99/month compared to the current 200MB package for $199.99/month

Of course, if you use the 800MB plan more than 3 times, you've spent as much as an unlocked iPhone direct from Apple...

[AT&T via WPCentral]

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There are 9 comments. Add yours.

swooshme says:

DOH!! just came back from costa rica I had signed up for the $59 50MB plan. Wish these were out last week. Oh well, at least the pricing went down and not up.

garylapointe says:

Was 50MB useful enough for you? Where did you go in Costa Rica?

HungWell says:

These rates kick in July 17th which corresponds perfectly with my cruise :)

David says:

Tell me about it. I get on a plane to Thailand that day.

mexico2010 says:

This is why I bought an unlocked iPhone from Apple. I leave the country this Saturday and will be there for 2 months. I will pay a total of about 60 bucks for unlimited data+tethering/mobile hotspot+3 unlimited numbers to call+ a couple of sms.

Guacho says:

unless you plan using google maps and youtube all the time I'd say 50 mb will take care of basic stuff ( email, browse mobile sites, etc )

mexico2010 says:

Depends on how long you're out.

Analog Spirit says:

That's a decent improvement, but I'm still getting a factory unlocked iPhone next time I upgrade, so I can just swap SIMs and it won't be an issue.

Omari James says:

... the company that have giveth and taketh ... and giveth again...