AT&T fires back at Verizon with simultaneous voice and data commercial

AT&T fires back at Verizon with simultaneous voice and data action

The new Verizon iPhone commercial tore into AT&T's network but AT&T loaded their own cannons with some simultaneous voice and data and just shot back with a commercial of their own.

Called Answer the commercial highlights a man who gets a call from his wife double-checking on their anniversary plans -- which he of course forgot to make. He promptly puts the call into the background and jumps onto the internet, something that couldn't be done on Verizon (unless the man's office had, you know, Wi-Fi...)

Video after the break, let us know how compelling the counter commercial is in comments!

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Reader comments

AT&T fires back at Verizon with simultaneous voice and data commercial


OK, can see what they are tyring to do here, but of course the commercial is assuming that he gets the call........

Verizon should have a counter commercial where the guy's trying to call the restaurants and the calls keep failing or getting dropped.

ive had an iphone for 3 years now and never had a missed or droppped call. really cant complain. idk where people have these issues at i live in orlando fl

verizons iphone could do what that gguy did. he was in is office we would have been able to be on the phone and conected to the internet via wifi so try again at&t

Did you see what happened to that lil kid who fell on the train tracks cause he was distracted by his PSP? I'm on Verizon and I've never really needed to use or miss using data and voice at the same time.
And, those AT&T commercials always have a guy who forgot his anniversary. Maybe if they spent less time using voice and data, they would have time to remember their anniversary...

The iPhone was NOT doing this in 2007, it was EDGE only. No voice and data at the same time. The 3G didn't come out until 2008. Get your facts straight.

Who foiled who, looks like you foiled yourself.. fail.
As it was already said, simultaneous did NOT happen on the original iPhone, as it was on EDGE only. Besides 2-3 years ago in the cell industry isn't relevant, and if you think the iPhone 3G was the first smartphone to do voice/data, get over yourself.
You're correct though, the Thunderbolt doesn't come out for a whole 10 more days. Soo in saying that you're correct, but its as official as official gets. It IS coming out, and it DOES do simultaneous voice/data on Verizon 3G.

100%.. Thats why I read ALL the Smartphone Expert blogs, not just the one thats relevant to my device, I like to know about all the current tech info on all sides of the smartphone market.
Its been confirmed that the Thunderbolt does simultaneous voice/data on 3G, nobody is really sure how HTC did it, but yes.

Regardless if the ThunderBolt can do this, the commercial is comparing the two iPhones on both networks. So try a different argument I guess like everyone else is doing
"it works if you are on wifi"
Yes it does work if you are on wifi but you are tied to wifi only areas so if you are in a car, have phone trying.

Why is everyone on verizon's junk? They are just as evil as AT&T. They completely over charge and when you need them to help they act like they can't. Try paying the equipment replacement only to hear you have to pay extra on top on the monthly fee. Once they hook you they don't care. I wish we had cell plans like they do in Japan!!!

I know how dare they, especially since insurance is through asurion. But next time I get in a fender bender, I'm going to get mad at State Farm so making me pay a deductible even though I pay them monthly!!!

Verizon customer service is the exact opposite of what you're making it out to be, they're very helpful and are at the mercy of the customer. That's the reason they are where they are in standing with the wireless provider industry, that's also why AT&T is last, the majority of their users are unhappy with their network and customer service. You're really gonna bring equipment replacement into this on an iPhone/iOS blog? Device replacement on Verizon with Asurion Smartphone full protection is $6 a month and a $50 deductible when you need to buy a new one if you actually break it. If there is actually just something wrong with your device's hardware/firmware, they replace it, no questions asked. I'm not familiar with Applecare, but I can't imagine you're worse off there, I do know its what $70 up front on top of the price you're paying for the device? It also doesn't cover accidental damage if I remember the restrictions from the Apple products I've had in the past.
Stop fabricating lies just to attempt making Verizon look bad.

What AT&T needs to do is release mobile hotspot and brag about how you can receive a call without having internet disconnect from another device... say, an iPad!

That's what I'm saying! Have 5 ppl on a hot spot connection on Verizon and one guy that keeps getting a call and dropping all their connection cuz he takes the call lol.

Not buying it. I drive all of SoCal with my iPad and well over 30% of the time there is little to no data available. The SIGNIFICANT majority of the time my Verizon Android phone has data in those same locations. I switched to a Verizon WiFi hotspot and discontinued AT&T's data service for this reason... Waaay better. My iPhone shows up Monday to replace that Droid.
Spend your commercial money on improving your network AT&T. And people, get rid of AT&T if you are on it.

When people call me, I tend to want to devote my full attention to the conversation - I don't find a need to surf the web while on an important call. Besides, people for whom internet/data access is very, very important are going to have a data solution that does not depend on their phone.
AT&D spreading FUD.

Don't worry, Leanna. They just don't want to admit it. I'd rather be on hold... WITH YOU! Muaahh!!! ;)

lol wow its so crazy that a month ago 90% of the people on this site hated verizon. now a bunch of people are saying boo at&t. ironic but weird

So this comercial tells me if you are a complete screw up the AT&T iPhone is up your alley because you can't use a thing called a calendar.

AT&T user here. Verizon should make another commercial where the guy sticks his pinky finger up to get signal and then realizes that he doesn't need to do that anymore.

I would say they should do the death-grip on the commercial and realize that they don't need to do it since they're on Verizon.
But that's it for my great commercial ideas. I hate Verizon anyway.

Or I should say, they should show not drop in the reception and have the guy say, "I can still hear you now."

"No Drop" in the reception. Man, I can't type today... Swype Today! Go Android!
Alright now the ideas are pouring in! ;)

AT&T should get fined for false advertisement because most people know that you cant make calls on their network! It was just tolerated more to possess an iconic device.

I can't figure out what people are talking about with AT&T dropping calls. I've been with them 2 years and haven't had any problems with dropped calls. T-Mobile was another story. My wife had Verizon and while the call quality was fine they constantly charged her for things she didn't ask for and made it very difficult to get the charges reversed and the unrequested services taken off her account.

I hear this claim of "charged for things s/he didn't ask for" all the time. I have been with them since they were NYNEX/Bell Atlantic Mobile. I have NEVER had an issue with my bill. Ever.

Well, I have WiFi at my home and office, where I am 90% of the time....and wasn't all that concerned about being on the phone and surfing at the same time anyway!
AT&T is going to go down thanks to the Verizon iPhone. We all know the main reason people went to AT&T was or the iPhone. Now that they don't have an iPhone monopoly they are doing down hill!
I would sell short as much AT&T stock as you humanly can!

The verizon iPhone fails in 3G speeds also (almost 1/2 the speed of AT&T). Maybe the next verizon iPhone will be a fully functional iPhone. I can't see sticking with AT&T for 1day once verizons LTE is up in my area, though.

Where did you hear that? This video says otherwise:
(take out the space before cnettv)

There are a ton more videos that show otherwise. Verizon even admits that CDMA is slower. It's sn old technology. Why do you think they want to push LTE so fast

So what I hear you saying is that Verizon needs to have simultaneous voice/data for it's iPhone to be a "fully functioning" iPhone, yet it is perfectly acceptable for the AT&T iPhone to not be able to consistently handle BEING A PHONE, yet it is a "fully functioning" iPhone?
Great logic.

Verizon's CDMA network is slower than AT&T's HSPA network. However it is significantly faster than AT&T's EDGE network which is primarily what AT&T still is outside major metro areas. On top of that Verizon's network is more stable than BOTH of AT&T's networks.
If I wanted faster some of the time I'd sign-up for something on T-mobile, much more stable than AT&T.

Simultaneous voice/data mean NOTHING when you barely have 1 bar of service.
Personally, when I'm at home, I actually have to switch 3G off to get more than 1 bar of reception. My office (on the 17th floor in downtown San Diego) - I get 2 bars.
Your move, AT&T. Oh, wait..

This entire back and forth is so stupid. It's totally dependent on where you live and that's all. For me, ATT is a better choice with slightly less coverage but I can use my phone whenever I go overseas. And voice and data at the same time is more important that most would think. I like the fact that I can keep recieving emails when I'm on a long call.

They both should stop spending tons of money on adds, and may be we could have better plans, or at least better options.

Last time I checked before the iPhone AT&T had the most customer before the iPhone nearing 70 million customers. Verizon bought alltell and then became the company with the most subscribers, but to say AT&T is going down is def a stupid statement. Regardless both companies are making billions and will weather u are a customer or not. iPhone or not people will always stick around for these carriers even though they have the highest voice/data plans. Let the iPhone war begin!!!!

Super lame comeback.
AT&T would've been on dead on the operating table if they hadn't locked in the iPhone for three years. That's why they have so many subscribers.

I'm sorry, sir, but I have to STRONGLY disagree with you (at least personally). I have never been a fan of AT&T; in fact, it wasn't until the iPhone 3G came out (yes, i know it was only one year later) that I thought it was worth the switch to the "dark side" (when the phone's price dropped, and Apple introduced the App Store). The one and only reason that I left Verizon for AT&T was for the iPhone; even then, I was hesitant. I first had with AT&T when I was in junior high (back before Cingular), on my parents plan. And everything about the carrier ROCKED, especially the customer service. Then in high school, Cingular bought them out, and it was all downhill from there (in every possible way). I very much HATED Cingular and currently HATE the, now, renamed AT&T (the rebranding did NOTHING for customer service or coverage or pricing). I probably always will. PROBABLY.

how can you disagree? He said 90% which leaves 10% so that means you can fall into the 10%... Unless you do not understand math

That is such a poorly thought out advertisement!
I am sure that even if there was no wireless networking available the amount of surfing required to so what he was doing could be done easily as soon as he disconnected from his missus.
It is interesting that suddenly AT&T, now that their cash cow has started two-timing them with Verizon has suddenly started advertising Android phones like crazy.
I only ever saw them advertise the Iphone and lately Winmo-7 phones.
I do think maybe AT&T has suddenly realized they need to be more diverse than rely on just Apple as it's main form of income.

Why brag about simultaneous voice + data connectivity while most AT&T iPhone customers know that voice calls on AT&T are iffy at best?

Wow! All this carrier fighting is nuts. I can understand (although it's childish) the Android versus iOS bickering. That's like a "my car is better than your car" argument. Fighting about carriers is like arguing about where you buy gas. I thought this was an iPhone blog. I, for one, welcome all the new iPhone owners, no matter where you buy your service.

just shows people will argue about anything, if you got rid of racism and religion you would then have the great phone wars of the future.... we are inherently fcked.

I never had problems with ATT in Seattle. Now I'm in Houston and I haven't had any issues. I love being able to surf the web while on a call. It has saved my bacon a few times.
I had a document that for some reason wouldn't open correctly on my work machine. With my manager on the line I mailed the file to my gmail box and was able to open it with docs to go. That was sweet! I'm not giving that up, thank you.

How is he an idiot? It's a genuine point... this wasn't the best choice of scenario, as it wasn't a huge emergency... He could easily have done that search after he hung up.

When will everyone just accept the fact that here in the US cell service is still a technology in alpha testing with no real plans to move beta testing.
When people start demanding better service over more features thing may change. If I want to have real "communication" I use a land line.

WOW! Yea the value of talking and surfing at the same time really got through to me there! I mean that guy didn't even have to wait THIRTY SECONDS to hang up and use the web! IM SOLD!!! I think I need to switch to AT&T right NOW! OMFG HOW HAVE I LIVED WITHOUT THAT?!!!

The point was I couldn't hang up. He wanted(my manager) information from me immediately. I'm not trying to get anyone to switch one way or another. The best phone and or network is the one that meets your needs, genius.

Verizon should kick ATTs but by doing a commercial about global roaming.As CDMA is such an advanced and almost worldwide used technology.
On the other side instead of showing their Iphone ATT should show the Ipod touch which is more likely an Verizon Iphone.
It also cant make phonecalls while in the internet and it cant roam abroad ;)

What people should really understand about simultaneous voice and data isnt that you cant make a reservation when you forget it should really be noticed with tethering and hot spots. With att you can tether with your iphone or droid etc and still be able to answer the call while continuing to browse the web. and if its a hotspot same thing. if your downloading an app or a song and a call comes through you it will continue to dl verizon will not. the key is if your on the phone with a client or boss and you want to view a spreadsheet in your email you can without having to hangup and call your client or boss back. it is a convenient feature that i do not expect verizon people to understand because frankly you can miss what you never had. To rule out this feature as nothing is a joke it is a huge advantage for us att users over verizon users. you can miss what you dont have but if you had it and someone took it away you would understand.

I agree frank. If you never had it it's no big deal. But if you had it, it's a huge deal. This is nothing to fight about. Enjoy the dang phone! It's great.

hola I'm a android user and I'm just loving the openess and flexability of android..never will I get a girly iphone 4 it just doesn't suit me at all ((personally)) and both vzn and at&t suck..((tho I've haven't had neither or just wantin 2 ruffle some feathers)) but t-mbile is where its at o and xoom is gonna murder the ipad...sorry

I think this is genius, & it's true. You can't get mad with the truth. Haha. Also I like the guy they chose!

If I where to make a verizon commercial I would put these AT&T hatters to rest... The fact is that verizon is good every where even if you have 1 bar you don't get a dropped call but on AT&T you can have 5 bars on one side of your house and go vin to your bathroom and get no service... Big deal you can talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time... I have a verizon iPad so that means I have a mifi and AT&T dosent have mifi. The iPhone has come to the big red weather you like it or not!

Verizon should make a commercial about how some guy left AT&T for Verizon then can't pay his car payment because of the ETF. You have to be an idiot to get out of a contract to get the same exact phone

Howcome Verizon didn't make it GSM-capable (keeping a SIM slot) for when people travel to other countries? FAIL

Jeez, some people need to take a Valium or something, no sense getting all worked up over a cellular provider unless you own the carrier. I don't understand this childish "My carrier is better than your carrier". The cell carriers are businesses and their goal is to separate you from your hard earned dollars. They aren't your friends and they don't want to be. They want your money, plain and simple. (Clue: If your carrier was really your friend they wouldn't charge you for text messaging, something that doesn't cost them anything) Some carriers have better service in areas while others don't have good coverage or none at all.
My allegiance to any particular carrier is based on the service provided. I had AT&T when I lived in the northeast and the service was good. When I moved to the midwest I started to have issues with AT&T coverage. I dropped many calls and in many areas where I spend time I had no service at all, so I wasn't able to do either voice or data at all, much less at the same time. When I had enough I switched to Verizon and an Android phone. I have not dropped a single call, which to me is much more important than being able to do voice and data at the same time. Now that Verizon has the iPhone I will be able to enjoy the same phone AT&T customers have been able to enjoy in areas that work well for them.
Use what works for you and be happy. No sense getting all pissed off at someone who has a different carrier than you do. You will have a lot less stress and won't blow an aneurysm.

Verizon is going to do well with the sales of the iPhone 4 and help add value to AT&T regardless because are going to want data and voice concurrently, Verizon is going to hurt Apple because all of the issues the iPhone 4 has on AT&T network will occur on Verizon network. Then Apple is going to blame the networks and The Networks ....well....are most likely going to accept it, because the iPhone grabs subscribers. Speaking of subscribers, there are a ton or "subscribers who purchase the each iPhone that is released. I dont know of any other company like Apple who has such a huge following. Like most say it seems to be sort of a geek cult. Apple is the topic and the networks with their commercials are saving Apple on advertisement. And oh ya whats the name of the those other companies....sigh...(snapping my finger as it comes to me)....oh yeah....T mobile and Sprint or like some like to refer them as Trash Mobile and The carrier who customers are Sprinting away to cop an iPhone <3 . Data this Voice that, the bottom line is the iPhone is the best device in a lot of people eyes and has a lot of companies scrabbling to find a solution before going out of business like Palm and a ton of other companies Apple is place pressure on. Can you imagine the iOS devices are changing the way the world functions. The world is now having to adjust. Its like when the first radio, first TV, first microwave. As a result Apple with continue to grab a lot of attention for the inredible devices they are selling. Steve get well soon. and not just because of my stocks in the company, ;-)

This commercial could have been done with a Verizon iPhone as well, let me clue you all in on something I was told by a manager of a Verizon store they are poised to offer a mobile hotspot with every in store purchase of an iPhone4 for $20 dollars a month for 2gb

I know all of this has been said already, but why do people get like this over wireless service providers? They're all large companies out to make a profit; none are any more or less evil than others. It's just a fact that GSM (used by ATT and T-mobile) are better technologies overall for the moment, but none of that matters if you're in an area with poor coverage. If you live or travel frequently in an area where that's the case, then Verizon or Sprint are better choices. I have no problems with ATT where I live and have been with them and their predecessors since my first cell phone in the early 1990s, so I'll stick with them. But if I didn't get decent coverage, I'd drop them in a minute and never look back. So use what works best for, but stop acting like you're defending your mother's honor.

Seriously, Ron, very well said, I have traveled many time for business and especially over sea (not that it any cheaper) but At&t works great I do get a dropped calls, but nothing is perfect in life.
I personally cant wait for the people that complain about At&t to leave and free up the network. But for what its worth go with who works best.
Keep in mind that Verizon had first choice for iPhone and said no, but at the end of the day more competition mean that the consumer always win..

Irony: The troll who doesn't know how to type a correct sentence calling me an idiot.
I guess it takes an idiot to spot one right?

Here we go. What with all the talk about missed and dropped calls on a att phone or iPhone. I had verizon 7 years ago and had many dropped calls and even no service at all in some area's. Same when I had sprint. My gf who is on verizon right now has drops calls and has no service. All depends how strong the carrier is where you are and live. Fortunately for me att is the best in my area and I get all my calls and never drop a call. If att where this bad. Then why are there 98 million people on there network? Grow up there carriers not your mothers.

Where i live when not working is in montana and i don't care what network you have when you get in the mountains you don't have service anymore Att or Verizon. most places you have good service on both and my buddy has the new Verizon iPhone and it is faster for calls and SMS/MMS texting but for over all service my Att iphone loses service way less on the highways and in little towns then his Verizon iphone now his phone works just as good if not sometimes better in big city around the U.S. but when me and him go over seas and he has to pay to rent a phone with Verizon that just doesn't work for me. Att on the other hand unlock your sim and your good to go.He likes Verizon and i didn't think he would every switch but we went to ice land and he rented a phone and when he got back it cost him $205.75 to have a phone with him for a week my phone cost the same it always cost $85.00 (with tax) and i think he is thinking about switch now. both good networks it all comes down to what do you need, where do you live and where do you travel.

What happens to incoming calls when streaming music or updating a GPS map? With AT&T, if you're on their EDGE network, calls go straight to voice mail. Will Verizon be the same or will they interrupt the data stream to let the call come in?

The data connection gets cut off so the voice can come through. Once the call is done, the data connection resumes. Of course, you can always use wifi when you're on a call.

i need that voice and data service.. also att customer service is really good compare with verizon..
Good for verizon, but they could be good here in USA, but. in Puerto Rico they are USELESS, they are like movistar, movilnet or digitel y Vezuela. just imagine how terrible is the service in Puerto Rico that i'm comparing with some company that is available in the third world..
Att in Puerto Rico is really Good. and i had verizon for ten months, and the i switched to Att.

i'm going to say this again, iPhone is too powerful for verizon network (you will see and suffer that and is going to be late to swicth back).
iPhone verizon is like having a ferrari in Bolivia. there is not highway to handle that power.. so long switchers and good luck. i will stay with att no matter what.. there is a saying in Spanish that say "es bueno malo conocido que bueno por conocer) Is well known evil than an unknown good..!

Too bad he was in a Wifi area and even if he has Verizon it would have worked the same..... Furthermore, they forgot to include the 4 dropped calls he suffered during that 3 min phone call!
ATT Sucks balls and there is no dispute, look at the national surveys and complaints..... I had ATT I know how bad it is!

surveys and complaints are from iPhone users who are foolish to get rid of something that does not work for THEM just because they like the phone. So they keep the phone and complain even though AT&T map tells them the phone will not work for them.

Anyway we look at it Verizon an AT&T has close to 100million subscribers. Stop crying about who is better or not, if you jumped ship and went to Verizon, enjoy it. I'm staying put with AT&T because it works for me in NYC (soho) apartment. Pick your carrier that best fits your needs and stop crying. U were with AT&T and dropped calls now you left, and I bet you think you made a dent in their pockets..u take your 5 lines with u, we still have damn near 100 million with or without you, same with Verizon and their good service as well. Pretty soon Verizon buys sprint and AT&T buys tmobile... #just saying

I am excited about the Verizon iPhone, not because I want want one, but because of what AT&T might offer to have me renew my AT&T iPhone contract in a few months. Limited tethering with my current unlimited data plan would be ideal. I've been with AT&T since the old AT&T Wireless days and love the service and generally would not want to switch to Verizon.

aye but do you guys know whats so funny. i can turn wifi on and since i have an app. i can simultaneously do voice and data. but since with verizon, ill have unlimited data to be able to use my text now app and also do internet with 3g still on. verizon is a winner lol

You choose to be with verizon because of service. Point blank. None of the phones on verizon can talk/surf at the same time, yet verizon is still the largest subscriber base. If verizon customers cared about this feature we would have jumped ship a long time ago. obviously this isnt a deal breaker for majority of verizon customers. So it doesnt matter that the verizon iphone can't talk/surf at the same time.

This commercial seems to be targeted at AT&T customers so they wont jump ship, like previous poster said, Verizon has over 70 million customers on their network and if they truly cared about this feature they would of switched to AT&T a long time ago. "You can't miss something you never had"

I will stay with the voice and data of AT&T. Only because I've gotten used to it and my signal isn't that bad where I live and work. If I'd never had it, I'd probably be fine without it.

Hmmmmm let me think. Simultaneous voice and data or some sort of service signal in my home office? I'll take service at home every time! And with verizon we get service in our house (we get no service on AT&T nor sprintt). And for the record, when I was able to use voice and data at the same time I think I used it twice in the year I was with AT&T so there was no real value in that service for me. So AT&T what's your next line of defense?

Honestly, is simultaneous voice and data such a big deal for anyone?Sure, it's nice on paper, but how often do you actually use it?!
I live in Sweden and I have no idea if my carrier supports it. I've had my iPhone 3G for more than 2 years (will be buying an iPhone 4 in a week) and never had the need to use simultaneous voice and data.

Oh, by the way, the carrier in the U.S. should upgrade their mobile service! How the hell is it possible that you people still have crappy reception in many places where in other countries we get flawless reception and don't even have to worry about antennagate?!

The funny thing is you can only do that on att when you have a 3g connection.which is hardly ever since it switches to edge all the time and also they are about to be running the same network technology as ATT soon.what are they going to use against verizon then?

Simultaneous phone call and data handling is a huge deal for those of us who get stuck on long conference calls while away from the office. And during those calls it is often critical to access e-mail or other functions on the iPhone. Verizon is going to lose business users like me when it comes to the iPhone4. However, I have to agree that VZN hands down has a better phone service at least in most big cities.
Overseas, AT&T wins, but the VZN Blackberry Storm2 works pretty well abroad too.

I will be the first one to say i've wanted a iphone from the day they came out and i really could of care less which network had it i was just after the iPhone,now that being said ive had both verizon and att and i liked both networks i didn't like verizon because they were way more money then att and i got less for it. i liked att because i have my same plan, phone number and every thing where every in the world my job takes me.

ATand T natural speaking voice is great we use it in our business. Call us and listen to how it sound live for our customer service options.

If you check true 3g service can provide voice and ata simultaneously, besides the doubling of data rates data and voice simulttaneously is why the push for 3g evrr happened so verizon is really pushing a fast 2g connection and praying on ignorant cust not knowing that cdma is a obsolete protocol but all out network infrastructure replacement was expensive and the consumers won't know the difference