AT&T to move new customers to Mobile Share exclusively

AT&T to forgo traditional cell plans for Mobile Share instead

AT&T is streamlining its mobile calling plan options for new customers. The new program goes into effect on October 25, 2013, according to Engadget.

Existing customers can remain on their current plans and will be able to upgrade phones, activate new lines and more without affecting their rates. Now, however, new customers will only be able to choose one of AT&T's "Mobile Share" plans, all of which include unlimited talk and text, and various amounts of data starting at 300MB per month.

On their consumer blog, AT&T says, "In 95 percent of the new customer scenarios, Mobile Share offers the same or better price with additional value."

Source: Engadget

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Reader comments

AT&T to move new customers to Mobile Share exclusively


Why even post something like that? Don't you think some might benefit from his comment? He clearly got 2 more GB of data for only $5 per month.

Does that mean that new customers with single lines will have to get a mobile share plan as well? If so, that's a really bad deal. Especially for people who don't use many minutes and use a lot of data (like myself).

Bad deal for you but perfect for AT&T. This way they get more money for something you don't use as much (minutes).

Every move ATT and other carriers make is designed to make them more money and not to benefit their customers. Why is it that unlimited minutes and a bucket of data then requires a separate charge of $10 per standard phone but like $35 per smartphone? I mean, you already paid for the data, so what is the reasoning behind smartphones costing extra to use that data? It can't be the subsidy on the phone because you pay that extra amount no matter if you bring your own phone or not.

AT&T sees the writing on the wall. People no longer care about voice/texting limits, they only care about the data plan. This is why AT&T stopped complaining about facetime, imessage, etc... over cellular cutting into their profits. Switching to metered data, and increasing the cost of the data, gets the money back.

Another step in preparation for a data-only phone where you pick your VOIP provider for voice separarte from the data carrier.

Yeah that's why both Verizon and AT&T don't mind those data sucking activities. The quicker someone is to slipping over their quota of data the quicker they are to getting extra money for that overage.

It is also an ideal way to simplify billing. Make voice and text 'free' and when they switch to these features being LTE based where they can then say they no longer bill for minutes or texts and that they are being billed for the data used. That way everyone will pay for voice and text messaging and have to get yet bigger data plans. I thought Verizon would be the first to get all their ducks in a row when it comes to billing everything as Data.

We can bet on a sure thing now that Verizon are either busy working on a way of doing this themselves - possibly on the basis of new customers and possibly those that renew their contracts. As for me, itt eliminates AT&T as a one of the future contenders for my business when I move away from Verizon next October. I had looked at them because they were about $10 a month cheaper with a 'better' individual plan than the one that I had with Verizon. Guess, since I had already eliminated Sprint, that leaves T-Mobile for sure LOL.

I hate these little twists to backdoor the remonetizing voice and text messaging as they switch off the older parts of the network and move towards a totally data centric LTE system.

Thing is, even though you pay for your data, you have to pay a higher additional fee to access that data with a smartphone.

It is like magic. I can not tell you how many people tell me to go with this carrier, or that carrier, because the "only thing I pay for is the phone, and a minor data fee, everything else is free. Calling, texting, so on." Ok if everything is free except a minor fee, and the cost of the phone, The carrier will be out of business in less than a week. Do not let them pull the magic act on you. Check the contract. They are in the business to make money, and lots of it. Trust me. It all can not be free.

This should not be news to anyone... When iOS 6 was announced with FaceTime over cellular, AT&T first limited it to mobile share customers exclusively

Now that iOS 7 has FaceTime audio calls that sound even more clearer than cellular calls... They get the idea that most people will try to subscribe (or lower) to the lowest minute rate plan available...

That being said, they just figured the only viable solution is to make everyone subscribe to unlimited minutes via mobile share