AT&T lights up LTE in Bloomington, Muncie, and Bryan-College Station

AT&T lights up LTE in Bloomington, Muncie, and Bryan-College Station

AT&T is slowly but surely -- very slowly but very surely, it seems -- expanding their LTE (Long Term Evolution) rollout to include Bloomington and Muncie Indiana, and Bryan-College Station Texas. (Google Maps them!)

In terms of Apple devices, LTE is currently only available for the new iPad, but is rumored to be coming to the next generation iPhone this fall. Granted, these aren't major markets, but Cleveland, Akron and Canton, Ohio, Lafayette, Indiana, Baton Rouge and New Orleans Louisiana, St. Louis Missouri, and Staten Island, N.Y are set to follow some time this summer.

And every little bit helps, right?

If you're on AT&T LTE, make sure you jump into our forums and show us what your speed looks like.

Rene Ritchie

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Rick says:

I livE 30 MinutEs away from Bloomington and still have edge looks like I'm hitting up Verizon for an iPhone 5

Brian Dunn says:

I job shadowed for AT&T recently and talked a good deal with their various departments about 3.5G on the iPhone 4s, LTE and future technologies. One thing I did learn was that they are planning to activate LTE in Daytona Beach, FL (where I job shadowed) in late October to early November.

forgot says:

Bryan-College Station is the home of Texas A&M, and is in no way short on iPhone toting college kids. Prime iPhone 5 territory.

Vanti says:

when oh when sprint will you get your act together

doublebullout says:

Gig 'em, AT&T. (And get busy on Shreveport/Bossier City while you're at it.)