AT&T Invested $65 Million in 850Mhz 3G Upgrades for San Francisco


AT&T announced it's invested nearly $65 million in upgrading their 3G network in San Francisco through Q3 2009:

“More than ever before, customers look to wireless communications to stay in touch with family, friends and business colleagues,” said Terry Stenzel, AT&T vice president and general manager for Northern California/Reno. “The additional spectrum helps to enhance the 3G network so that our customers have the best experience when they make a call, check an e-mail, download a video or song, access applications or surf the Internet on their AT&T device.”

They also mentioned SF will get some HSPA 7.2 next year as well. (First towers to go up around Cupertino in an effort to keep the iPhone-makers happy? We joke.)

Given the last update in AT&T's lawsuit against Verizon's "map for that" commercials, where Verizon basically said AT&T had failed to invest in their network infrastructure, we're wondering if we'll see more press releases like this (or emails like this) in the near future?

[Thanks Gregg for the tip!]

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Reader comments

AT&T Invested $65 Million in 850Mhz 3G Upgrades for San Francisco


Well this doesn't help me! They better step up their game! Lot of my customers is leaning toward Verizon..

Wow, when I lived in SF I never noticed that there were so many tall sequoias for telecom usage! Nor did I ever notice Yosemite in the background; guess I was too focused on the GG Bridge....

They need to quit investing in just major markets that already support 3g.. I suggest they do their best getting the most coverage like verizon instead of more population...

My mom lives in Walnut Creek and when I visit, I never have a problem with speed or stability. In fact she drops calls all the time on verizon.

It's still not enough. When they say it costs 1 dollar to get a paper bill that easily makes them 30-50 million a month. ATT has difinitely gaves us reasons why. But now they are turning into excuses. It's not enough. The service does not justify the price.

@ghostface147 I agree I never have a problem with coverage or connection. I had maybe a dropped call or two in the past year. And always have full 3g everywhere I go.(upstate NY).
@Will Why would they not invest in major cities? Thats where most people live and work. Ya maybe they should be like verizon and have 3g in the mountains and the great lakes like there maps Good investments there!!!!!
@desmond They have a thing called paperless billing ever heard of it. lol
And one last thing why are people that don't have at&t or a iphone commenting on here? And if you do have them and don't like them why keep them? Doesn't make much sense.

Is it a requirement that you have to be a loser to post a comment? Att is building lots of towers where I live and I live in the middle of no where. Did I mention that verizon doesnt work where I live but att full signal. Att is building towers all over my city and they have been planned for years it just takes a while to build the towers because of zoning and county requirements.

hmmm... maybe they should save the money and make a surprise attack on the first 4g LTE network? that would make verizon s-t-f-u.
given that they haven't said a word on their plans for the 4g upgrade, it would surely surprise EVERYONE including apple and may even rub them the nice way into continuing iphone exclusivity.
just the businessman-inside-me's opinion. =D

AT&T is garbage, I live and work on the California central coast and my phone will say I have 5 bars of 3g yet the voice quality goes in and out when I have full service. I have toove my phone around so people can hear me. I have had a lot of phones and the jailbroken Iphone is the best phone bar none.....I just hate having to have AT&T.

Wow, in Canada we pay ridiculous pricing and hideous contracts but our networks absolutely smoke anything U.S has going. We got 2 networks running HSPA 21Mbps and AT&T is still Rolling out 7.2?

And I am stuck with EDGE, and no DSL or cable broadband access. I am stuck using satellite "broadband."

Rossi: The landscape has change in SF. Those little quakes? They add up. Slowly the state is rearranging itself.
I am noticing better service the last couple of weeks.
The ONLY time my calls get dropped is when I'm talking to a friend in Noe Valley. His apt is a deep cave. Sometimes it's AT&T. Sometimes, we found out, it's his parrot, who has a chirp that seems to be the same frequency that can disconnect a call. My answer: Shake & Bake.

@Oboewan.. Have you checked to see if your in a verizon 3g coverage area... I use a verizon data card and get decent speeds..My parents have huges net and when i run a speed test on theirs they have about a 4000 ms. ping compared to my 100 ms ping, which means faster Web page loading and surfing..

All that $$$ and the service still sucks. ATT is pretty much useless in my appartment. I went to DC and, to my surprise, discovered that there was additional bar for the service connection indicator.