AT&T outage in North Carolina, Georgia

AT&T appears to be down in North Carolina and maybe Georgia right now, but luckily TiPb readers still have land lines to light up our alert lines. We're not sure whether it's voice, data, or both as we're getting lots of different reports. If you're having a problem with your iPhone on AT&T, let us know where you are, what kind of service outages you're experiencing, and if you've heard anything from AT&T.

[Thanks Roger and everyone who sent this in!]

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AT&T outage in North Carolina, Georgia


I'm in Charlottesville, VA but have an NC 910 number. Receiving texts but no calls.

ft bragg my phone just sez no service and i went to the at&t store the lady saild service is out all over nc

in Wilmington, N.C. UNCW sent a mass email about three hours ago saying that AT&T had confirmed a huge service outage with no estimates as to when it will be restored. My iPhone4 hasn't had service since about 7:00am, no calls, no texts, though Wi-Fi internet seems to be working. My brother has an LG Shine and can make calls, but no idea if he can receive them.
On a personal note, I'm sure AT&T is doing everything they can to fix the problem, and I wouldn't harrass their customer service reps about it - but we pay a lot of money for these cell phones, it would be nice if they would function reliably.

Fayetteville, NC - Major problems. No calls or texts getting through with an occasional (rarely and VERY short term) exceptions. Can't get through on landline to AT&T cell customer in West Virginia.

I'm in Greenville NC both voice and data are non existent on the iPhone. My girlfriend has a feature phone and has voice and text. I just called my boss who has an iPhone, he has full service.... So who knows what's going on!

Problems in St. Louis, MO twice today. I've had the iPhone 4 since July 2 with no problems until today.
My phone went into "Searching..." mode instead of 3G, and even once showed E (for Edge service). Happened at 11:40am CT and again at 12:45pm CT. Perhaps it was intermittent or consistent, but those are the times that I could not make a call, got cut from a call, or could not send a txt msg.

iPhone has said NO SERVICE and Searching all day since about 9:00am this morning in a part of North East Ohio.

@Erik what up guy? I'm in pdx too. 3G/3GS? Make sure ur sim cartridge is pushed all the way in. Should make the message go away. Drop it recently?

Raleigh checking in. Sorry to inform Verizon lovers and AT&T haters that we're live and well with many (algorithmically skewed) bars.

No service in Holly Ridge, NC... since early AM... went out in the middle of a phone call... Hubby at Camp Lejeune has service... really weird...

Out in New Bern, NC since about 7:30AM today. No voice/text/data. Phone shows "No Service"!!!!!!

I had the same problem yesterday in south Florida. I know there were many users like me in the area.

I am in asheville nc and we are fine. signal has been kind of week since i updated the new antannae software.

3g went out in ATL from about 845 til 945. But it was weird. First my voice and data went out. So I turned 3g off put phone in airplane mode and then took it out and edge lit up and voice and data was restored. But, as soon as I turned 3g on I lost voice and data again. I repeated this a few times with same results. It's wasn't til 945 that 3g started working again.
iPhone 3gs 3.1.3

Yup Fayetteville NC here woke up to no service and sporatic text and vm showing up went to att and it was a mad house, had sign on door said " at this moment their is a network outage" customer service rep was feilding customer complaints with no answers to why or when will be back up! But it looks like now service is back up! crossing fingers oh and it was data and voice!

It's was this morning I was coming down 85 from lilburn but it only lasted about an hour. I just stopped trying until I got to kennesaw

Im in kendall sw of Miami, and the network was down yesterday morning...... Is att working on its towers???

I'm in Atlanta and I'm still getting voice coverage. I have cellular data and 3G off though as I'm using WiFi.

Eastern NC, hour east of Raleigh. No service in Entire area from Raleigh to outer banks, south to wilmington, north to VA line. major outage, at&t canned response is rolling outages. It started at 8am EST, no voice/no data

No problems in Salisbury NC (outside of Charlotte). Matter of fact I just got off the phone 15 min ago.

I my service goes out a few times a day here in LA and when I called AT&T they told me that there were updating their cell towers, it's funny how this has been going on for about 2 months... Any1 has the same prob out here in LA?

If you were affected by this. Call ATT and complain. Last time I lost 3G for 20 minutes they actually credited my entire calling plan for the month. Still had to pay data and SMS. But hey. It's worth it.

No service in Rocky Mount, NC since 7:30 this AM. Still deader than a doornail at 3:36 PM. Maybe ATT is making Rocky Mount 3G, and hell is freezing over at the same time.

Havelock NC....I have had no service all day....very frustrating especially when you do not have a landline for back up!!! Finally got to the local ATT retail store and found out why from the note posted on the front door...they better give me some credit for this outage!

Still no service in Hampstead, though I've heard rumors that some people in Wilmington are getting service back

My AT&T cell phone service in Pinehurst NC has been out since 8am this morning ;-( I'm not sure about the status of AT&T's data network service locally, as my iPhone connects to the internet via my home wireless network.

Wilson/Elm City area, no service from 8am this morning. I finally have (3:42pm) AT&T with the E but no signal bars. Still can not call or text!

Service pops in and out around fort Bragg but doesn't hold a signal for more than 10 seconds

BTW, does anyone here know how to find out when AT&T will have 3G service in Pinehurst NC? Or is that just a pipedream?

Still no service--makes it inconvenient when people do not use a land phone--Have sevice problems when I go to Charleston SC area.

In Wilmington, NC. Have not received a call all day though I can make them. Phone mostly displays strong signal and call quality is decent aside from an occasional high pitched sound/sporadic static on the line. As far as I know txt is working just no calls coming in.

I am in Wilmington, NC and have full Service but my family is in Magnolia, NC about 56 miles away and they have no service. Att gave us a small credit but this has gone on all day I am going to try and get some more credit. This is ridiculously my family has no land line.

No service in the Morehead City area but I have a micro cell tower I use at my house with my iPhone and everything works fine. Still no service outside of my tower area.

New Bern, NC here, no voice or data since about 8 this morning, and it is now 4 and I'm still SOL.

It appears to be something to do with edge or 2g. If you disable 3G or have a phone without 3G the consensus of people around here is no service at all. If you have 3g enabled you have signal and can make calls but cant receive them. In areas where yer sitting on low signal and it jumps from 3g to edge back and forth people are seeing no service, service bounce back and forth. Looks like the emergency only messages come from when the 3g circuits fill up and it fails to drop back to edge to complete a call. Again this is only an observation.

Just spoke with AT&T. They said the towers in those states were stolen by pikeys and anticipate the outage for 4 more weeks.

In Wilmington, 2.5 miles from Wrightsville beach, ATT cell phone out all day; land line went out yesterday. ATT says land line won't be fixed until tomorrow.

lost service between phone calls. received a call at 7:28 am edt. couldn't dial at 7:38 am edt. still no service (4:13 pm edt).

In New Bern, NC. Haven't had any service since this a.m. Haven't heard from AT&T at all and can't find any news on CNN or Fox News.
Mercy ME!!!!

I think my service has been out since I got up around 7am. I looked at my phone and it looked funny, I didn't think much of it until I tried to make a call and BAM no service.

My service has been out since I woke up at 7am here in New Bern and it's still out (4:20pm). The only town that has service is the small town of havelock which oddly enough is the only town along 70 that has 3g :( My cell is my only phone line I have, if my service isn't up by night fall thursday I'll be with Verizon by friday...

now, now, genteel folk. at&t has a very good track record with me. verizon & us cell doesn't work downeast (nc) where i live. they'll keep my business. makes me appreciate them more.

3G enabled but no 3G. Alternates between zero bars on Edge and Searching. At least the NO SERVICE line has quit popping!

In Pinehurst, NC have had no service since early this morning. Went by AT&T office at 3:30 PM. They have no information as to what the problem is or when service will be restored. Just another reason for Apple to add other service providers.

Still No service in the Pinehurst area at 4:30PM, and no word from AT&T. It did work in Raleigh when I was in a 3G area.
AT&T is horrible here all the time , but ususally you can go to a spot where there is coverage - not today!!(we are not part of the 97% AT&T commertcials brag about.)
AT&T is the worst! Can't wait until my contract is up.

I have NO service in my house or inside Walmart or any other building,
EVERYTHINGS NORMAL HERE!!! I still HATE AT&T service, or the lack there of.

AT&T has a terrible track record in Eastern NC. Alltel was great... so far they're still good after being purchased by Verizon. If there are two of you in a family, consider getting service from two providers. (And AT&T is still down in New bern, NC... at least for voice.)

I live in Hampstead NC and my I phone 3GS hase no service. "no service" is all that displays in the place where I have good E signal normally. This is the first time that I had no service at home.

In Hampstead, NC, phone read "NO SERVICE" (voice or data) starting around 8am. Still "NO SERVICE" at 4:40pm. 3G worked fine incoming and outgoing in Wilmington and Jacksonville.

Laurinburg NC here. Been 99% down since I got up this morning. Every once in a while I'll get a bar or two back, but only lasts a few minutes and then is back to No Service. No word from AT&T either.

I'm in the Pinehurst area and have not had any coverage all day. Called AT&T at 9:00 this morning and they said they knew there is a problem, however don't have a time frame for it to be fixed.

Rocky Mount area still out. nothing from AT&T Blackberry shows sos where signal strength normally service at all!

No incoming calls for Raleigh NC area all day, but texting and outgoing calls working.

No service here in North Carolina for me. I get No Service. The only thing I can get to work is data (When im on Wi-Fi not edge) No voice in or out no text. This is at 5:18pm I live about 30 minutes from Rocky Mount. #1 post is right Atnt is the worst phone company in the world and I too will be glad when my contract is over. There is a rumor that January Iphone goes to Verison and I hope its true because I will break contract just to switch I hate atnt so much.

we live in alabama now with 910 phone numbers and havent been able to receive a call all day. And we can't call other att phones including my husband and I!! i could kill AT&T right now but we havent had any other trouble in 6 years of service with them. we have text and data usage just fine but I guess that is because we are using alabama cell towers.

I'm in Greenville, nc and I cannot recieve calls but I can send and recieve text and make calls. My data works fine!

I'm in Raleigh, NC and have not received any calls today, though my girlfriend has tried throughout the day. Outgoing calls are fine except to other AT&T customers. Data has been fine.

I am in Laurinburg, NC. This is pissing me off big time. I will move my IPhone to another carrier when available. No signal at all.

Still no service in Hampstead, but now it at least has an "E", but just no bars rather than "NO SERVICE."

"with your iPhone on ATT"... I mean guys and gals... There are more phones on AT&T than iPhones.
Isn't the news that AT&T's network seems to be down? If so, why limit reports form iPhone users? That, as they say, is only PART of the story...

Don't worry... it's just Steve Jobs protecting you all from pr0n.
The usual, minimal bars here in the Midwest. Maybe some of these extreme storms that have been pummeling some of us broke something important?

The AT & T edge is back up in Fayetteville, NC, but you still can't make a call. At least I can check my Email.

No coverage in Cameron, southern pines area. Anyone hear yet how long this is going to take to fix, we should all get a discount on our next bill!

Greenville, NC..i can make calls, send and recieve text, and get on internet...i cant reveive calls

I live in Fayetteville NC and I have a blackberry Curve. My service has been down since about 7 this morning and I am unable to send or receive calls or text messages. up until about an hour ago I wasn't able to get on the internet but now I can. My husband has an iPhone 4 and he's had service off and on all day as well. It's now 6:25 with no major improvements. I called att around 3:30 and they told me they didn't know when service would be restored but they credited my account 25 dollars for the inconvenience. I suggest you all do the same, why pay for cellular service when you don't have it? I really wish att would issue an update letting us know if they've had any improvements on the situation. ugh, so frustrating.

Smithfield, NC outage here sucks. Phone is just dead. No bars and no signal at all. Had service with Att for 6 years and this is a first but it really makes it hard to want stay with them when you need your phone for medical purposes.

Still not able to text or make calls out of Fayetteville NC on a Blackberry curve. I just switched from verizon too, HUGE MISTAKE!!

Elizabethtown, NC service went out around 7:30 this morning and I just got edge back on for interent about 4:30.. Called ATT and they said they were having issues with a tower, and that service should be on in like 15 minutes...Still cant make or recieve calls or text messages...

No AT&T service in Fayetteville or Ft Bragg area all day! Whats up AT&T, no messages about when it woill be restored. Maybe you can deduct a day of payment since we got no service?

Goldsboro NC and I still have nothing. I didnt get Time Warner back on until 6pm. So inconvenient. I think I should get some kind of compensation or credits from both companies.

Just got off the phone with AT&T and they stated service in the Pinehurst NC area should be restored within 2 hours. Don't hold your breathe on that one...

I live in jacksonville NC and my husband, son and my phone have been not working all day my iphone says no service at around 7:17 it started saying searching this is terrible

As of 7:20, Wilmington still down for my Samsung phone. My wife's IPhone is working great - voice, text, data. Talked to customer service and they said they have no idea what is happening. Showing full service on towers but yet no calls going through depending on your type of phone or service. I really believe they may be getting hacked or have ran out of bandwidth. Regardless - DEFINITELY CALL AT&T!!! I had my account credited $50. DON'T GET OFF THE PHONE UNTIL THEY CREDIT YOUR ACCOUNT!!! I had to talk to 2 different people, but I believe there is some language in your contract they may allow you to ask for EVEN MORE!! This sucked but $50 to not here from my stupid friends all day is GREAT!!

Had coverage in Havelock earlier today. No service most of the day at Emerald Isle. Have a Micro-cell at home and it has worked great at my house. All carriers have issues, it sometimes effects us and sometimes not, I use Sprint, Verizon and ATT but I have mostly AT&T. Still the most affordable and reliable.

I have been without service since this morning. I live in Tabor City (30 min from Myrtle Beach) and have talked with AT&T and they say it will be fixed within the next 24 hrs!! I have no service at all... Voice or data. #attfail

I'm in the Hubert area in NC but I work on Emerald Isle. I've not had service all day since about 7:45 this morning. Any updates on when this issue will be fixed?

I have At&t and it's been down for voice and data since around 7am this morning. Cannot get through to customer service. Never been down this long, have not heard anything other than what was on Raleigh News Channel. Hope they credit our bills this month for one less day of usage!

I have a iPhone 3G, no service at all. Been relying on WiFi...AT&T hasn't said much, just that they are working on it. I was told that a power grid went down in Raleigh and it caused a bunch of trouble for AT&T and Time Warner Cable, my cable service just came back on a few hours ago.

Still no voice or text service in Wilmington...If Greenville came back on, maybe we're in line North to South!

I just spoke with AT&T and they said a power surge/outage in Raleigh, NC knocked out 591 towers in NC/SC/TN/GA. They are aware and working to resolve it, but no word on when the towers will all be back up and working.

At emerald isle and no cell service all day. No incoming, outgoing, or texting. Am on vacation and this is only phone-thank god no emergencies. Hope AT&T has a way to refund a whole day lost of no service!!

I am in Wilmington, NC. Still no service, long day, hope we get a credit for this, Verizon will have fun with this one...

I am at Camp Lejeune havent has service all day... IT JUST CAME BACK...but i didnt get any old text messages that were sent when i didnt have service.. =(

Here at Pinehurst. Have not had service since 7am. Wife just left town today and I can not talk to her. Highly upset. When will the madness end???

i talked to someone at at&t in jacksonville a few minutes ago and she said that she had heard about 2 hrs ago that it should be fixed shortly. now mine is working but my sister has at&t and her phone is right next to mine and its not working so idk. hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

Kinston, NC based At&T subscriber on iPhone platform...I'm on vacation in NYC with my daughter and we both can only make voice calls since 7AM ET to non AT&T cells. NO incoming calls at all. Texting between each other is sketchy and texts are popping up several hours after being sent. Spoke with my husband at home and he can't do squat with his phone except use WiFi services like Facebook and Twitter. Over 12 hours and still no fix?? I WILL be demanding a credit this month!!!

Folks Please...the 591 towers are not on the same power grid...there are more issues that we are being told about. I sit under a tower in Robbins, NC, no service and no contact from ATT.

Live in Atlanta and phone is down again. When someone calls me they say that it rings once then goes straightto voicemail. this was happening this morning when it said searching for service until about 11am. Then after 4pm it started again. Then worked shortly. Now it is 1130 and still nothing....

This is getting strange. According to blogs, and news reports customers in the same area are without service, while others have service. AT&T is not saying the cause, or even a time for total fix. It would be nice to know the problem.

Hi, I live in New Jersey and my iPhone had almost no signal for data or calls yesterday. It was very upsetting and usual considering I have full signal all of the time. I haven't heard anything from AT&T but I sure did use Mark The Spot app every time I couldn't use my device.

July 20 apple to open new data center in Nc. July 21 no service for att&t in NC. Did apple use all the power in the area for a test?

I have had trouble at work today dialing long distance, tried to dial same number on iPhone and it went out. It appears it's AT&T Long distance and it's affecting our landline service. We are located right next to the North Carolina Line in Suffolk, VA

Oh, signal strength of on phone is normal. I can make local calls just not long distance... Same on the business landline. Had business rep in Tennessee tell me today his wife could not call his office and she uses Verizon. Must be a long distance network issue.

Ok. I can dial local and in state calls however I still can't make cross country LD calls and it appears that my office landline is having the same issues. I try to call AT&T Long Distance and have to dig through the maze of the automated system. Very frustrating!

My out of state long distance is back! Both iPhone and landlines. I was reading that they had several fiber cables that were cut in the Gulf area. Might have been causing my issue here?

I and everyone else on att phone have been at 0 bars since Tuesday July 20, it's Thursday the 29 and still no phone service in Peachtree City, Ga. I suggest a bill adjustment would be in order, many are looking to drop att after this fiasco.

I'm in winston ga. phone lines are down and ATT closed at 11pm. I don't know what is going on but I don't like it.

It's also a problem in Michigan right now. Anything north of Bay City or north of even Cheboygan is having dropped calls or missed voicemails. I haven't been able to make or receive a call since 9:30am and its 3:30pm right now. I can only text. They say they are upgrading their 3G service on their towers(we don't get 3G service in MY area. Thinking bout switching to Verizon since they have no specific date when the towers will be back to normal.

same here..Im finnaly able to make calls and sent texts but my incoming calls are going to VM..Im in Duluth

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Our entire home has been down in Cumming, Georgia for 36 hours and NO ONE at ATT can tell us what's going on or how long it will be until it's resolved. You call for support and you get someone in the frigging Philippines