UPDATED: AT&T Having Problems in Texas Again?

UPDATED: Engadget has the details:

"Due to an equipment issue, some AT&T mobility customers in Texas may be experiencing authentication issues with their wireless devices. AT&T technicians are working to resolve the issue at this time, and we expect service to be restored later today. We will provide more information as it becomes available. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Bringing this back to the top as the comments were lighting up again with Texas iPhone users not getting service. Some seem to be out, some are coming back, and others are having various degrees of luck turning on/off the 3G radios.

Let us know where you are, if you're having trouble, and what fixes are/aren't working for you.

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UPDATED: AT&T Having Problems in Texas Again?


My service went down at around 12:30 p.m. It's now 8:38 p.m. and I'm still without service. I hope this isn't going to be a 'regular' thing with the new AT&T.

Just notice another comment from Houston saying it's down. I'm in Clear Lake, and service has been fine. I wonder if it's specific to certain areas of town.

Phone went down in the early afternoon and still cannot get service its almost 9:00pm in austin

I've been having major issues here in Plano/The Colony all afternoon/evening and yet, two feet away my boyfriend's iPhone has 5 bars. grr

My daughter had problems around 4 pm this afternoon, and I experienced "no service" and useless service around 7 pm in Waco.

"No Service" in Dallas since around 1:30. Unfortunately, that also meant that incoming callers received an error message while trying to call instead of it going straight to voicemail...gotta love visual voicemail when it goes down.
Tried various fixes that worked for a brief amount of time (reset network, reset all). Turning off 3G was the most reliable.
It appears that service is back up and running now. Full bars and a pretty little "3G" next to it.

I'm working out of my company's offices in Plano this week. I didn't notice any problems. Then again I was distracted by meetings all day and had little time to monitor my iPhone.

Was glad to find this forum, it gave me purpose today..."No Service" from noon to 7:30 in central Houston, people from Austin, Dallas, and even one in Detroit w/Houston phone number had no voice or data service most of the day. My Iphone is my work phone, and work is suffering, so I had fortune of monitoring it, and others' problems, closely the entire effing day.
By about 6 pm most of us were getting moments of signal, followed by hours of "No Service".. I had never seen this before, and it happened so quickly, and when I called myself from work, the recording was the old classic one, which was not good for my business today b/c it says clearly you've reached a phone number that's been disconnected or no longer in service... I tried that a few times, then fumingly called AT&T, b/c I had just paid bill Feb 20. After long hold, about 20 mins, rep asked me to take my phone apart, which I had never done, so she put me on hold for about 30 mins to get tech help to take phone apart (though this had ZERO to do w/problem), while she was gone, I figured out how to get sim card out, then she came back and said she received an alert that there was an outage for 'North and South Texas', she could give no cause, no prognosis, no thoughts re:reimbursement, only shared that she was told not to answer phones now since it was an outage. It was so strange, b/c early this morning I received messages though no calls, no ringing, just straight to voicemail though my phone was on and I wasn't on it,which doesn't happen much.
No fix worked for me, I just waited all day. Came back for good tonight at 7:30, but text messages that were sent to or from me were totally lost. thanks

I lost service yesterday midday and it has not been the same since! I still cannot use any of my applications. Sometimes the weather works and other times doesn't. Sometimes I get internet and other times I don't. What is the problem At&t???

The problem didn't impact all devices. My extended family has six iPhones. We are all in the Frisco, McKinney, Allen area (North Dallas) and three of the handsets never had a single problem. Mine was dead for hours, sitting right next to my wife's and hers worked fine and never dropped. It obviously was a problem deep in the network.

Service wen down around noon on Feb 25th. Came back again around 9:00 pm. Went down again at 12:00 Am.
It is Feb 26th 11:13 am now and yet no service. It comes for a brief moment and vanishes. Tried restoring, resetting and even going to the apple store but no help. At&t said some issue is on hand and will take couple of hours but it has been all day. Will try again today after 1:00pm and see what works out.

Text messages are taking forever to sent and phone calls are not working in South Austin/San Marcos. Using a Samsung Eternity; apparently it's affecting all 3G phones.

Hmm, my phone has been acting up for the last 30 mins or so. In Round Rock, Texas about 18 miles from Austin. Can't call anyone and if it does the thing locks up. Most frustrating.

AT&T had another 3G data and voice outage in Houston today (March 3rd) from about 1:30 to 3:25.

Outage in NJ, and NYC since 8:30 pm est march 3rd....still down at 10:00 AM EST March 4...eta is 1:00PM but they could not confirm that time.

Well, I'm in Savannah and we are having city-wide major issues with our 3G service (dropped calls, calls not connecting, voicemail lagging, etc) ... GET THIS... after 6 hours (yes, 6 hours) on the phone with AT&T the supervisor I was finally connected to said that her only other advice was to "GET RID OF MY IPHONE 3G AND GO BACK TO MY OLD IPHONE that only uses the edge..." This was not the answer I was looking for... I hope you guys in Texas get things fixed... the best of luck!

Just got off phone w/ AT&T. Multiple towers down and being worked on in Austin including one by HWY 290 IH35. ETA for back up is around the 16th of this month - could be sooner, could be later. Coverage will continue to be sporadic.

Here in Plano and Richardson there has been no service almost the whole day except a few times. Turning off the 3G gets it to work though.

I'm in the little town of Andrews, TX and I can't call out or receive calls, but I can text and use the internet on my Iphone 4.