AT&T Releases Two More Anti-Verizon Ads -- Secret Switch and Share AT&T

AT&T Secret Switch Ad

The battle of TV attack ads between AT&T and Verizon continues on as AT&T has just released two more commercials taking aim at Big Red.

In the first commercial, named "Secret Switch", Luke Wilson is at a dinner party and he secretly switches the attendee's AT&T smartphones for Verizon devices. Once they realize they've been bamboozled by tricky Luke and are using "dumb phones" all hell seems to break lose. Notice the Motorola Droid highlighted when they mention "dumb phones"?

There's no mention of the iPhone specifically (Apple doesn't share screen time), but one diner does complain that all her apps are gone...

The other commercial is titled "Share AT&T" and this time Luke concentrates on educating the viewers about how AT&T provides a better overall 3G experience than Verizon. Some of the key points he touches on are the faster speeds for downloading songs and videos, and the ability to talk and surf at the same time, etc...

Check out the videos after the break, and let us know what you think about them!

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AT&T Releases Two More Anti-Verizon Ads -- Secret Switch and Share AT&T


ok - can someone clear something up. Is it really the network that doesnt allow data and voice at the same time or is it the phone? If the iPhone was on Verizon, could you talk and surf at the same time?

I think it has something to do with CDMA vs. GSM. Don't quote me on that... just something I read somewhere.

It is the network, CDMA does not allow for simultaneous internet usage and being on a phone call. Only GSM has that capability.

something to think about if the iPhone goes to Verizon. That's a major plus to be able to look something up while talking to someone. Even if my calls get dropped!

Not sure. I have a Palm Pre on Sprint and I can do multiple things at once: Talk, Web, Email, Text, Calendar, etc. iPhone can only Talk and web at same time, but not web and anything else. It can only handle one app at a time. Pre can handle them all at the same time! Pre>iPhone

AT&T is getting significantly better where I live (Charlotte), but your explanation of the commercials were better than the commercials themselves.

the secret switch would have been good if it wasnt all a setup. Reminds me of some of those "hidden camera" pizza commercials. But if Luke Wilson is just walking around the people then this was all a setup i bet

I like the commercials, I think Luke is pretty good in his character (although I still miss the Rollover Minutes Mom).
The ads are no more annoying than anyone elses, and they don't stretch the point anymore than others.
Oh, and regarding the CDMA bit, there is no technical reason a CDMA phone could not send/receive voice over IP mixed into the data stream. After all, this is what LTE is all about. The capability exists, its just sort of a massive change in software on Verizon's part that would be needed.
By the way, Talk and Surf has made it onto ComputerWorlds Cell Phone Rudeness list:

How could a TV Commercial be other than a "Set UP". Was someone supposed to fail to notice the face that has been on TV everywhere, the boom mics, the lights, the three different cameras, cables, directors, make up artists and the plastic food on the plate?

I'd love to know how you surf the web and use your calendar at the same time. Since I am pretty sure you still have to switch from one app to the other...
And no, you can talk and use any other app at the same time. In fact, I was on a conference call yesterday, switched to my bluetooth headset, and then continued to play various games for the next hour or so. During that time I got a couple important email, looked up the facts i needed to on the internet, send the data out, and went back to my games...all without ending the call.
Plus, if you really want to let 3rd party apps run in the background (in addition to all the Apple apps which already can), then one download and one click can jailbreak you and get backgrounder.

The AT&T commercials get dumber and dumber each time. If I never had AT&T before, I would not be persuaded to switch cause of these.

Ian, Verizon's network does not allow it (neither does Sprint). It was part of the EV-DV standard (evolution data & voice) that was replaced with EV-DO (ev. data only).
There is some hackery that supposedly allows simul. voice & data for EVDO networks, but is is horribly unreliable, a bit more involved than a mere software upgrade, and generally not supported anywhere--hence why VZW/Sprint have/had no interest in supporting it.

wow. i really hate luke wilson. something about him that makes me want to punch him in the face. something about that whole smug personality....ugh

Why do people continually bring up jailbreak?
The talk is always about out of the box experience. What Apple gives you from day one. Not what you can do after voiding a few warranties here and there.

Funny commercials that make decent arguments for their own services. Sure Verizon has better coverage, but wherever you get AT&T 3G coverage, the quality is better and you can in fact talk and surf web at the same time, which has come in handy MANY times for me.

In the second commercial, I think Luke should've been eating a banana split instead. It would explain his appearance.

Quote Tansen: "Funny commercials that make decent arguments for their own services. Sure Verizon has better coverage, but wherever you get AT&T 3G coverage, the quality is better and you can in fact talk and surf web at the same time, which has come in handy MANY times for me."
I agree with that tremendously! I use data all the time while on the phone whether it be Twitter or Facebook or sending an e-mail. I agree that Verizon has more pervasive coverage, but I have very few problems with AT&T in my area.

AT&T suffers from the fact that most of the people that write about tech are either in Bay Area, or New York, both of which are trouble spots for AT&T. If AT&T had issues with Dallas and Miami, most of us would never know about it.
Beyond that, for the most part, the Verizon vs AT&T issue is like arguing about which is better, Coke or Pepsi. Nobody is going to convince anybody different, so why troll?

Luke Wilson does look kind of fluffy but I like the commercials. Sock it right back to Verizon. Feels like a political campaign. ;)

I absolutely love getting 4 bars of service and having the call break up and have to constantly repeat things.....that's my fav thing about AT&T.

The first one was better. The second is just stupid. The map falling to pieces, c'mon. They could have done better than that. The Rollover Mom is classic.

Why do people lie like things can't be proven or say things that is incorrect because they're on wifi? The only time on Sprint/Verizon (or any CDMA carrier) that you can talk and use any app that uses data, simultaneously, is when you're on wifi. Using the network (w/o wifi), you can not. Only AT&T & T-mobile 3G (UMTS) can do that.
Also... stop spreading false information. I can "multitask" with my iPhone. It's only third party apps that do not run in the background. And the important ones actually save (cache) where I last left off, so it's almost like it was running in the background.
I can listen to my iPod, go on the web to search for something, go to start an email to paste what I found, then go back to the internet page I left off at to copy something else, pick up the phone and start talking and then finally go back to where I left off in the email and paste the rest and hit send while still talking to "Joe" on the phone.

The iPhone can run up to 20 apps running why I
talk on the phone I have done it alot of

@idavey why not bring up jailbreaking? it is within the realm of what is possible with the phone. this would be like comparing windows to osX and saying "well osx is definitely the better operating system because it comes bundled with safari and windows doesn't".

Jeff said:
"I absolutely love getting 4 bars of service and having the call break up and have to constantly repeat things…..that’s my fav thing about AT&T."
This. Exactly.
Seriously, I have to believe that the folks on here who very vocally don't understand why we complain about AT&T, must either (A) be too young to have had another provider (guessing this accounts for a few, based on the spelling and grammar), or (B) don't live or work in those places where people get sent for and do Big Business.
I get a strong AT&T signal most places I go.
However, I get terrible service in most of those places as well (dropouts, underwater effect, dropped calls, etc.).
About the only place I get good combination of signal and service is at my in-laws, who live in a little town, outside of a larger one.

I actually get great ATT service most places I go, though Manhattan can still be iffy. Iffy is way better than what it was six months ago, though :P.

ok so....If I had the links I would post them but...I dont so bare with me. But I read (and its true) that you can "talk and surf" at the same time on Verizon. Thing is, your phone has to be wi-fi capable, which all smart phones from here on out will have (on Verizon). I was also told that is the same way that the iphone have to use the wi-fi.
True or not true??
Also... If you have an iphone with bad 3G coverage you can answer this...If your 3G service fall to Edge (of course) can you "talk and surf" on Edge??
One last thing..(damn I need that link!!) Verizon's 3G speeds are technically faster. almost double that of AT&T. AT&T's highest speed EVER recorded was higher than Verizon's but most people if any ever get speeds that fast. People refer to AT&T's speeds based on the iphone but actually....its juts that the browser on the iphone is so awesome...its def faster than any blackberry on AT&T!!!

Assuming no Wi-Fi is available:
You can talk and surf at the same time on AT&T 3G (assuming you can talk at all without your call dropping or garbling).
You can NOT talk and surf at the same time on AT&T EDGE, GPRS, or if there is no cellular data provider available. You can NOT talk and surf at the same time on Verizon or Sprint.
If Wi-Fi is available, you can talk on the cellular network and surf at the same time on the Wi-Fi network.

these commercials are getting old. Verizon is smarter at doing this. AT&T keeps making VZW more money by buying phones for its commercials. How many AT&T phones have you seen in VZW commercials?

It's funny to watch AT&T grab at anything they can while Verizon keeps running the same basic principle. There's a map for that. And it's true. I switched to Verizon a few days ago for the Palm Pre Plus and haven't had a dropped call since. It was a daily occurrence with my iPhone.

@ Jack
While it's true that some have problems, a lot of people don't. I have consistent 3G coverage with my iPhone 3GS on AT&T. Therefore I CAN talk and surf. And I do. :D

actually t-mobile's 3g is faster then att and as far as smart phones id say all att has is the black berry bold and the iphone......

So basically the Iphone is for complete retards? "Where are my apps"? Pressing that app drawer is so hard. Of course the app drawer is there so you can have widgets on your separate home screens. So I guess Verizon should run an ad that says "where are my widgets? Where my hi def screen? Where's my 720p Video capture".

Both of these companies have great ads, but AT&T maybe diluting Verizon's claims of the best coverage, by hammering home its lack of talk-and-surf-at-the-same-time. And based on the just released financials, AT&T would appear to be winning with healthy profits and more subscriptions. Further more, none of this Droid stuff is affecting sales of the iPhone. Sales doubled year over year. In my opinion the Verizon/Droid campaign hasn't had any impact on the iPhone/AT&T juggernaut. Now with the addition of the iPad, I think Apple and AT&T have another winner. Only thing left is for AT&T would improve the network to better handle the heavy usage from all those iPhones. To AT&T's credit, no carrier would have expected a 5000% increase is data usage based on one just one phone (the iPhone).

Does the secret switch reveal that the iPhone users are really dumb? That part is annoying where the gal looks up at the camera asking where to find the apps. Agh darn lady, yes you do need Jobs to tell you what you can and can't do. Really these ATT commercials are just getting annoying. What happen to the Apple ads?

"Why do people continually bring up jailbreak?"
That's the typical reaction when you ask how to un-suckify Android. "Oh, you need to root your phone." Ugh. Really? That's just so lame. I shouldn't HAVE to root my phone in order to get stuff to work.
It's not just the iPhone that has this issue.. Android is a big unfinished shareware project.

Being a sprint user I am way more jealous of Verizon's coverage area than I am about ATT's talking and surfing the web bull. I am just saying. If the iphone was on verizon alot of you would swicth to have a bigger coverage area. Also Spint users can roam on verizon for FREE, so we also have the same coverage map for 3g.

She has a BB Storm in her hand and she's asking where all the apps are?!? Right there on the home screen, Blondie. BTW ever compare the download speeds of the AT&T only BB Bold to a Droid, Luke?

Thank god I thought i was the only one ANNOYED with at&t ads . where I live the service sucks at best . Majority of the people here have switched to VERIZON due to poor service and signal fluctuations . Is there some way to get rid of the annoying ads ?

At a recent computer expo (COMDEX), Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the auto industry and stated, “If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving twenty-five dollar cars that got 1000 mi/gal.” :: Recently General Motors addressed this comment by releasing the statement, “Yes, but would you want your car to crash twice a day?”