AT&T officially changes unlimited data policy, will throttle over 3GB

AT&T has officially stated that it will now be throttling grandfathered unlimited data uses after 3GB of usage in one billing cycle. If you have a 4G LTE device, you will now be allowed up to 5GB before your data performance is hindered.

When I was first throttled last month I thought the fair thing to do was for AT&T to set a clear policy and give at least 3GB of data before they crippled my service. Those of us on the unlimited plan pay $30 which just happens to be the same as what those on the 3GB plan pay. So for me, 3GB seems fair.

What do you think?

Read AT&T's full press release below.


With mobile data usage continuing to skyrocket and the availability of spectrum scarce, AT&T, like other wireless companies, manages its network in the most fair way possible so that we can provide the best possible mobile broadband experience for all our customers.

How we’re managing the network only affects a small minority of the heaviest smartphone data users still on unlimited plans. Put another way, this does not impact more than 95 percent of our smartphone customers.

Our unlimited plan customers have told us they want more clarity around how the program works and what they can expect. Here’s what customers need to know:

  • Customers with a 3G or 4G smartphone – who also still have our unlimited data plan – will see speeds reduced if they use 3GB (gigabytes) of data or more in a billing cycle. Speeds will return to normal at the start of the next billing cycle. For context, less than 5 percent of smartphone customers use more than 3GB per month.

  • For customers with a 4G LTE smartphone – who also still have our unlimited data plan – data speeds will be reduced if usage is 5GB (gigabytes) or more in a billing cycle. Speeds will return to normal at the start of the next billing cycle.

Customers will get a text message from us before experiencing a change in speed.

Even with reduced data speeds, these customers will still be able to email and surf the web, and continue to use an unlimited amount of data each month.

Not impacted by this program, launched last year, are customers on our tiered data plans.

The reason reduced speeds only apply to unlimited smartphone customers is because their data usage is significantly higher than those on tiered plans. For example, in January, the top 5 percent of our unlimited data plan customers used an average of over 50 percent more data than the top 5 percent of customers on tiered plans.

Because spectrum is limited and data usage continues to soar, we manage our network this way to be as fair as possible and so we can provide the best possible mobile broadband experience to everyone.

We encourage all of our customers to use Wi-Fi whenever possible – especially when watching video, which is the most data-intensive activity.

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Reader comments

AT&T officially changes unlimited data policy, will throttle over 3GB


Well they are still giving you unlimited data, just that it gets slow after 3 Gbytes. It's all about the $$$$$ for them and unlimited with high usage does not make for those dollars, while those that have a data cap bring in an extra charge each time they go over.
Sad but a court would side with AT&T, they are still offering unlimited, and that is all that matters when viewed in a court room. The speed of that data is irrelevant.

doesnt the term 3g indicate speed? i could be wrong but if it mentions 3G than obviously we know the speeds. they advertise up tp 21gb per sec.

You said the magic words yourself "UP TO" 21Gb per second...they never said it would always be at a consistent speed.

No (but kinda). The reference above is about the amount of data you use: 3 gigabytes (3g or 3gb). Everything you do on your phone, which requires a network connection, downloads a certain amount of data from the network to be used for the specific task. The reference to which you are referring, is "3G speeds," when in all actuality it means that it's the third generation of cell phone signal/data (which is why LTE is being called "4G"). Does that help?
And your "21gb per second" bit IS about speed; but that's because of the "per second" part. That means that your plan would theoretically allow for 21 gigabytes of data to be downloaded per second.... which is pretty stinkin' fast for a mobile phone.

It isn't 21 gigabytes of data downloaded per second, it's gigabits per second. A download speed of 21gbps is equivalent to about 2,682.4 kilobytes per second.

^you're right, I was wrong. It was explained to me incorrectly. However, as the math translates (1 byte=8 bits), 21gbps would translate to, literally, approximately 2.625 gb of data per second (as low as 2.465). I think you meant to write 2,682.4 mb per second (not kb).

Actually, they are not since there is no such thing as "unlimited data". At the average speed of 1,769kbps, if you keep streaming day and night, "unlimited" would translate to about 546 GB per month.
If you're throttled after 3GB, I estimate you will have hard time reaching even 5GB. In other words, AT&T is reducing you to less than 1% of what you were supposed to have.

This is still wrong. The term "unlimited" is coined to mean that you can use as much as you "want" or "need" without worrying about additional charges. That's just a ridiculous comparison.

I wasn´t aware that I was comparing anything to anything. Im´m just stating the facts as they are.
I´m also pretty sure "unlimited" was not coined by AT&T, and that it means "without limit", but your interpretation is fair too.
Anyway, there never really was or never will be an unlimited monthly data plan, that´s just a marketing term for "very large", in this case aprox. 546GB/month. So, as I said, instead of having ~546GB available, you will have ~5GB, or less than 1% of what you had.

Im happy there is now a hard line set. Seems reasonable. All I have left to ask for is a way to tether (non-jailbreak) with those restrictions.

Unlimited = 3GB? I'm so glad I left AT&T years ago.
Before you anti-Verizon guys come in with the speed argument, all of the speed in the world doesn't mean a thing when they cap you at 3GB of it then force you to use Edge.
There is now no advantage to being a grandfathered unlimited data customer. Nice of AT&T to really stick it to their old customers here.

Verizon will soon follow. There is not enough mobile data to go around. The next time you upgrade if trends continue Verizon will have to do the same thing and they will not allow you to keep that unlimited plan. This will happen.

Cool story bro, because AT&T's edge is still faster than Verizon's 3G in my area (East Bay Area), in my experiences with both side-by-side.

Seems fair, I suppose. WiFi is practically everywhere unless you're rural. That "grandfathered in" capped unlimited is going to come to an end eventually, so really, you're paying for a capped plan now anyway.

NO access to wifi at work (9hours a day), locked up tighter then a drum....have to use 3g data to stream music etc.

Okay and just where do you work that you can stream music and videos at work? ever heard of actually working or would that be too much for you to handle? I'm tired of hearing people whine about streaming movies and music, the phones are not ment for that and read Section 6.2 of AT&T's terms of Service, it actually speaks that those apps are prohibited.

I know your not responding to me but I listen to 6 hrs of music a day in a "lock down" and I work for a major corporation. That was a very obtuse and envious statement I am sure. The FTA requires that all advertising and marketing be clear and concise, the word unlimited is defined as having no limit. An iPhone for people who use it to their maximum capacity can use streaming of videos and audio as well as other data using apps for business purposes. I don't think the majority of people on a forum about the perils of AT&T are spending hours streaming espn

It is nice to see that they are making a formal limit though again, this move is merely to appease the bad press they have had over throttling and doing so to people that just cross 2Gb of data. They finally have a point that unlimited users know that they will be charged $30 flat fee regardless of the amount of data but...
...will lose their fast data speed.
I suspect that this is another way of pushing people that were grandfathered onto the unlimited service onto the paid for service, especially if they are in a 4G service area and have 4G capable devices.

Don't sell unlimited if you are going to limit it. Just as I should not have a cell phone if I can not afford to pay the bill. Its about principal.

sigh People need to understand the word "unlimited"
It's not unlimited speeds. It's unlimited data usage, as in, you can use 200MB's or 20GB's and you won't incur any additional charges. NO carrier guarantees speeds or network performance in their TOS or Customer Agreement. AT&T, by definition, is still abiding by the "unlimited data".

Yes, but not really. If a gym was to charge you $100/month for "unlimited" classes, but then limit your entry into the gym to 2x/week once you've hit x amount of classes, then it's not "unlimited". It's not that they aren't providing guaranteed speeds that I take issue with, it's that they are physically throttling your access to their network.
Similar to a gym flipping the "open" sign to "closed" when they see you approach.

Chris, ATT is not saying you can't come into the class (which translates to NO DATA)... They are just telling you that you can't be in the front of the class at all times. ATT allows the data usage to continue (you are still getting unlimited classes without being charged extra). But, instead of being at the front of the class (getting the maximum view and instructions) you will have to go to the back of the class every once in a while (and get reduced visibility to the instructor) because it isn't fair for you to be always in front (getting full speeds). It is only right.

An "unlimited" plan with a speed reduction is NOT unlimited! Unlimited only means one thing: unlimited. Any restriction placed on that plan is, guess what...? A limitation!
This is cynical and cowardly on the part of AT&T, IMO. They don't want to deal with the PR fallout of completely eliminating the unlimited data plan the iPhone was launched with (a MAJOR selling point for the first couple of years, if you'll recall), so they're playing these semantic games ("Silly customer, unlimited doesn't really mean 'unlimited'!"), fabricating "bandwidth hogging user" data, and throttling long-term customers for no legitimate reason.
I'm one of the folks who are "grandfathered in" with an original unlimited plan, and I re-up it every time I upgrade even though I know for a fact I use less than 1gb / month. Unlimited is what I pay for, unlimited is what I want, unlimited is what I damn well expect.
The executives at AT&T get paid The Big Bucks to anticipate the expansion of their customer base and improve their infrastructure accordingly. As time passes and technology/bandwidth improve, we're supposed to get MORE for our money, not less.

PS: This is also the same BS game AT&T plays with their tethering plans. I already pay $30 a month for the data. That's $30 a month for 1's and 0's in and out of my phone on their network. But I have to pay an ADDITIONAL $20 for those SAME 1's and 0's in and out of my phone if I want to tether a laptop? What additional service is AT&T providing for my additional $20 a month? What additional burden am I placing on their infrastructure (keeping in mind I pay for "unlimited" data)? None!

a better analogy would be the gym having a pool. you sign up for unlimited access to everything. But halfway through your contract, they change the rules and tell you that you now have unlimited access, but once you visit us 5 times in a month, every visit after that, you have to wear dress clothes to work out or swim. you still have the same access as everyone else, and they are not charging you any more. But since you cant not dress appropriately, you are not using the service to its fullest.
Sure, you can still swim in the pool every day if you like, but you have to wear a dress suit and dress shoes. no more swim suit for you. You can still swim, but gettting across the pool will take you 3-4 times longer in a suit and tie, then it would in your swim trunks.

I disagree. It's like saying you can come to the gym as much as you want, but will take away all of the weights except for the 5 lb hand weights after your 6th visit. This is only "fair", since you are blocking someone else from using the machines. If you switch to this other plan and pay us additional money each month, we will not worry about everyone else. Let's not confuse this for what it is really all about.
This is a big thank you for your years of commitment to their company. I have stuck with AT&T through many years of spotty service and poor coverage. I no longer have any compulsion to stay with their service. I think with this active change in their policy, the TOS has been broken. Can't wait to see it challenged.

In the state that I live in NYC... We buy unlimited MetroCards to get on the subway. Once we use it, we have to wait 15 minutes to swipe again. It is technically unlimited because we will not be charged any extra money for using it every 15 minutes even if we exceed the $100 value that the card costs. Same with the throttling! it is just Unlimited with a curveball thrown in. lol

Yeah, but the difference there is to prevent fraud. So you don't pass the same card back and pay for the whole terminal to go. Or are you travelling on different subways and having to pay more than every 15 minutes?

@ Jim
Good one. I understand totally. But, I try to look at the bright side since ATT will do its best to keep it the way it currently is. Good analogy!

Think of it like a highway with a speed limit of 100mph... You can drive on it as much as you want despite the fact that you wont always need to be driving at the full 100mph... Now again, isn't ATT "technically" giving you unlimited data?
I am with T-Mobile on a 2GB cap at fast speeds and the rest at slow speeds. I barely use 100MB on the network. My data usage is mostly wifi based.

"Lies, damn lies, and statistics" are in play here, methinks.
For example, in January, the top 5 percent of our unlimited data plan customers used an average of over 50 percent more data than the top 5 percent of customers on tiered plans.
Without knowing the customer breakdown between 200MB, 3GB, and 5GB, this is meaningless. This could mean 7.5GB vs 5GB, or 4.75GB vs 3GB, or some other number. These differences matter if the justification is to preserve the network, though sustained use during peak times is a greater indicator than total use for a month. Even granting AT&T's highest measurement, though where is the logic in comparing an unlimited user to the highest tier to provide justification for throttling, but then throttling the unlimited user when they exceed the levels of the middle tier?
The one plus, I suppose, is that with a written policy in place, we grandfathered users can at least make some better decisions about our data use.
Then again, this is the same AT&T that is in court now over allegations they routinely overestimate iphone data use by 7-14%, and in some cases by up to 300%, including one test where a turned on but completely untouched phone (all location/push/other functions disabled as well) was billed for 2.3KB of data over 10 days. The company has a history of such overestimation on both their wired and wireless networks.

At least they won't get charged for overages like those of us on the official 3 gb plan, they'll just get slower service.

From Meriam-Webster:
Definition of UNLIMITED
1: lacking any controls : unrestricted
2: boundless, infinite
3: not bounded by exceptions : undefined
Seems to me that throttling makes it NOT unlimited. I am grandfathered but I don't use that much data. However, the plan was sold to me as UNLIMITED, not UNLIMITED with a limit.

It's all about semantics, and try as they might AT&T cannot change the definition of "unlimited."

This, exactly. Unlimited only means one thing, and AT&T is WAY out of bounds in trying to change that definition.

"The reason reduced speeds only apply to unlimited smartphone customers is because their data usage is significantly higher than those on tiered plans."
ATT-The Obvious Delivered

I think if they are going to pull something like that to current unlimited users they better offer some compensation, like a free current 4G upgrade. Even if AT&T is in its limits to do a 180 on a contract - a contract that both parties agreed to then what's the point of a contact?? Most people will just jump ship if possible. Nowadays its wise not to anger customers over "small fees"

That's a good question! That prob wouldn't be to bad if I got the new iPhone and it didn't cap until 5gb, maybe they are setting it up to push some of the unlimited users to try and get a lte device to help alleviate the 3G network when possible

Even if it does, it took AT&T forever to get 3G in my area. They say their roll out should be complete by the end of 2013. I promise my area will go live December of 2013.
Verizon is already 4G LTE here. I get a bigger discount through work to go with VZN. I have stayed with AT&T because of my so called unlimited data. Well, June is right around the corner and so happens to be the end of contract. Yeah, I'll be switching.

Wow... after all this time... people are still debating if they are entitled to unlimited data. Sorry... as it turns out... we're not! Our phones are limited, our air cards are limited, our DSL is limited, our Cable Modem is limited. Every person screaming that unlimited should equal unlimited should get ready for more disappointment. It's time to move on. It stinks, but it's reality. Bandwidth is limited to you.

I think that this is unfair they have a contract with these people and they should just cancel the plan and not allow you to re-sign up with the discontinued unlimited plan. As it stands now it is not really fair.

So unlimited subscribers get throttled after 3gb? 3gb subscribers get charged for additional after 3gb. But do they get throttled after 3gb? That's not playing fair ATnT..

I believe someone will challenge this legally. The word "Unlimited" does not mean "Limited". See you in court!

And they won't win. Throttling speeds has never, nor will it ever be defined in the same sentence as "unlimited data". It's a term used to simply state you can use as much data as you want without incurring additional charges for going over a specific amount.
Does it suck? Yes. But no one will ever successfully challenge this in court.

Not sure if you're an attorney, Chris. All due courtesy if you are. I've been a lawyer for some time now, and I disagree with your analysis.

lol, he could be using Mobile hotspot to connect the 5 pc's at his 43GB's in a month is L-----------INSANITY!

While I haven't been throttled I do understand AT&T's arguments for it. But their vague definition of when someone got throttled was extremely annoying for many users I also understand. I hope people will accept this new black and white definition. There isn't enough mobile data to go around. If you want to use a lot it is going to cost you just like any other commodity or service.
Also on that note, IMO AT&T should stop allowing people to carry that unlimited plan and just put everyone on the tiered system. Then no one will get throttled; you will just get more data and pay for it.

Im a little happier. That at least its set to 3 before it slows. But still its unlimited and not limited in situations. They should at least match what other carriers are doing with their unlimited subs. ATT deservers a Law Suit.

Give me a break AT&T! You are seriously the most corrupt mobile carrier on the planet. Wow, thanks for allowing "unlimited" data users the right to use up to 3gb. Please! I am an unlimited user that has used an average of 1gb per month for 3 years! Last month I was on the road more and needed to depend on my 3G service. AT&T had the balls to throttle me at 2gb. Let me tell you something, the speed they throttle you at is worse than dial up. Another words, the data part of my iPhone 4s was completely crippled and useless. If the throttle was still usable, I would be somewhat cool with this, but it's not! How about at least giving us the option to pay more if we go over 3gb? This is still unfair to unlimited users! They should just force all of us onto tiered plans already and put an end to this BS! What a joke this company is. It's all lies from AT&T!

This works for me. Fair, understandable. I expected AT&T to simply discontinue the unlimited plan to avoid the brouhaha. So $30 still gets me unlimited data and no overage fees, but over 3GB just a slowdown. Mostly, my last throttling showed I can do Pandora just fine at 150kbps (the throttled speed measured by FCC App) and get maps, etc. I'll just be sure to not to expect to do any Netflix late in my billing cycle!

Do they say anywhere what the throttling speed will be? I don't think I've seen. So today could be 250k, tomorrow could be 10k.

Still not good enough. Keep on em. This just shows that they know they are screwing people over. Sign the petition at

Edge, 3g, 4g???
I just wish I could get any of those where I live!
And yes, i live in USA.

I can live with this as long as I can move my plan from the original iPad over to the iPad3 next month. I don't think I've ever busted 5GB of data in the two years I've had my iPad, and only twice have I gone over 3GB. I average between 2-3 GB a month, but I like the security of knowing that I'll be paying a flat $30 a month for my service.
I'd be happier if they just throttled me past 3GB during peak hours, but since most of my data is just web surfing and ESPN Radio, I'm not too worried.
Of course, if I can't transfer my old plan to my new device ... well, Verizon here I come! Their signal is 10x better that AT&Ts where I both live and work.

Dude I pads aren't even affected yet. I have grandfathered ipad and tether well over 50 gb a month p2p. Haven't been throttled once. Haven't been sent a nasty email. Would Glady get DSL if I could. Nothing available though. I'm just waiting for the hammer to come down on ipads. I have unlimited on my phone as well which I no longer tether because I received I letter in the mail to stop. So far ipad users haven't been picked on

Ohhhh, So I got my text warning at 5GB. But now I will be throttled at 3GB.
All noted for my small claims court case.

To all you toolboxes defending AT&T you are the few that would defend the terrorists have rights when they are not citizens. This goes to you joe Kerrigan you are paying for 3 g speed AND unlimited data. Case in point the original plan was unlimited data for 20 bucks. When the 3G came out you had to upgrade to the 3G plan (better network better speed) so the unlimited data was 20 bucks and speed was 10 bucks. Your entitled to both.

Not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.
(of a company) Not limited.
boundless - unbounded - limitless - infinite

So does this mean we are out of our contracts? They changed it after all. I have the unlimited plan but dont use more than a GIG. Just upsets me they have CHANGED this. After all, I agreed to UNLIMITED. Not getting what I paid for, using it or not!

Still sucks unlimited should be unlimited not unlimited to a point and then we make it so slow that you can't really use it. It is like saying all the pizza you can eat but after 1 slice we are going to soak the pizza in vinegar.

I have an unlimited plan, have for years and I dont have a problem with the 3GB cap. I have actually never come close to actually using that amount. The most I have ever used was 2.2GB. I am surronded by Wi-Fi so I use that as often as possible. (The term "unlimited" is used often in agreements because it can actually allow for the lines of what is being offered to be changed more easily than having a firm discription, unlimited never really means unlimited)

So do we know exactly what the "throttled" speed is? No where in the article does it mention "kicking you off 3G and putting you on the Edge network".
As long as I can still get 96kbps or 128kbps internet radio streams, i'll be happy. Then again, AT&T speeding up and getting 3G in my area would be better.

Well lets see!!! I have had an Iphone with AT&T since the very first day ... I have always payed for 3G service but there has never been 3g in my area. I have an unlimited plan and I have always used it wisely. Well this is the straw that broke the camels back. I have very poor service where I live but I love my iPhone. If they are going to make an unlimited plan then change it what's next. I have no use for Verizon but they are looking better all the time. AT&T PLEASE TAKE NOTE LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO NETFLIX WHEN THEY PULLED A STUNT LIKE THIS

Still BS. The word "unlimited" by definition means "without limit or restrictions". I paid for unrestricted service and I should get exactly that. I did not pay for "Use all you want at these incredibly slow speeds".

You should read your contract. I am QUITE sure there are many limitations placed on that "unlimited data" (such as, no throttling -- which is a limitation, no?). The problem is people never read their damn contracts and just asume things.

So this has already been challenged in small claims court and the court sided with the customer, awarding them $800+. Instead of bitching at each-other in a forum for epeen, force AT&Ts hand. Or you know, keep being sheep.

That's a good question. Does anyone know the answer to this? I'll cancel tomorrow, if I can do so.

Seems to me that if the FTC weighed in, the basic standards relating to deceptive advertising would weigh in favor of AT&T's customers. We were told that we'd receive unlimited data. AT&T changed that, but deceptively continues to identify their grandfathered product as "unlimited". I gather that the small claims court got it right. Consumers relied on a reasonable expectation that "unlimited" means without restriction. So, if AT&T choses to appeal that decision, I hope it occurs in a California court. We've got a fighting chance for fairness in that state's courts, and with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (if they assert this to be a matter of federal jurisdiction).

Maybe more people should read their contracts. "Unlimited data" has ALWAYS been limited. The real problem is CONSUMER greed.

Just thinking out loud.
At 3 gigs is definitely better than at 2 gigs but still is a limit.
They pride themselves in offering the fastest data speeds, but after throttled your speed will lose the race to a 100 years old turtle. I sent an meeting invite to my wife via calendar on my iPhone at 8:15AM she received the invite at 9:00PM the following day. Yes, is that slow. It's unbelievably slow.
There is no competition. All the carriers end up doing what the other one does, maybe not as good, maybe not as bad but they follow each other's trail. That Sprint unlimited won't last long if people start switching in masses.
They are loosing on texting plans so they have to suck as much money out of our pockets as they can to replenish what they are loosing.
AT&T just gave away about 5 billions since the merge did not come thru. Who ends up paying for that loss? Let me think.... Ah I know, WE, the customers have to pay for that.
The carriers are not competing for customers any more. Those times of offering a better phone and better plans to get your attention are far gone. You know what they compete about? Money, who makes the more out of their customers.
And lastly, unless is something extremely big, no one intervenes for the public anymore. Little by little, we get less and less and the unfortunate part is, it's going to get worst.

When you signed up and got UNLIMITED DATA, you were getting just that UNLIMITED DATA. Not unlimited 3G data or unlimited 3G speeds. If you are on the unlimited data plan, data will NEVER stop flowing to your phone. YES it maybe throttled to a slower speed, but the actual data ITSELF will still be moving to your phone. So YES, your DATA is unlimited. There isn't a limit on the data, but there is a limit on the speed. If a carrier offered you a plan where they guaranteed UNLIMITED 3G DATA. Then you would have a case. But in this situation, no carrier is going to guarantee the speeds you get to your phone. Bottomline, you are still being provided DATA and there is no limit. It even if it's at 2G/EDGE speeds, you are still getting DATA to your phone.

I am most unhappy AT&T decided to put limits on the unlimited plan, if I could get out of my contract, I would. They suck in my area, not that Verizon is any better, but part of the reason I stayed with them was for the unlimited plan. I've never approached the 3Gb limit, but it also seems like the iPhone drops or won't connect to wifi, meaning I'm using more data. Now if, in changing their terms, they gave me a limit of 3Gb AND tethering, it'd at least be acceptable.
Don't just restrict me, give me something in return for the restriction.

That depends on your definition of 'data'. After all, is 1kb still technically data? Let's not be obtuse here, throttling is restricting that which everyone else normally receives, so it's not exactly fair, now is it.
I signed up and continue to pay for unlimited data. That does not mean unlimited data at 56k, that means unlimited data at speeds everyone else receives.
How's that for an easy concept to understand.

Im fine with that. It hopefully means freeing up the network a bit. I dont go much over 2GB each month. well last time i looked anyways. I use my wifi alot though.

Well I left my unlimited plan with Verizon for what I thought was going to be an unlimited plan with AT&T, so now I should be entitled to break my contract with them cause they're not living up to there end of it. And everyone knows you get way better signals with Verizon. My son got throttled on his unlimited AT&T plan last year in Kansas. Since then he is unable to get any signal at his house. We could be in the same room with the same exact phone with the same exact plan and I will have service and he won't. Also when we were driving down the road in the same vehicle I was in the edge roaming and he had nothing. Apple even exchanged his phone for a new one and it's not the phone it's AT&T. I say b******t. I can't wait for my contract to be up to go back to verizon.

I say all unlimited data users hold a "3GB Protest". For one month all unlimited users do their best to reach 3GB.
If the network can't handle it then they aren't living up to their irresponsibility of providing enough to cover what they have sold in the first place.

My data usage has been 3-4GB/month and I've never been throttled. So now I'll be getting throttled at 3GB regardless of whether I'm in the top 5% for my region? I'm thinking far more users will be throttled under this plan than previously...
I get the throttling to manage bandwidth. Bandwidth certainly isn’t unlimited. But it should be a "smart" throttle. As in, only throttle if you're over 3GB and your connected to a cell site that has data contention. If you're connected to a cell site with a low demand for bandwidth at the time you connect, your data should be at full speed. As soon as other, non-throttled users connect and bandwidth needs to be made available to more users, then the over-3GB crowd gets throttled. A throttle like this would be much more acceptable to grandfathered users I think and not harm AT&T's reputation. At least not as much. Unless I'm not understanding this correctly, and the necessity to manage network data consumption is beyond the phone's connection to the cell site.

Like many of the REASONABLE people on here, I agree that people need to understand the difference between "unlimited speed" and "unlimited data". You are still getting unlimited data! Why is this concept so hard to understand for some people? The reality, as people have stated, is that more and more people are using bandwidth. You'll never be able to have "unlimited data" at an "unlimited speed" simply due to technical restrictions. Somewhere down the line you are going to get capped or throttled. With AT&T you are still getting unlimited data...they aren't taking anything away from you. Sheesh. As an AT&T customer I am completely fine with this move. I don't even use close to 3GB of data and I've never been throttled. Sometimes I don't understand how people can use so much data. I never use Wi-Fi, either. I stream music, tweet, use Facebook, iMessage, all the usual things, but the MOST I use every month is 2 GB, typically in the 1.5 GB range.

Most people do grasp the concept of the difference. The issue is ACCESS. If I went to my local grocery store because of an advertisement of a "Buy one get one for free" on an item and discovered when at the check-out that the "Free one" was at another store 1000 miles away, the second item is still free and available but not within reason. My phone is a very expensive clock after I hit 3gb. Grasp that???? I think most pundits on here work for AT&T.

At&t are all about the $$. They will limit the unlimited data plan users but will not put a cap on anyone else as long as they are paying for it. After writing to the FCC for the false advertising with this new throttling, I spoke with a gentlemen who said he was calling from the President of At&t's office(doubtful) but he informed me that anyone on a tiered plan could have and use as much as they wanted... the money they were spending on all of the data would be used to fund research and development to ease the issue at hand! I call bull**** on this one. If they are so concernec about so much data being use then why not cap everyone? All about the $$
I suggest anyone fed up with At&t (unlimited users or not) to go to CHANGE.ORG and sign the petition against at&t. I signed it yesterday and it has had 15000 more signed over night. It may not change everything but it will send a message.

On a related note, Webster's Dictionary has changed the definition of "unlimited" from "no limits" to "3 GB".

Seeing as I've only ever come close to 3gb once in several years, I'm okay with this. The majority of my data use is on wifi and I really doubt I'll do 3GB on 3G alone in a month.
Seems fair enough anyway.

Funny thing is most of the people complaining about this probably never use anywhere near the amount of data to be capped anyway. So they're just complaining to hear themselves complain.

How about taking AT$T in a small claims court in relation to making phone unusable after reaching 3GB. I mean, when throttled can we even use Netflix, Spotify, and other streaming services? One can argue that you want monetary compensation for all apps and games you can't use after being throttled. I mean some online services, games, and apps you can't really use when throtlled. Or are all apps still usable even when throttled?
Cause if I can't use some of my apps and apple or app company won't give a refund cause I can't use the app after throttled then AT$T better give me refund for app and online services for each app!

What I don't understand is why people have to use so much data anyway.. Like if your gonna stream something be on wifi don't hog up the network because you don't have music or videos on your phone.. Put some music on your iPod! Y'all have iPhones folks, I just hate that myself there is no reason why people should be using over 3gb anyway that is more than enough of data to things ON THE GO! watch your movies and videos at home or in a wifi area.. I use less than a 1gb on the 2gb plan and that's plenty for me!! People forget they came up with these phones for ON THE GO purposes, checking emails, searching for locations (places), buying things on the go! Why do you have to watch Netflix or stream pandora on the network that's hogging up the network.. Get off the network with that crap be home for your media purposes!

A novel idea - maybe AT&T shouldn't keep adding new customers when they have limited bandwidth. Oversell your network and then penalize your existing customers so you can add more subscribers.

Go to to sign the petition against this bull **** AT&T is pulling. Last check the count was just over 50000. We need to pass the word on.. May not change a thing but atleast we are not lying down while they walk all over us.

What is next free night & weekends. Are they going to blow a fog horn in our ear after we exceed a certain limit. This is not right!!! I just signed a two year deal with this crappy service. There is a app for drop calls with AT&T. The reason why is because there service sucks. I only stayed with them because I have unlimited data. Now they want to pentalize me or told me I should upgrade to the 5g program for $20. That is CRAZY I have unlimited why should I change. It's all about the $$$.

we should just get all the people together that have unlimited plans like me and plug our phones into electric power so they won't lose power and just start watching videos that re-load...use as much bandwidth as we can and tie up the system...that would be cool...not all the time but just to screw with ATT's system and show them how pissed off we are

Most people do grasp the concept of the difference. The issue is ACCESS. If I went to my local grocery store because of an advertisement of a "Buy one get one for free" on an item and discovered when at the check-out that the "Free one" was at another store 1000 miles away, the second item is still free and available but not within reason. My phone is a very expensive clock after I hit 3gb. Grasp that???? I think most pundits on here work for AT&T.

Its unfair that there able to cycle your data speeds. Bottomline is that if you got into your contract because Att was offering the fastest data available and never stated this data cap was in effect. Then its not fair 3gigs is a joke knowing there selling so much phones with data packages and seeing the technology market growing in the higher amount of use of data. Att and all carriers should have invested more into whatever it takes to stay ahead of the game . If the cellular companies knew that there system couldnt handle what there selling upgrade the system or discontinue data sales till there able to handle the loads. In some cities if big corporations want to move in and proposed there plans to build there buildings cities force corporations to pay for road improvements in the area to control traffic and whatever else may be affected.