AT&T will now let you order online and pick up in-store

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AT&T will now let you order items online and pick them up at a local AT&T Store on the same day. So if you're out of town and forgot a phone charger, or your tablet broke, or you've decided to buy a new device, you can purchase it at home without the need to wait for shipping.

When shopping online with AT&T, choose Store Pickup when checking out. You'll be given a list of nearby AT&T locations to select from. Within an hour, you'll receive a text message alert that your item is ready for pickup. AT&T says that you should be in and out of the store in no time.

AT&T isn't the first to offer in-store pickup for online orders. Electronics retailer Best Buy has been doing this for some time. Rival carriers Verizon and Sprint have similar programs.

Are you glad that AT&T now has in-store pickup for online orders? Sound off below in the comments.

Source: AT&T

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Reader comments

AT&T will now let you order online and pick up in-store


I think this is a good move. I am a T-Mobile customer and I have wondered why no carriers do this. Seems like a time saver for customers and staff.

this article is a little confusing. i'm pretty sure in-store pick up has been available from at&t for at least a year. two months ago i ordered an iphone case they had on clearance and chose in-store pickup, so i'm confident it's been available for several months.

I think that it is now available with all stores and it might have been previously limited to what store you could pick items up at.

I picked up my new iPad Air at AT&T Store in February of this year it was awesome paid for it online went to the store picked it up right away. One great option and I would use it again.

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Not a bad thing if you do not have an Apple store close to you. I also bought an iPad Retina mini online, and picked it up in the store. I ordered the 5S online because ATT ran out the first day. I had it at my door in three days. Did not pay for extra shipping.

I'm against all of this automated crap. The sales commission is robbed from the sales man.

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