Attack of the iClones: Microsoft Unveils... My Phone!

Yep, they're not just iClone'ing phones anymore. The App Store is on everyone's must rip list, and what else? It rhymes with iPhone and works a lot like MobileMe...

According to WMExperts, it's Microsoft's new My Phone (née SkyBox).

Okay, so the name re-un-de-breaks Microsoft's usually mind-boggling branding -- we're guessing it harkens back to My Computer and My Documents of yore -- and including not only PIM data but text messages, photos, videos, and device backup, is something we'd really like to see in the next version of MobileMe.

Our own editor-in-chief, Dieter Bohn, will be live and on location in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, so we expect he'll send back all the details, but with everyone at Microsoft already using Exchange (heck, even Apple licenses it!) we have to wonder where My Phone fits in, what if any similar features ActiveSync might get as a result, and why it is exactly Microsoft insists on producing so many products with more overlap than a hair weave?

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Rene Ritchie

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Attack of the iClones: Microsoft Unveils... My Phone!


Who cares. Untill windows mobile is less clunky I don't even bother with it. Microsoft makes great powerful products but they are just not organized and intuative.

It's a shame they're dropping the 'Sky' prefix. I was so looking forward to 'Microsoft Skynet' :)

Parts of it look nice. If I could get OTA backups (like the iTunes iPhone backups) and restores that would be excellent. It would also be great if I could sync all the files in "My Documents" between all my PCs and my (WM) phone with a cloud backup.
That said I'm pretty happy with MobileMe's PIM sync which is actually keeping Outlook in sync between multiple PCs as well as 3 iPhones and a Mac. Not too shabby!

Didn't the Simpson's use MyPhone as their spoof of the iPhone? What is Microsoft coming to when they have to use the Simpsons to name their product offerings? [Rhetorical Question]

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