Attack of the iClones: It's a Small BlackBerry App World After All! is reporting that BlackBerry maker RIM has finally settled on a name for their version of the App Store: App World.

See, it's not a place to buy applications, it's a planetary system where apps spawn and live SIM lives, and... argh. Who knows?

RIM is expected to spin it 'round their sun some time tonight. Given that BlackBerry's can only store applications on the tiny sliver of internal RAM left after the OS and filesystem have taken their share (estimated to be 50-100 megs as opposed to 7-15GB on the iPhone), it's likely to be a small, small App World after all.

To be fair (not that we want to remove our tongue from our cheek any time soon), RIM has to respond to the App Store, just like Google did with Android Market, Nokia is doing with the Ovi Store and Microsoft is doing with SkyMarket, and Palm will do with the Pre. Apple has again changed the game, and if the other players can't out-innovate, to keep up they must at least replicate.

So, anyone going trade in their iPhone Apps and run back to RIM come launch time?

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Reader comments

Attack of the iClones: It's a Small BlackBerry App World After All!


I think it is humorous how apple zombies get so offended by some other company doing what they do.....even though everything that crap~ple does is a stolen concEpt from other companies.
Multi touch...I could do that on my pilot.
App stores have existed on handsets for a decade now.
Touch screen phones...the prada was the original.
Visual voicmail...stolen from land line services all over the world
Apple has some nerve getting pissy .. And the side stab at the bb apps not having space...lmao
Expandable memory ftw. Get a clue and enjoy ur lockdown hunk of call dropping crap
Storm ftw...join the 3 million state side and 7 million world wide