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A Bluetooth controller fixes everything wrong with the NES Classic

For everything that's great about the NES Classic — and there's a lot that is really fun here — one glaring black mark remains. Or, rather, remained.

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NES Classic is a throwback to the Nintendo in days of yore

For a kid who never had a Nintendo growing up in the 1980s, the NES Classic is a perfect retro console at the perfect price.

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Modern Dad says the Ring Pro doorbell is worth the bucks!

Look, a couple hundred bucks is a lot of money to spend on a doorbell. I get it. But the Ring Pro has absolutely been worth it. The Pro is the best of the best, and I haven't once regretted buying it.

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Make your dumb car smarter with Automatic Pro!

Let's face it: We can't all buy new cars with the hot new tech. A Tesla just isn't for everyone. But we can do a few things to make our older, dumber cars just a little bit smarter. And for that, there's the AUT-350C Pro Gold 3G.

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How your iPhone can help you through hurricane season

Hurricane season is officially here, and your iPhone is now one of the most important tools in your preparedness kit.

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HTC 10 supports Apple's AirPlay streaming standard

A three-finger swipe will stream to Apple TV, or any AirPlay-capable speaker or receiver, without a third-party app.

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LG 360 CAM review: A decent option for 360-degree recording on iOS

Some software quirks aside, LG's entry into the 360-degree video and photography world is a fun little way to show off everything that's going on around you — and it works on iOS too!

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Bubba Watson blasts his way onto your phone with Bubbamoji!

You're Bubba Watson. You already own two green jackets and are looking for a third this week at The Masters golf tournament. So what's next? Bubbamoji, of course.

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Amazon Echo Dot Review: An inch and a half of Alexa may be all you need

Echo Dot is what you get if you lop off the top inch and a half of an Echo. All the brains in a smaller stature, with a smaller price to go along with it.

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How to turn off Twitter's 'best Tweets first' algorithm

Twitter is by default now showing you the "best tweets first." Here's how to make sure you get all the hot takes in the order they were actually sent.

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You can now search for all the things in the iMore Android app!

Our Android apps just got a whole lot better — and we're not done yet!

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Taylor Swift explains why '1989' won't be streaming on Apple Music

'This is not about me,' the musician says as she both praises and chides Apple over not paying out during Apple Music's three-month free period on Apple Music.

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Logitech Keys-To-Go ultraportable keyboard

Keyboards haven't yet outlived their usefulness, and Logitech continues to make some of the best for adding a little something extra to your iPad.

Here we've got a quick look at the Logitech Keys-To-Go. It's a ridiculously thin keyboard for tablets. The one we have here is technically marketed for Android and Windows — it's got a telltale Windows key as well — but it'll work with iOS, too. (If you just have to have one sans Windows key, there's a more iOS-friendly one available, too.)

There are a couple ways to use this keyboard. The sexier of the two is to already have the tablet propped up somehow (perhaps with Logitech's own propper-upper), and then have the keyboard away from the display in a more comfortable manner. We'll call that "future mode." But given the resolution of tablets these days, you might want it closer. So there's a removable plastic clip that lets you stand the tablet up in the usual position right behind the keyboard.

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Pioneer's NEX Apple CarPlay units get a firmware update with various fixes

Update over USB or SD card for the latest firmware from Pioneer for its connected head units

A quick heads up if you're already rocking one of Pioneer's new NEX head units that run Apple's CarPlay or Android Auto — a firmware update is now available for the 4100, 5100 and 8100 models.

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Adobe gets its docs ducks in a row with Document Cloud

Acrobat DC apps for Android and iOS (and with easy syncing for Windows access)

Adobe may have invented the portable document format — that'd the venerable PDF, boys and girls — but for whatever reason its "Acrobat" suite never really had much to do with consumers, and even for biz types it often was easier just to print, sign, scan and send. That ends today with the announcement of Document Cloud, which brings forth Google Drive-like syncing capabilities and the mobile document power we've seen from Samsung.

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Pioneer's AVH-4100NEX CarPlay head unit now shipping for $700

Dumb car stereos are about to truly get smart as the automotive solutions from Apple (and Google) hit the market.

The long wait for the first aftermarket head units that run CarPlay — and Android Auto — is finally over. Pioneer is shipping its entry-level AVH-4100NEX unit for around $700.

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HTC and Under Armour announce iOS-compatible Grip fitness tracker

We've patiently been awaiting the first wearable from smartphone (and tablet) manufacturer HTC. Today, we've got it — and it supports the iPhone.

The HTC Grip is a GPS-capable fitness tracker that's in the same sort of category as the Microsoft Band and entries from Fitbit or Jawbone. (A watch, folks, will have to wait, apparently, though it's not like we didn't see this one coming.) It connects to phones running Android 4.3 and up, and iOS 7 and up, and syncs with Under Armour's UA Record application, which just gained millions of more users after UA purchased My Fitness Pal and Endomondo.

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AOL Mail not working for you? You're not alone!

According to AOL itself and folks taking a look around the AC forums, AOL's mail service is experiencing a bit of an outage this morning. If you can't get to your AOL Mail (a-mail?) on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you're not alone.

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FAA proposes new rules for small unmanned aircraft

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today is publishing new proposed rules for "small unmanned aircraft systems" — commonly (but not entirely accurately) referred to as "drones" — that would require an operator certificate and the user to be at least 17 years old. The proposed rules also would dictate when and where and how such "unmanned aerial systems," such as (but not limited to) the type controlled by iPhones and iPads could be flown:

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T-Mobile taps Kim Kardashian to lead its Super Bowl commercial

Breaking from its new modus operandi of "uncarrier," T-Mobile apparently has gone the somewhat predictable route for its 2015 Super Bowl commercial, tapping often-controversial, always sensation model, host, and reality-show star Kim Kardashian to talk about selfies for 30 seconds of your life you'll never get back.


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