BlackBerry Bonus: TiPb vs. Storm Hands-On

A friend of mine works as a rep for a carrier and so, in the middle of my BlackBerry Round in the Robin, we made a deal: she would let me test drive the Storm and I would let her try out both the iPhone 3G and the BlackBerry Bold (don't tell Kevin!)

Sidebar: She is an avid BlackBerry Pearl user who, disappointed with the lack of current Qwerty hotness on the CDMA side, was very impressed with the Bold. She is also an avowed iPhone hater. Or rather she was. While I don't think Apple's little touchscreen wonder won her over, she was amazed at the apps, especially things like Google Earth. The Storm... suffice it to say she wasn't a fan.

Okay, fine, what was my take? Read on...

First time I picked it up I was immediately unimpressed with the build quality. Again, the iPhone is an iconic, singular slab of glass, metal and it-doesn't-blend composite backing. The Bold, while lighter and not quite as solid, is still a Cadillac when it comes to build quality. The Storm felt cheaper somehow. I'm not sure what gave it that feeling, but it was definitely there.

I turned it on and was greeted with a very familiar BlackBerry experience. I used to dislike the word "experience" in that context -- and it's overused -- but Kevin nailed the BlackBerry model when he said they currently provide the BlackBerry experience in a variety of form factors. You want a front facing Qwerty? Bold or Curve. Candybar? Pearl. Flip? Flip. And now, you want a touch screen? Storm.

The looks was similar to the Bold but stretched out over an iPhone-eque full touch screen display. I'm still not sold on the discoverability (Dieter's word) of their iconography. The neon wireframes take a little while to visually distinguish and remember, especially without labels like the iPhone has, and extra-especially when you can have multiple similar ones in close proximity. The BlackBerry interactive metaphor of select vs. execute translated better than I'd presumed, however, with touch replacing scroll and press replacing click rather intuitively.

Yup, the whole-screen button held together -- in that narrow circumstance. Typing wasn't nearly as as bad as I feared. Actually, having heard so many bad things about it, I ended up surprised at how, well -- not good -- but not bad it was. Having to press down emphatically each time was slower than the iPhone, and did give me momentary pangs of BlackBerry Claw-itis in my forearms, but all in all I think it was an innovative idea from RIM and I'm glad they tried it. No doubt Storm 2 (Blizzard?) will improve on it still.

Where the whole-screen button failed, however, is where it needed to succeed most: the touch. It jiggles and slides around inside the frame. That's stupefyingly incomprehensible to me. I tried playing BrickBreaker and as I attempted to move finger around to control it, the screen moved with me! Not only was this annoying, but it destroyed a large portion of the direct interactivity a capacitive screen is supposed to enable. Total touch fail.

When I laid the device flat on a table and tried to swipe and gesture, the combination of ridiculous teeter-totter speaker-feet and jiggly screen made it all but comedic.

RIM and Apple both make truly excellent integrated hardware and software devices, but have very different focuses and philosophies. The Storm may have been trying to bring the best of both worlds to Vodafone and iPhone-rejecting Verizon, and while I think it's an important first step, needed innovation, and valiant attempt, I don't think the Storm is ready for prime time yet.

Apple built the iPhone OS specifically for touch, and RIM adapting their already dated Java MicroEdition foundations while workable, certainly isn't ideal.

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Rene Ritchie

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BlackBerry Bonus: TiPb vs. Storm Hands-On


Rene, I've been hearing about a lot of users of the Storm complaining about dust getting under the screen, and not one or two specks but a lot. Any there on the device you have there?

It was a brand new unit at the carrier, so it was pretty much mint. I'll go check it out again after it's been used a bit and see.

Also, do you think that it could only get better with fresh firmware? Or is it's hardware mostly to blame for it's shortcomings?

I'm a hardcore BB user and the Storm does not really appeal to me, I'm giving the OS more time to evolve, just like the Bold it will get better with time.

something people probably haven't touched on yet is that the Storm's touch screen works in a fundamentally different way than the previous scroll+click interface. Third-party applications have to specifically support it, or they will probably work very poorly. I say this from experience. (There's also the matter of QWERTY being available in landscape mode, which again has to be specifically supported through the SDK.)
I think this differs a bit from, say, the TouchFLO stuff on newer HTC WM phones, because that adds some functionality but doesn't change the fact that you're still tapping parts of the screen.

have an iphone and i got a storm for work buisness purposes i took it back less than 2 weeks later iam not feelin the click screen at all and DUST yes it gets under the screen and its noticeable but what really did it for me was the click screen its HORRIBLE for text email because you have to click which takes me way longer to text and email on the storm than it does on the iphone or maybe iam just so used to the iphone by now but i totally agree rim rushed the storm and needs to get rid of the click screen asap

As someone who was hoping for some iphone competition, i was and expecting to be disappointing, i was actually and completely disgusted. The device sucks in every way possible. Blah.

man good thing you didnt post that on crackberry's forums, you would be ripped. But as a storm owner, i have to admit, some of what you write is correct. Actually i find typing on the device far worse than you.
I personally would have liked an iphone but just wont switch to at&t. So basically since i have decided its def. verizon, i dont have many options. ya know? i guess its storm till the iphone a) comes to verizon and b) gets mms, replacable battery, copy/paste, video camera. You gotta admit the non replacable battery does suck big time.

I used it and I liked the build quality too but the OS was slow and reminded me of past firmware from Apple that just didn't work as fast as advertised. I currently still have 2.1 on my iPhone (because of tethering and maybe unlocking dreams...) and I still have had signal issues and speed problems, but none even close to the ones that I experience with the Storm after only 45 mins of demoing it in the Verizon store. I believe that Verizon and Blackberry launched the Storm way too early and they should have just waited till after the new year in January so they could bring a great device to the table that Verizon needs BADLY... Also, I think that next time Blackberry decides to venture to the touchscreen side, they should definitely try to at least put a new touchscreen friendly OS that won't lag and function incorrectly like the current OS does.
I still like the Blackberry Bold the most next to the iPhone 3G. If I could flash my SIM card so I could have 2 SIM cards, one in my iPhone 3G, and one in a Blackberry Bold, without losing ANY functionality such as web. I would DEFINITELY get a Bold...
If I had it MY way, I would use the Bold for email, IM, and SOME video watching along with calendar and more business oriented activities, and I'd use my iPhone 3G as the full multimedia rich device that it is. And both of them would get along just great on my hip in their own respective holsters. Ah, if the world was that kind...

@ Mike
I definitely agree with you. Apple should have included those simple features and they should have given their users a replaceable battery because not everyone wants to always have their devices plugged in everywhere they go like I have to. I only hope that the next iteration of the iPhone will take heed to all the people's requests for these simple features be added to the hardware and the software of the iPhone.
And I don't blame you for getting a Storm, I just used it and it's not my cup of tea.

iPhone doesn't need a replaceble battery - just needs to be kept charged. It doesn't need a bunch of sloppy removable parts ruining the design, like the loser devices.

If it had a replaceable battery I'd never switch it out anyway because it's just as easy for me to plug it in since I have a charger in my car, work, and home at all times. Plus it reminds me that I'm using it way too much and forces me to put it down for a while :)
Thanks for the bonus storm review, I was hoping I'd get to read one from you guys after seeing everyone else bash it.

@Mike everyone bash it iam not bashing everyone knows the iphone faults so is that bashing its not go play with it for yourself its a rushed product thats it its all about the dollars $$$$$ and around christmas all the kiddies want iphones and blackberry wanted some of that iphone money so they rushed out a product regaurdless of its downfalls

After my needs changed, I had to buy a smart phone. I needed good support for my outlook email/calander, good web support, a good size screen, and I thought I needed a non-touch screen keyboard for typing fast. I starting looking a month or so before the storm came out. Being a techy and an experienced windows user, I thought I would end up with a blackberry or a Windows mobile phone. My close friends were pushing me towards a blackberry.
The bottom line is that you have to decide on what you want to compromise on. For my requirements, the blackberry bold or the iphone were the best. The storm was too hard to type on. The windows mobile phones I tried didn't have good web performance. It's really nice to have a phone you where you can do pretty much everything with just one hand. For me, the blackberry bold and the iphone are one handed phones! A keyboard which pulls out the side is a bit of a pain, I decided, even though it's what I originally wanted.
I thought the iPhone just wouldn't be hi tech enough or have good enough performance. You can't sell me on hype or something that just looks good. However, I ended up buying an iphone because of its big screen, great touch screen, great web browsing support, and very good user interface. I can type faster on the bold if I type with two hands but I can type fast enough on the iphone for my needs.
I hear various complaints about the iphone but IMO the worst problem is no ability to search through emails. Not having flash player support in the browser is a bummer too. Even the Wi-Fi performance problems, which only happen sometimes, are worse than the non-replacable battery problem. By the way, I felt strongly enough about needing the iphone that I switched from Verizon to AT&T. Good thing my 2 year contract was up.
It's great hearing other peoples comments on phones. They are very similar to mine.

I found this post from an auto-Google Alert email with "BlackBerry" as the search criteria. So, expect the BB-fanatics to chime in.
For me, I'm a four year veteran of the Treo (650 and 700p) and converted to BB (Storm) on Nov 21.
BAD: I miss the QWERTY, plain and simple. But, no-all touchscreen device will ever fix that.
Jiggly screen, yep. It's moves, but doesn't bother me much. I play BrickBreaker and do just fine.
Dust under the screen. Yup, a sh!tload. I'm worrined how this will build up over the next 2 years.
Media player is good, quite good...but should be better for a big screen iPhone competitor. Music player needs skip buttons (for podcasts), new skins, crossfade options.
Browser doesn't render pages fast enough for me.
No WiFi...This really is a showstopper for me. I have poor VZW coverage at home and travel a lot. I use the phone at home. But, I'll deal. Now that the Storm 9520 is coming with WiFi, that really hurts. I know why there is no WiFi on the 9530...because with all the radios (thanks CDMA) there just is no room (physical and virtual) left. Oh well, that's what you get when you want to stick with Verizon, I guess.
OS locks up more than I like. That's fixable with updates.
GOOD: Bluetooth is exceptional for phone and music. Lightyears ahaed of Palm and Apple.
Browser is beautiful. It is a close 2nd to Safaria on iPhone. Now, there are two mainstream mobile browsers that are good. All else is crap.
SureType is good. I've never used it before, but it's become my keyboard of choice on the Storm.
GPS now that it's unlocked is awesome. I bought Garmin Mobile for the Storm and I love it.
Removable (expandable) memory and replaceable battery. I will be upgrading to 16GB mem card soon (bring me to a total of 17GB, and will get a larger battery once they become available.
Issues aside, I'm keeping the Storm. Just note, it is NOT for the old school BB users. It's not for hardcore email/texters. It's great for people who read email/text a lot, but only do a few/short replies. It's quite good for media, and great for expandability.
Since my employer requires me to use BB and suggests see? Though if the Storm 2 has a slider, or if the Bold comes to VZW...I might consider switching. Overall, it's a cool phone with the cool factor. It's just for a different audience than the traditional BB people.

The Iphone had a years more hype and a time to be developed and fixed the iphone is better for any one who wants multimedia without business sence.

You DO realize that the 9520 is for ROGERS in Canada, right? It's not coming to AT&T any time soon.
I disagree that it is not for old school BB users. Rather it just takes them longer to get used to it.

With apps like MobileFiles and FileChute paired with wi-fi, the iPhone is actually the best business phone/tool on the market. I enabled the copy and paste java on my 3G phone as well as a 3rd party video camera that works great. If someone can tell me of any business apps that make any other phone better than the iPhone for business purposes, by all means, let me/us know. Make sure to give app names. Apple is just way way ahead of the game with no signs of slowing down to allow for any competition. No competition.

Yep, I know the 9520 is coming for Rogers. I would have bought unlocked and popped an AT&T or T-Mobile sim into it.
Good to hear you think BB users can adapt. I'll be watching many of my colleagues, as they switch from Curves and 8820's to the Storm. That should be fun to watch. :-)

I got a Storm and love it. I think the iPhone is a better product, but haven't found anything to complain about the Storm (yet?).
Anyway...just thought I'd drop my 2 cents. I think future models will handle all of the problems others are complaining about.

"First time I picked it up I was immediately unimpressed with the build quality." This quote made it hard to take anything else that you said seriously. The build quality is actually very solid and heavy, and feels and looks good. The problems for the Storm are software related. They can be fixed. Yet, the first thing that you noted was poor build quality? Is it ok with you that the Iphone and Iphone 3G are recognized nationwide with having some of the worst rf for dropped calls, lousy signal on both 3G and EDGE, lousy speaker phone, no copy n paste, no stereo bluetooth, no video recording. Are those software or hardware related issues?

Was this review written by a high school student?
I guess once you get an IPhone, you are blinded by it's numerous disadvantages. Funny none of those came up.

As a Blackberry user, I was looking forward to getting a Storm which I received on Dec 2. I played with it for 2 weeks. Despite downloading the first update to fix kinks in the OS, I found the browser to be very slow and the touchscreen frustratingly inaccurate. For example, using it in the full, landscape mode, while texting messages that required characters along the top row, often my fingers would drift into the message body itself. That moved the cursor and I ended up typing over type that I had previously entered which was maddening. The design struck me as a tad low-quality, too. For example sliding it in and out of the slipcase (that I had to purchase separately--it doesn't even come with one) the call hang-up key began to lift up from the phone. I finally gave up, sending it back to Verizon (which credited my account) and I went back to my Blackberry 8703e until I either go for a curve or jump to AT&T and get a Bold.

If iPhone users had 1/2 the functionality of the BB Storm, they'd really have something to talk about.
No professional would EVER settle for an iPhone without having a backup PHONE that actually works. The crippled operating system, the lack of an indicator for messages/emails, etc, lack of copy/paste, and the LOCKED-IN to iTunes ONLY clearly shows that Apple only interest is keeping you nuts in their income fold.
Wise up people. You are responsible for Apple giving you a product like this....

As a storm user since the beginning I've been very impressed with it.
Honestly, the sliding screen doesn't bother me, the dust does, as I'm a clean freak, the os is good, not great.
The main thing that I had to learn is how to use the phone properly. The actual closing of applications was a big big big change for me, I never experienced that before, I figure once you exit your done. But with time I've come to learn to close out apps, and it's really helped the speed on the phone quite alot.
The screen is awesome, so nice and so clear, the touch is ok, with a simple unscrew mod of two screws I was able to fix it quite a bit to where a large click is not needed. The interface is good, not i-phone smooth but good enough. The email system is great. And in general I'm a really big fan.
It takes time to love the thing, the initial look of the unit is very nice, however the initial getting used to it is tough, once done however, I wouldn't really want to ever trade this phone.

I don't think the phone is as bad as you Rene said. Of course we are talking about a iPhone user and for you the iPhone is the only good phone in the market, however, for me it is more like a iPod that makes phone calls and have a bad camera. The Storm is a new device and just like your LOVED IPHONE when it first came out had some problems it will get there, it is NOT a iPhone killer like they said it will be but is a good device and I think it will get better just like your phone got better.
I had the iPhone and I returned it in 3 weeks because I couldn't take it anymore, it was just not for me but I think is a great phone, has great features and for most of the people who has it is a perfect phone and they love it.
If someone would give me a choise of a free iPhone or Storm i would take the Storm. Just because I am a blackberry user and I just love Blackberry phones.

I have noticed that only iphone users give the storm bad reviews and, some how manage to mention that their friends returned their storms or hated it. The storm has beaten the iphone in numerous ways and most importantly this is a 1 month old 1st gen device, so you apple fans are right, be upset, because iphone is no longer the talk of the town.

I agree with tivs31. I am an Apple guy - 100%. But I had changed from AT&T to Verizon 2 years ago because of the absolute lack of reliability where I live. I've watched the iphone develop, come out, piss everyone off, get updated, get a second release, issue rebates for the giant overcharge, and now is on its 3rd large makeover operating system. A little time and its a great phone as I expect from Apple.
When I first got the Storm I quickly became very frustrated. Nothing worked right. Everything was clunky. Its not as intuitive as the Apply or rather it has SO MANY OPTIONS in regards to everything that it literally has taken me a month to get very comfortable with it. And I still troll the forums to learn more tricks. My niece got an iphone for Xmas and my Storm did everything the iphone did and in many ways a lot more. The App store/iTunes monopoly is the iphones biggest advantage over the Storm but lots of apps are coming out and BB is opening an app store in March.
I tell people the Storm is a great phone but you have to dedicate yourself to learning it. Its had 1 update since I've owned it and another is coming out later this month. Each update, like the iPhone, will improve it.

The Iphone is a great device, but I would drain the battery too much with all the third party apps. The Iphone is a Music/movie player, handheld video game, browser, and phone (in that order!) It is an okay phone with really cool bells and whistles. I just got an Itouch instead and Love my Storm (AS A PHONE!). People are complaining about the typing, it HIGHLIGHTS the button that you are about to press before you press it. It is idiot proof. I don't know what crazy gorilla fingers some people have, but do you really think that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get used to.
IMO The Storm got a bad wrap from the get go and it had a hype that would be hard to live up to. Just think of the Iphone when it first came out: It wasn't as good a device, No third Party Apps, people complaining about texting/email (sound familiar?). Plus it was ridiculously overpriced when it first came out. The Storm is only $200 out the door with tax and if you are switching to Verizon it is only $150. For an average price of $175 it is a killer phone for the price. People talk about the Bold and HTC Touch options, those SHOULD be siginificantly better because they cost significantly more. I know I'm shocked too that devices you pay more for, might actually work better. CRAZY!
People usually don't give The Storm a chance and are so quick to judge and jump ship. OH and Enough with the I tried the DEMO AND IT SUCKS. OF COURSE THE DEMO SUCKS!!! TONS OF PEOPLE USED AND ABUSED IT!!! Way more that your phone would be abused. For all you know some kid was in there before you jabbing the screen and trying to lift the buttons off. It is a well built phone and a great Idea/Concept. With time the OS will ctach up and it will be a great phone (NOT A PIECE OF JUNK). Geez people act like it cost $600. It's $200 people. Dollar for Dollar, right up there with the best phones. Just give it TIME!

Here's what Apple is missing for great, fast connectivity.
-Push email set up as easy as BIS or BES.
-Integrated email accounts where you can view messages in one localized inbox, and not have to view each inbox seperately.
-Blackberry Messenger. Pining. If you're not familiar with it, you're not ready to defend iPhone.
-Documents to Go, for Word, Excel and Powerpoint viewing and EDITING. (I know, business people hardly use those 3 applications, so I'll let this one slide... :-/ )
I find it also weird you can only edit Excel in MobileFiles... not Word?
And how fast one can type on an iPhone vs Storm is subjective to the user using it. In all my experiences I've seen people who haven't used either, type faster on the storm and be more accurate, than iPhone users. Just an observation, but maybe if someone is really bored enough and has the time, should test the theory out on touchscreen phone virgins much like the current Whopper Virgin's commercial campaign. :D

I've been a smartphone/PDA/media player addict for several years now and think all the phones mentioned here are pretty amazing in what they can do. Kudos to Apple, BB, and Google for pushing the envelope on converging these technologies and being creative in giving users an unique and useful interface.
Having said that...the sad fact is - I'm not sure there will EVER be the perfect device for me that will keep me happy past the 1 year point. I currently have the AT&T Tilt...which at the time I bought it was one of the best business phones available (for my needs). I've barely had it a year and thanks to the iPhone, Bold and Storm...this thing feels like a brick! Not to mention all the moving parts just wear out after a while (loose slider, battery door falls off). I'm once again in the market for a new smartphone and waited for the Storm to be released before making a decision. It looked like it would be the perfect blend of business and personal function. When I went to play with it in the store I was happy with the build quality for the most part. I appreciate the ability to be able to replace the battery or add more memory. But they had to put that clickable screen on it. Honestly, I could actually type on it better than I expected. However, the first things that came to mind were - How is that movable screen going to hold up? When I saw the gaping crack around the screen, the first thing I asked the VZW rep was "Don't you think dust is going to be able to get into that screen?" If you've ever used a backlit device with the glowing dust particles you can't know what I mean (anyone remember the Compaq iPAQ?). The other thing was the moving screen. How can that thing possibly hold up? I suspect in a few months we will be hearing reports of people having to use transparent tape to keep the screen in place and hacks on how to replace the spring mechanism because it no longer bounces back after you click it. Those were my primary turn-offs. Despite the fact that the OS performance was crap and it froze every few minutes (upgrade fixable)...I thought the device was a pretty good 1st effort in the touchscreen realm.
Right now, my top prospects are the iPhone and the Bold...but since I am a big Google Apps user, I may just try to keep my Tilt taped together long enough to see who has the next Android phone (something not so butt-ugly and without the slide - and will someone let HTC know the 3.5mm audio jacks are the standard now???).

I dont know guys. I have used the Iphone extensively and one thing that I had problems with was the fact that they keyboard was easy to make mistakes with. When I got the blackberry storm and saw that the keys lit up under your finger so you made sure you had the rigth button i was very impressed. The click screen made it a quicker type for me too, because it was more like a regular qwerty keyboard. The look of the storm is great, very sophisticated where Iphone to me is just an oversized ipod, not really an impressive look. A lot of my business associates switched from Iphone to the BB Storm becasue of its business like appeal and becaues after testing it they felt that it was easier in the long run to type longer emails and felt it was much faster. We all had Iphones at one point or another and ditched them due to frozen screen issues, application errors, and overall appearance.
When i was picking up my storm, i was in Verizon and there were two other business men picking up there storms and i asked what they were doing with there iphone and they said that they were converting it into the ipod it was really built to be, wiping out all data except that necessary to run video and songs.
I think that the avid users of the Iphone who just want to pick ont he BB storm because of the "back and forth" that has been goign on are neglecting it only for that reason. I and many of my colleagues on the other hand have put aside what others said and can honestly say that in almost all aspects from a business mans perspective the storm is ifinitely better.
Maybe it is a matter of use issue. I think that we will see that the people who use their touchscreen for media reaasons may like the iphone better but for businessmen and those who use it for personal productivity may see the BB storm a better fit.

Decent review, but I disagree with you when you say the Storm feels cheap. The build quality feels excellent to me and a couple people over at the crackberry forums have reported to have dropped it 5+ feet and it held up like a champ.
Anyway, the phone is not perfect but the OS updates that have been coming out (3 so far including leaks) are improving it greatly. App store in March, New OS's every month + Verizon marketing this thing like crazy now, buckle up iPhone users cause the Storm should give you a run for your money.
Just my 2 cents.

A good read! I always like to hear everyones opinion on both sides. No matter how many people or who actually does a review will there ever be a time where we can actually say one phone is better? Probably is all opinon and much respected on my side.
I am a new Storm user and I love it! I never had my hands on an IPhone and I hope to do so soon. Im am not a pro on the keyboard, but I type pretty quick and well. I am also not a true business man, so everything I use on the Storm is personal. With that said typeing and playing on the storm is my speed! It is perfect for me and as each OS release it gets better and better for me! I have yet to find a problem with the screen, battery for me lasts atleast 48 hours, no dust under screen, the click is perfect and as someone else said it is great to use as a mouse used its double-click.
Im happy that it came out as soon as it did and glad they didnt hold it back to "fix it" prior to release. I rather have a "issue having" storm then no Storm at all!
I just thought I would say something while I was here and I will be returning to check out what you guys have here. Glad to have found this site and may all the Touchscreenian's one day UNITE FOR THE GREATER GOOD of mankind!

  • Latin Thug....SIVLife!!

The iPhone is a great device, but it is a poor business device. That is one of the main areas that is holding it back.
I don't know how you have video and copy-and-paste, but you must have jailbroken it, thus, circumventing Apple's arbitrary restrictions they have placed on the device.
The iPhone COULD be amazing, but for commercial reasons
($), Apple has chosen to restrict it's owners from utilizing the device's potential. It COULD have video, copy-and-paste, MMS, editable Word and Excel, etc. They COULD allow you to sync using other means that iTunes. They COULD update the security and allow full encrpytion and control over content by IT departments. I could go an and on. The operating system is so robust, they COULD do so many things with this phone.
Until Apple decides to release their iron grip of control, however, this will remain a consumer device for games, internet, multimedia and basic consumer email and text.

Having had both the Iphone and the Iphone 3G from day one of both there releases i'd say i have a pretty good handle on the device. I came from the blackberry world before the Iphone as i use my phone primarily for business. When RIM/Verizon released the Storm i decided to give it a try because I have grow acustom to the touchscreen and because i can no longer stand how unbelievably horrible ATT's service is. I had fewer dropped calls and way better signal strength with my original motorola flip phone back in 1997. Well ive had the Storm for a month now and i have to say, all you out there that are having problems with or just dont like the click screen need to give it more than 5 minutes before you form your opinion. I can now type faster and with far less errors on my Storm after only a month than I could ever ever come close to my Iphones after all that time. Mark my words once this technology is perfected you WILL see it on the Iphone, probably before the decade is out.

Am I the only one who loves his Storm? I am not saying it doesn't have its qwurks, but Storm does everything I command it to do. I still use a Curve as well and the line between the two is thin. I hate when people try to make the Storm out to be an Iphone killer. It was never created for that purpose! RIM is merely sticking its hands in all of the wireless cookie jars and it seems to be be feeding all of the various appetites. It looks like Palm is now in the BB competition cross hairs an each generation Storm, Bold, Curve, Pearl seems to get better. Lets not forget the Gen 1 Iphone users hate the damn thing compared to the 3G model. Storm II will be all that and more.

all i have to say is this. if you dont use it for a while and learn it, you wont like it. i really like mine. i like typing on it, and i like not selecting things like i did on my dare and iphone. i would almost take this review not seriously, but hey, it is on 'the iphoneblog' so im not suprised. i wont visit this site again.
one last point, my storm says what the icons are right below the pic, and THEN when u highlight one, it say what it is even bigger above it.
i call total bs on this site

I have been locked away in the Amazon Jungle for a few years and missed the iphone release. So let me get this straight. The iphone was perfect when it launched? Amazing! So it has never been updated to add functionality and fix security issues since then. Incredible!

I got the storm on DECEMBER 17: I must have gotten a different version of the device. My friend got his from Bestbuy the first week it came out: his screen moves, there's dust, the buttons are weird, and all ready you can't even press the screen in on all corners. Very weird.
He tried mine out yesterday: My screen doesn't move at all, there's no dust, and the screen presses evenly at every point of the screen.
Now, I got mine directly from Verizon over the phone. I had heard rumors that RIM was all ready redezigning the device...or that they had to manufacturers making it.
Needless to say - my storm, along with the upgraded demo OS from pretty darn well. Surepress is annoying and i'm still getting used to it. (i'm an ex pearl user)...and sometimes the screen doesn't flip correctly....But I tried out an Iphone for three days before. Service issues aside, verizon is def. better provider and with improved build quality and OS this storm is a killer blackberry.
I've never been one to respond much to my messages. I just want to be able to see them and use blackberry messenger with my friends.
all in all...i'm keeping it.

I've had my Storm for over a month now. I haven't seen any dust under the screen. The battery lasts days not hours. For those of you who can't type on the Storm try changing the keyboard settings. You can make it respond to YOUR typing style.

Traded my iphone in for a storm last week. Not that I didn't love my iphone, just HATED the AT&T service. I Live in Northern NJ and in many areas I just couldn't use the phone and that is unacceptable. I have to say, it took me 3 days to get used to the touch & click down. At first I thought I was going to return it, but now, a week later I love it! Great device, has soo many good features (if not apps) but I never really used many of them anyway. The teathering rocks, too bad I have to pay for it but it's worth it because I get service EVERYWHERE!

the iphone is no doubt the phone-to-beat in terms of design in both hardware and software. i kinda like that the iphone doesn't have all those removable parts, cause frankly, that's probably the reason you don't have all the crazy dust you see with other phones! and dust inside the screen is pretty damn annoying when your outside with the sun glaring at your phone!

I have to agree with JohnnyDepp, the build on the Storm is rock solid. The "build feels cheap" comment soured me on this review. Of course the screen moves it has to or it couldn't click. I remember hearing one user say that he didn't like the Storm because he had to click it?? WTF how could he not have known that before he bought it. Anyway, the OS on the Storm is the BB OS. To change that would make it well... not a blackberry. It could be flashier but it doesn't need to be. They do have to fix the lag issues and do something to get the browser running more smoothly. Some of which they have already done. But to criticize it for looking the way it does it rather ridiculous. Another part of his review I didn't care for was his comment about typing while the device is laying flat. Who does that? I meen really use it like that. Yea every once in awhile I will, but I have never seen anyone really use it like that. Oh yea just because I am on the IphoneBlog, I would just like to say that since I first picked up my Pearl last March, I can't count the number of Blackberries I have seen and 4 of those were Storms. Number of Iphones seen, 3. Yep just three. Heck even my cousin who after I showed my Pearl to, said that he didn't like PDA phones, has went out and picked up 2 Curves, one for himself and one for his wife. So there IphoneBloggers take that.

One more thing before I head on back to Crackberry land, I do like the Iphone. It is a great phone, I had a hard time typing on it, but hey thats just me, I like having to click the screen on the Storm makes my typing more accurate. I might have switched to the Iphone a year ago if it had made its way to VZW. AT&T is just to unreliable.

Thank You Valace2. I HATE it when people make the ridiculous comment that "Until The Storm gets rid of the click, it will not succeed." THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE PHONE!!! It's like making the multi-touch on the Iphone be just an option, where you could turn it on and off. Geez do some research on a phone first. The push and click is AWESOME!!! Everyone that has used mine is completely envious. Except for Iphone users of course, who are, SURPRISINGLY, used to using and Iphone.

I have the Storm and love it. I would like to know how the battery lasts 'for days' and not 6 hours (which is how long mine lasts). I am careful about closing out applications.

Well, maybe not 6 hours, but by the evening I am way down. The other complaint I have is the wayward screen, put it down ever so gently and it changes orientation! A little matter, but aggravating just the same. (I also have an iphone3g, and altho it is a much better phone since the upgrades, it still craps out on me every so often, always when I'm reading something really interesting...

i am a hardcore bb user as well as some others but i dont hate on the iphone.. instead of trying to convert my family i actually bought my dad a iphone over xmas and find myself playing with it from time to time.
i do however agree with this blog largly that the storm is not a very great device. when i was switching providers off of tmobile i had a choice between the verizon storm and att bold and i went for the bold as it had a much better feel.. the whole clicking the screen thing felt flimsy to me and the phone over all is just not up to par with that of the iphone or the bold.

There are quite a few people who claim to have bought the Storm and returned less than a week or so later, as if that is an indication of how crappy the phone is. "I bought a Storm and then returned it 30 mins later! It SUCKS!"
I would much more inclined to listen to the opinion of someone who has had the phone since November than someone who decided they didn't like it before they even learned to use it.
I myself have loved the phone since day one.

got a Storm as soon as they came out. I was luke warm at first, and yes there are some issues with it. However, the more I use it and get used to it, the more I love it. As with any smart phone, there is always a bit of a learning curve, the same is true w/ the Storm.
I love the browser (didn't at first), and typing on it isnt as laborious as some say...again, there is a learning curve.
My biggest complaint is that it sometimes locks up. I do a battery pull, which fixes the problem but takes a little longer to reboot than I like (Pearl rebooted much faster).
Overall, the few little quirky things are FAR outweighed by the things I love about this device, and like everybody will only get better. BTW, I think the iphone is very cool (just ordered a touch for my wife and myself), but I have lots of friends/relatives that have them, and there are just as many quirky complaints about it as well (different complaints, but complaints none the less).
For me, it comes down to this simple difference. iphone is better for apps(way better) and web browsing(only by a little). Storm is better for messaging/communication (way better) and has better coverage as far as the phone is concerned.

It just takes time to get use to a new blackberry design, there was people complaining and crying when blackberry went from the track wheel to the track ball interface, or when they went from full keyboards to suretype keyboards it is just another new inovation from blackberry and once people actually learn how to use it then it will be adopted more, when they went from 7700 series to 7100 series people complained, when the went from 8700 series to 8100 series people complained. No that they are going from 8300 series to 9500 series people are complaining as well but yet they still continue to sell blackberries.

I've had the bb storm since day 1. and i will be honest. i was giving it a week or two and then maybe take it back. at first, it was hard typing on it. but then again, wasn't it hard on the iphone at first? i know the first time i text on my friends iphone, i hated it. but im sure it just takes some getting used to. RIGHT? yeah, the bb storm LAG at first, and that was really annoying, BELIEVE me... it the point where i was gonna return it. but RIM relasesed the updated OS. and BAM, its alot better then when i first got it, but still has room for improvements. BUT it still helped out a WHOOOLE lot!!!!!! it was very noticeable how much faster it responded. i can go on forever on plus and minuses of both the storm and iphone. wait i will...
first released, what 400 or 600$$$$
2mp camera? and no video?
no flash
8gig 200$$$
16gig 300$$$
battery, ? ??
cant txt in landscape mode?
those are some of the faults i found with the iphone,
but i will be honest, iphone has some positive points also, like wi-fi,,,thats almost more than enough for me...
bb storm
3.2 mp camera.
video camer, flash, auto focus.
text in both portrait & landscape mode.
battery is replace able...(for some reason, i like that)
NO wi-fi???? WTH???? lol, but it was ok with me as long as i can get on the internet via 3G.... lets be serious, how many people really surf the internet all day on their phones.....i know i dont, though im sure there are people out there that does...
those are some of the reason i compared them too.
i cant think of anything els, since its the first morning of 2009 and im on my 4th glass of
i will be honest, i wanted an iphone, but was not gonna pay 200 to 600 and switch to AT&T. i not a fan of AT&T. didnt have a good expeirience with them. Verizon has been great. it was a toss up between the T-mobile G1 & the STORM. but thats another story.
bottom line, we shouldn't bash (but people always do)
even though i have a storm, i still have respect for the iphone...but i still love my STORM. seriously folks, both phones still have room for some improvements.
i guess its what ever......

I just wanted to comment on something. I am a storm user and after a month of growing pains I love my phone. I really do. The reason I got a BB and never got an iPhone was the fact I could not get work emails on it. And since this is my work/personal phone I need to be able to use it for actual work. I do not dislike the iPhone. I have nothing against it. I think for what it was intended to do, it does very well. I do dislike most of Apples monopolizing proprietary attitude when it comes to hardware and software but that is something different all together. The biggest issues I ever had with the iPhone, besides Work email support, was its lacking in the ability to add more storage capacity and to replace the battery. I am not even going to bother with the whole storage thing... But the battery I will.
Steve said...
iPhone doesn’t need a replaceable battery - just needs to be kept charged. It doesn’t need a bunch of sloppy removable parts ruining the design, like the loser devices.
OK yes the iPhone needs a replaceable battery. Are you aware when Lithium-Ion batteries are manufactured before they even take their first charge their performance starts degrading? From the minute it is manufactured. Were you aware that Just storing the battery... not actually using it and causing heat in the battery to also degrade performance but just putting the battery in a box on a shelf in a room that is kept at 77 F in one year it loses 20% of its charging capacity? 20% so if you take a brand new l-ion battery just off the manufacturing floor, stick it in an iPhone. Turn the device off. Put it in a closet in your house for a year. and you lose 20% talk time usability in your phone permanently. To let you know how much time that is... the general performance stat is 8 hours of talk time, 480 minutes. 20% of that is 96 minutes so for every year you own that phone regardless if you even turn it on you are losing roughly 1.5 hours of talk time a year. and if you are actually using the phone you can raise that figure because the hotter the battery is kept and stored the greater the loss of charge capacity. so you can expect out of normal usage to lose 10-15% of battery charge... on top of the 20% you are already losing. so 30-35 percent or 2.4-2.8 hours a year of talk time... and that is if you only use the phone and store it at 77F any hotter and you lose more.
So how again does it not need a replaceable battery? Oh yeah because sure you will only be able to use it half the time you originally were after owning the phone for two years but it is all pretty so that makes up for it... I forgot.
Forgive me for believing in functionality over aesthetics, but I will be more than happy to use my “Loser Phone” with the ability to swap out batteries and keep going when I am not in a place work wise to actually charge a phone. And Hell, be able to just replace them when they are not keeping a charge as well. But you are right… your phone is really pretty.

The storm is my 3rd BB to date. In the past I had the 8700 and the pearl. Ill admit, when I first got the Storm I was a little disappointed... But after the OTA update and some time with it, I don't regret for a second switching carriers to get it. With the launch of the app store it will be able to compete with the most talked about feature on the i Phone
Get the storm or bold.

Something interesting about typing on the Storm, when in landscape mode, you should be using your thumbs. I don't know how most iPhone users type, but my friend types on his iPhone with one finger and he's pretty quick. Typing on the Storm with one finger is not going to work. Somehow they made the key bored in such a way that the letters are expecting to be touched from an outward angle. It's really weird but once you realize it, typing isn't all that hard. The clicking does seem to slow me down a bit, but I make less mistakes that I do on an iPhone.

Oh yeah, and one thing where the Storm beats the iPhone is with the Youtube app. It doesn't come with the phone, but you can get it from a list on, but ít's very nice, you scroll through the videos at the top while in landscape and see an explanation of each below. I like it much more than the iPhone's Youtube.

And the speaker is much louder on the Storm, put it on full volume to watch the Babylon AD trailer that comes on the phone, and you'll think you're in a movie theater. Very nice. Sorry bout the triple post.

I will be honest, I used to be one of the biggest iPhone Fanboys out there. I loved the iPhone and all the apps available. However the iPhone is at it's full potential. I too borrowed a Storm for a week from my good friend who is a BlackBerry lover. He had the new leaked OS on the phone and all I could see was huge potential. I know this might be disappointing to my other iPhone Fanboys, but the storm is better. At first I felt the screen would be crappy because of the click as well as the small movement it has, but the movement is so minimal and the click makes sure your clicking the right links or letters. The OS is still buggy, but it will improve greatly with a couple more updates. If your main focus with your mobile phone isn't music the storm is the better device. It definitely hurts me to say that, but when my contract is up in May I might be switching to the storm...I can keep going on, but it hurts as a Fanboy.

we all know that the storm is a far superior device. the iphone is terrible and has been from the start and it is quite annoying how you people could be so obsessed with such a terrible device. try the storm for two weeks and actually try to learn how to use the screen. you'll piss on your iphones after you see how much better the storm is. as for the apps, the iphone is currently ahead but once the app store for RIM comes out in march it will completely obliterate apple's store.

now that apple has un-DRM-ed its store, the storms multimedia is now far advanced to the iphones. the iphone sucks compared to the storm, get over it.

I'm looking for a smart phone and after reading all the comments above can only conclude one thing: both are great phones but offer different advantages. But one thing I personally can't tolerate are first generation bugs - so that for me rules out the Storm. On the other hand I've heard that AT&T drops a lot of calls - that also is unacceptable. Based on the data/reports I've seen so far I'm leaning towards the iPhone - the tipping factor? Customer satisfaction.

In fairness to the storm I thin a lot of opinions here are subjective. Many people say the click screen makes it tough to text or it sucks. But keep in mind you all have opinions based on having iPhones. If I were not an iPhone user and came here looking for blackberry storm info I would be disueded from purchasing one. Yes the iPohone is a much smoother operator but I do not think that negates the storms strenghts? No not at all. I happen to love the click screen it gives me the feeling of actually doing something and once you get used to it it's a breeze. Now most people say, oh the brought it out too soon, hello the first iPhone was almost 3x the money and introduce on the old edge network which AT&T was phasing out for 3G. One could say the same for the iPhone. I happen to love the phone and only have the usual complaint of the interface being slow from time to time but I enjoy the click screen and have no idea how or why people have dust under their screens. I've had my phone since it was introduced and I've never had a dust issue. I sue it for business and for play. I guess I would have one more complaint and that's there arent enough apps out there yet. But when the iPhone was introduced the same rang true so I'll be patient. I think you should judge for yourself but if you own an iPhone I wouldn't really make the switch unless you get to experience one and get used to the click screen on the iPhones touch only screen.

Storm is soooooooooooooo much better. Texting on the iPhone is so hard you have no idea what your finger is Touching (not pushing like on the storm) that you end up texting a bunch of crap. Also On the iPhone theres no landscape view it makes your phone look like a brick! And whats up with all those apps? They just waste all the battery. The battery isnt removable? That just sucks!
Overall the blackberry storm is much better for both bussiness AND personal life because you can actually recive emails unlike with the iPhone.
I also think we shouldn't compare these phones they are great in their own way. Some people like the iPhone Others (like me) LOVE the Storm. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME PHONE EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT

Ha ha....i Cant believe i read all 70 comments and even more surprising i wish there were more.
I own the Storm. I see a trend with the haters, they returned it after about 2weeks. my wife and i both agree that we Triple Hated the phone the first 2 weeks. We are both happy now that we kept the phone. I will admit i am still jealous of the iphone users...but i have never used one so i dont even know what i am missing...i am not under a rock here...i know the apps on iphone are more abundant but i own a PS3 and thats where i have my fun anyway...(Man, i hope i didnt start a PS3/360 debate) anyway i just downloaded the IVISTA Theme and it is seriously awsome.
I talked my wife out of our T-Mobile contract just to go to Verizon...i hated T-Mobile so big Kudos to you Verizon
I can hear you now!!!

I haven't owned an iphone, but i just bought a storm yesterday due to the fact they gave me one for free (if i payed for tax and $50 for accessories, which includes a bluetooth, chargers, silicone case, etc.) I had to pass on iphone due to the fact that video and picture messages were out. The storms problems so far for me are that i can't get it to hold a charge, and even when it's plugged in, it says battery low and disconnects me from phone calls and wont allow me to browse web, etc. All functionality is lost. I read you have to "supercharge it" which apparently means charge the thing all day for 3 days, and they use old tech for the battery. It also freezes allot and this pisses me off. I need to figure out how to update the phone with the little updates that they have made, but I have to get my phone working before i can do that......

also, I like the touchscreen for texting in landscape mode, by pushing on the screen it seems to prevent me from touching the wrong letter and accidentally typing it, but maybe i would get used to the iphone version and just become meticulous and get used to it. Im not sure.

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