BlackBerry rolls out iOS support for BlackBerry Enterprise Service

Back in May, we heard from CrackBerry that BlackBerry was getting closer to releasing their Secure Work Spaces for iOS and now, it has finally come out of beta and is available through their BlackBerry Enterprise Service. Not unlike BlackBerry Balance for BlackBerry 10, Secure Work Spaces offers a solution for managed applications so they can be secured and separated from personal apps and data.

Through apps provided as downloads on the iTunes app store, the service offers functions functions such as integrated email, calendar and contacts, an enterprise-level secure browser and secure document viewing and editing.  As for IT admins, they only need to worry about one management console for all devices running on their network, be it iOS, Android or BlackBerry.

You can check out the video above to see it all in action or if you're looking to learn more about BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, you can visit the BlackBerry website.

Source: CrackBerry

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BlackBerry rolls out iOS support for BlackBerry Enterprise Service


So does this mean that instead of needing a third party mail app (Good for Enterprise), my company could roll this out and we could use the native mail/calendar/contact apps?

EDIT: Nope. You end up using a BB App instead of Good.

NOTE: the video covers the whole article in the iPhone app. Had to use the share sheet and go to the mobile web version to read it.

What's up with the video in this article? It covers the whole screen no way to read it here. Please fix.

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