BlackBerry Secure Work Space coming to iOS and Android

BlackBerry Secure Work Space coming to iOS and Android

Blackberry recently previewed a service called Secure Work Space which aims to bring a BlackBerry Balance like feature to iOS and Android. Basically, you'll have secure applications for productivity apps such as email, calendar, and tasks. Employees that are part of a BYOD initiative would be able to have separate personal and business apps on one device if using Secure Work Space.

According to CrackBerry, the service will be managed through BlackBerry Enterprise Services 10.

BlackBerry has long been praised for their security features and bringing it to 3rd party devices makes it easy for IT companies who are already familiar with BES to implement it on almost any device an employee may have even if it isn't an actual BlackBerry device.

Source: CrackBerry

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Jaguarr40 says:

I just suppose if I asked myself why? I wonder how many IOS and Android users would be receptive to the use of BB applications or firmware on their devices.
It is difficult for a die hard IOS user to change to something especially where a great many of us are ex-BB users to begin with.

henrymagnusrex says:

Probably more to encourage IT and businesses to adopt rather than general consumers. Knowing that your employees will have pretty robust support from blackberry no matter what platform they use will make blackberry much more attractive. As well, I wouldn't be surprised if as people use it, and if it is implemented well, it ends up driving some fraction of users to blackberry itself.

smartt3ch says:

Companies can now be Blackberry, iOS, and Android! Innovation is still appearing!

metllicamilitia says:

I will check it out, sounds pretty cool

iSRS says:

I wonder if this is more a response to Good for Enterprise than anything else. We are BYOD and if you want email on your phone, it is through a good app which the company can't lock you out of. Access to corp sites etc. is through Citrix Receiver.

vianar says:

Great option. I saw a video on this a few months back and looks like it works really well. We need to protect the our data and this is a good option for the BYOD group.

Rowanova says:

I love the concept of this. Is it, or will it be possible for small businesses, or solo freelancers, to accomplish this? I'd love to be able to "turn off" work in the evening and weekends and then "turn it on again " during business hours. I'd pay a fair price for this luxury.
A separate phone number for each would be great too. Just my 2 cents...

henrymagnusrex says:

This is an interesting play by Blackberry. Where Apple has thus far been highly protective of its 1st party services (imessage, facetime, icloud, etc.,) and Android manufacturers do the same, locking their differentiating services into only their devices, blackberry seems to be opening up to cross platforming their stuff. Wonder if they will go so far as bb messenger.

I think its a smart move. They are later to the game and have to pursue a strategy that is unique. They can't play the same way apple and android manufacturers play. Will be very interesting to see how this works out for them.

shinuyuki says:

That's interesting. They are trying to grab some of the iOS and Android users who are on the fence of which new phone to buy; however, I do not believe Blackberry will be completely open. They will give a little bit to iOS and Android as a teaser to bring people back to Blackberry. Personally, although I doubt it will happen, I would love to see BBM on iOS and Android.

Their current strategy is coming together really well. I'm looking forward to their growth to stimulate competition.

wscotchmer says:

Posting doesn't seem possible on this article... throwing an error...

wscotchmer says:

Weird, doesn't let me post what I want to post. Oh well. Guess my comment is deemed "unacceptable". Hahaha

ljpuk says:

Looks to be a smart move. With not a lot between the platforms having a service that works across them all is the way to go.

Clyde Magee says:

Looks interesting. I wonder how much control it will give the business owner over other content you can have on your device?

Terrigno says:

Speaking of Blackberry. What ever happened with the case for the IPhone that has the BlackBerry style keyboard?

ern741 says:

Color me intrigued. Sounds like a good idea for Blackberry. Just have to knock it out of the park.

AdrianGabeChen says:

since so many people bring their own devices this is great news. let's hope bbm will be multiplatform

36dbldz says:

Definitely a great move for bb as more people have iPhones, but will iOSers adopt it?

SmallCoinGaming says:

RIM CEO: "Let's make something completely similar to the iCloud, and add some simple features to it...and then call it something catchy and interesting. It'll be like we actually did something! It will be great!"
Customer: Wow, this is way better than anything ever invented. SAID NO ONE EVER!

Electricoptics2 says:

Ive always been a huge blackberry fan, im glad people can recognize blackberrys strongpoints instead of dismissing them like some sort of sub par product.