Breakdown: Verizon's new data plans

If Verizon's new tiered, capped data plans make the kind of sense that doesn't, don't worry -- Phil Nickinson from Android Central has broken them down for us. Check out the chart up top for the details, and here are the bullet points:

  • If you have Verizon's $29.99 unlimited data plan, you'll be able to keep it after July 7.
  • You'll also be able to keep the $29.99 unlimited plan when you upgrade to a new phone. (No word on if there's a pricing difference >- or when that policy could change.)
  • If you add a line to an existing account, you'll not be able to chose the $29.99 unlimited data plan.
  • If you're a new customer between now and July 7, you'll still be able to choose the $29.99 plan.

Check out AC via the link below for the full set of leaked docs and emails, then come back and tell us what you think of the new rates.

[Android Central]

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Reader comments

Breakdown: Verizon's new data plans


Am i reading that right? I will be able to keep my unlimited plan in a year when my contract expires?

I think so, can someone verify this? How about if 2 vz customers on different accounts wanted to form a family plan?

I really think Verizon is taken this too far... Can u really believe that they would go this far as to raping their customers pockets in this manner... Don't get me wrong I think there service is great and there CS is outstanding but COME ON!

And the iPhone effect comes home to roost. Everywhere this phone goes data prices go sky high. It happened to us at AT&T. Join the club Verizon. Only the more advanced international carriers, that have truly advanced networks, unlike our ancient tech used in the us, have held their ground on fair treatment of their customers without outrageous profiteering.

This is so much crap. This won't effect me because I have unlimited but I use 10+ gigs a month. They are going to hurt them self in long run. Because other provider will have at least 5 gigs for 30 dollars

see the problem with that is, customers who DONT live in a 4G Area, but still getting 4G phones. Remember the backlash Sprint got for that $10 surcharge for the Evo? Whether you lived in "4G" or had to pay it. Verizon would fall under the same boat there.

does anyone actually pay $15 extra for "business email" (exchange email)? this is actually worse than the tethering nonsense.

Think the only people that actually do are the ones on plans through their employers. I very much doubt there are many if any that do so on their personal plans.

You are forced to if you have a specialty email address, like other than yahoo, gmail, ect. My husbands email is his name @ his personal business and he is made to pay for business email.

I hope he doesnt pay out of his pocket it for it. The company should. My dad works for Trane and they pay for it. That really sucks if he has to pay for it himself.

Wait , did that say 75mbs,.75mbs!!!!!!!!!really? Wtf
I loved my iphone, loved it, but these data plans have become a joke.
I need data
Thats why I left my iphone and got a lg optimus v on virgin mobile.
Unlimited data
Waiting on the motorola triumph to come out.
When it does,....WINNING

Here's a random question. A friend currently has a Blackberry unlimited data plan for 30 a month, and cannot upgrade to a new phone until November. She definitely wants either an iPhone or an Android phone. However, in Verizon's system, the Blackberry data plan has always been different than other smartphone plans. Will she be grandfathered into ANY unlimited data plan or just the Blackberry plan?