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iMore show 316: Apple, Google, and Maps

Rene talks with MG Siegler of parislemon and TechCrunch about iOS 6 maps, Apple and Google, how they handle media and public perception, and their relationship past, present, and future. This is an iMore show special edition!

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Unprofessional #7: Bamf or Snikt

Dave Wiskus and Lex Friedman were kind and foolish enough to invite me to join them on their Mule Radio podcast, Unprofessional. We were bound by law not to discuss iPhones or iPads, which meant we kept trying to discuss iPhone and iPads using thinly veiled analogies to martial arts, movies, TV shows, and comic books.

It's short, bitter, Bane-ish, profane, and totally unprofessional. Check it out.

Listen: Unprofessional #7: Bamf or Snikt

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iMore Show 315: iPhone 5 review

Rene reviews the iPhone 5, from the 4-inch screen to the Apple A6 processor to LTE to iOS 6 on the tall screen. It's everything you need to know about the iPhone 5 in one hour! This is the iMore show!

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iMore show 314: iOS 6 review + iPhone 5 buyers guide

Rene and Seth review iOS 6 maps, Siri extensions, Passbook, and Guided Access, and go over the iPhone 5 buyers guide, including color, capacity, carrier, and more. This is the iMore show!

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iMore show 313: Smartly compromised

Rene talks with Guy English of Kicking Bear and the Çingleton Symposium about media bias, Apple's iPhone event, and the ramifications of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 in the gaming industry and more. This is the iMore show Sunday edition.

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Iterate 29: Esmaeili

Marc, Seth, and Rene talk about the Amazon Kindle and Nokia Lumia events, 4Cast.me, and Retinizer, and interview M.Saleh Esmaeili of Carbon for webOS, Windows Phone, and Android fame. This is Iterate!

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iMore show 312: iPhone 5 event analysis

Rene and David Barnard of App Cubby talk Apple's iPhone 5 event, from Mac and iPad numbers to the iPhone 5 hardware, iOS 6 software, iTunes 11, and new iPod nano and iPod touch. This is the iMore show! 6 likes, 10 dislikes

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