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Debug 2: Paul Haddad of Tapbots

Guy and Rene talk to Paul Haddad of Tapbots about coding on NeXT, deploying Tweetbot and Netbot on multiple platforms, for multiple services, pricing for scarcity, in-app purchases, push notifications, iCloud sync, and his beef with AppKit. This is Debug.

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iMore show 327: Guessing games

Rene Ritchie and Jim Dalrymple talk about the differences in approach between Microsoft's Surface and Apple's iPad, Android marketshare vs. iOS usage metrics, and the future of Apple's services. This is the iMore show.

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Iterate 34: Bischoff and Capps of Lickability

Marc, Seth, and Rene talk sub-pixel anti-aliasing, return to 1080p displays, and interview Matt Bischoff and Brian Capps of the New York Times and Lickability.

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MacBreak Weekly 326: It All Comes Down to AC/DC

Andy Ihnatko takes the big chair this week, as Leo Laporte is still cruising down under, and talks iMultitouch on MacOS, how iCloud is working out, how committed we are to Mac, and more, with Chris Breen, Tonya Engst, and yours truly.

My pick of the week was Kaleidoscope 2.

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iMore show 326: Because Apple hates you

Rene Ritchie is joined by Mobile Nations chief media officer, and Crackberry.com founder, Kevin Michaluk to talk iPhone 5 in a world where, following the launch of BlackBerry 10 in two months, Apple will have the oldest platform in mobile. This is the iMore show.

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MacBreak Weekly 325: Calm Down. Have a Cookie.

Sarah Lane once again fills in the cruising Leo Laporte, and talks iPhone 5s rumors, the future of the iOS Home screen (Springboard), HTC and Apple's patent deal, and more, with Andy Ihnatko, Jason Snell, and yours truly.

My pick of the week was Clear for Mac.

And if you were wondering what I was talking about in regards to Springboard, make sure you listen to Debug.

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Debug 1: Loren Brichter of Letterpress

Hey, we have an all-new podcast! It's called Debug. I'm co-hosting it with Guy English of Kicking Bear. It focuses on development, especially iPhone, iPad, Mac, and game development, but we'll be covering other platforms as well. Where Iterate is all about designers, Debug is for developers. Think of it as director's commentary for your apps! And we managed to score a seriously special guest to help us kick off. So without further ado, here's s01e01:

Guy and Rene talk to Loren Brichter of Atebits about working on the iPhone at Apple, Tweetie at Twitter, and now Letterpress on his own. OpenGL, Game Center API, in-app purchases, iOS 7 feature requests, and other assorted nerdery follows.

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Iterate 33: Brent Simmons of Sepia Labs

Marc, Seth, Dave, and Rene talk about 1080p displays on mobile, Twitter on Dribble, and sharing design, and interview Brent Simmons of Sepia Labs about Glassboard. This is Iterate.

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