Citrix Brings Windows to the iPhone!

Citrix, the folks behind Go To Meeting and Go To My PC -- and if you believe the urban myth, a good portion of the Windows kernel -- have just significantly harshened Steve Jobs' mellow and sent yet another shudder down Tim Cook's spine.

While VNC/Remote Desktop Apps have been available for the iPhone for a while (see Chad's Jaadu vs. Mocha Showdown), a helpful Fortune Blog reader points us the differences in the Citrix solution:

“The Citrix client gives access to hosted applications on XenApp servers — allowing dozens to hundreds of users to access their applications remotely from a single system, with the very efficient Ctrix ICA display protocol.

One approach is for individual users — the other is for a cost-effective shared application delivery infrastructure.”

(Thanks to The Reptile for sending this in!)

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Citrix Brings Windows to the iPhone!


Wow, just the music on that video has got me excited! The big question is how much is this app going to be and will users have to pay a subscription to use the service?