Citrix Brings Windows to the iPhone!

Citrix, the folks behind Go To Meeting and Go To My PC -- and if you believe the urban myth, a good portion of the Windows kernel -- have just significantly harshened Steve Jobs' mellow and sent yet another shudder down Tim Cook's spine.

While VNC/Remote Desktop Apps have been available for the iPhone for a while (see Chad's Jaadu vs. Mocha Showdown), a helpful Fortune Blog reader points us the differences in the Citrix solution:

“The Citrix client gives access to hosted applications on XenApp servers — allowing dozens to hundreds of users to access their applications remotely from a single system, with the very efficient Ctrix ICA display protocol.

One approach is for individual users — the other is for a cost-effective shared application delivery infrastructure.”

(Thanks to The Reptile for sending this in!)

Rene Ritchie

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Dalekkiller says:

Wow, just the music on that video has got me excited! The big question is how much is this app going to be and will users have to pay a subscription to use the service?

dloveprod says:

I want logmein for the iPhone

John says:

you may take a look at RHUB's ( universal attendance web conferencing technology, which supports cross-platform web meeting including iPhone.