Citrix Strikes Again: Windows Receiver on iPhone a Go!

Citrix has been warning... er... teasing Windows for the iPhone for a while now, but their blog (via Gizmodo) was recently updated to reflect some updates:

As we have announced here on the Citrix Blog ( still no Press Release though ... ) we are actively developing a Citrix Receiver for the iPhone that will bring the world of millions of Windows apps and developers to the iPhone. As part of our testing and demonstrations we are looking for examples of compelling applications that will not run natively on the iPhone, however if the app was hosted on XenApp and delivered to the iPhone it would provide a great visual example of the power of Citrix and the iPhone.

They cite examples including IE-only apps (ActiveX?), Flash apps, medical apps, and cut and paste (?!)

While other remote desktop and VNC clients exist for the iPhone, Citrix comes from a background deep inside the Windows kernel and are thus unique situated to develop a killer solution.

So, anybody really want remote access to Windows on their iPhone, and if so, what do you want most from it?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Citrix Strikes Again: Windows Receiver on iPhone a Go!


Although most say the iphone is not ready for the corporate world, i do believe it is ready for the IT world. as a network engineer. nothing makes me happier than being able to rdp/vnc/telnet to a server to fix a minor issue without having to leave the football game.
I love the fact that being 'on call' no longer requires me to carry a laptop and my blackberry to tether with all over the place. With the potential under the hood of the citrix engine the potential of my iphone moves into the stratosphere.

I would be very happy to take some of my classes that I can currently only run in Internet explorer at work on my iPhone.
it's a total pain to have to do them at work as that's my only windows box.