The Competition: Microsoft Unleashes Windows Mobile 6.5, My Phone, and Market Place

Windows Mobile 65 Main Graphic

Microsoft today takes the wrappers off their latest generation of mobile software and services, and our good friend George Ponder from sibling site gives us the details in his complete Windows Mobile 6.5 review. The pre-amble sums things up well from an iPhone point of view:

For some, the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 may very well be a non-event. But it marks the beginning of a journey for Windows Mobile and a new approach to mobile computing with the Windows Phone.

Rumor has it even Microsoft doesn't believe WinMo 6.5 is competitive with the iPhone -- that's be next year's Windows Mobile 7, which even Steve Ballmer thinks is way late to the party. It's a refresh of a refresh of a refresh. But it does show which direction Microsoft is going, and how the "one OS, multiple handset vendors" strategy is shaping up or them.

Along with Windows Mobile 6.5, Microsoft is also launching Windows Marketplace for Mobile (think App Store) and upgrading the My Phone online service (think Mobile Me but with a different focus).

WMExperts will be live-blogging all the Windows Mobile 6.5 festivities starting at 10am EDT, so head on over there if you want to join in the fun.

Rene Ritchie

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sting7k says:

The AT&T Pure (Diamond 2) and Tilt 2 (Touch Pro 2) announced the other day do look pretty nice with 6.5 out of the box.

tom says:

phone looks pretty sick - and the screen shot is set at 4:20. mega props to microsoft!

Uncle Bernie says:

Windows, windows mobile, Microsoft, these are products for losers, by losers.

zeagus says:

@Uncle Bernie - don't be a d-bag. Win7 is great, but WinMo6.5 is another fresh coat of paint on a dead horse. WinMo7 is the do-over and it may well be too little too late. WinMo7's tech was being discussed under the codename Photon before the original iPhone was announced - get off your @$$es, MS!

Gavin says:

HTC HD2 a beautiful phone take the product tour.

Ramy Gabr says:

I am currently an iPhone user, but honestly, Windows mobile is magnificant, climbing from version to version is as far as moving from earth to the moon, I'm an ex iMate ... !

Therealtruth says:

I never really understood the concept of winners and losers in the apple/Microsoft thing. There two completely different companies. The fact is that apple had been extremely successful, especially over the last ten yrs or so with their business model. Just because Microsoft has th market share in pc's doesn't mean they a "winning". Of course they do. There stuffs on evry computer. Fact is the majority of consumers probobly don't even know what an os is and that there are others. They use what comes on the computer. Simplicity. I don't know that market share is really any indication of success. I mean what if your selling the most devices yet it's at such a discounted price in order to keep it up that at the end of the day your losing $? Is that a success?

Therealtruth says:

and your right when you say history repeats itself. Mostly because people seem unable to learn from their mistakes......

lan games says:

No 6.5 is released and still not comparable to the Iphone usability... :(