Make it easy for people to add you to their Contacts with ContactMonkey [$100 Giveaway]

Make it easy for people to add you to their Contacts with ContactMonkey [$100 Giveaway]

Do you skip over adding someone to your contacts because you're too lazy to copy and paste their info from their email signature into a new contact? I do. All the time. But if you're a business person, the last thing you want is for people like me to leave you out of their address book -- that's where ContactMonkey comes in. ContactMonkey is a web service that creates a contact card for you that can be downloaded in 19 different formats for Mac, Windows, web, and mobile. It's simple, elegant, and free for individuals.

Before you start panicking, ContactMonkey is nothing like the ugly vcards of old. ContactMonkey is not an attachment, but a simple link to add to your signature. When clicked, the user is taken to an elegantly designed virtual contact card and a list of formats that they can choose from to download.

You can see my ContactMonkey card at


Now, what if the person is viewing your contact card from an iPhone or iPad? Can they still download your information to be stored in Contacts? Yes! Well, sort of. To store your information, the person simply enters their email address and immediately receives an reply with a contact card that can be saved to Contacts. Granted, emailing isn't as elegant as we'd like, but it's a limitation imposed by iOS and this is a fairly smart and safe way to work around it. Users of other mobile platforms will be able to directly download your contact info into their device's address book.

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Another feature of ContactMonkey is notifications. When your contact card is downloaded you receive an alert along with charts that break down your visitors' general location, browser, and time of download. You can also can also choose to make your information public or private, and available for indexing by search engines or not.


contactmonkey white label

As previously mentioned, ContactMonkey is completely free for individual users. However, the web version of your card will feature ContactMonkey branding and the URL for your card with be http://contactmonkey/YourName. This is fine for the average user, but not exactly professional enough for companies or institutions. That's where ContactMonkey's white-label service comes in. With a white-label subscription, ContactMonkey will help you set up a subdomain so that the URL's of the contacts will look like http://contacts.yourcompany/YourName as well as customize the card profile pages to match your website.

A white-label subscription will only run your company $3 per user per month. Quite a steal if you ask me!

Sign up your company with ContactMonkey White Label for a chance to win a $100 iTunes gift card

The first 200 companies who sign-up for a business account

Even more of a steal is that the first 150 iMore readers who sign-up their companies for a ContactMonkey white-label business account will receive their first their first 100 user licenses free for life and have a chance at winning a $100 iTunes gift card. All you have to do is make sure you use this link (or the one below) to sign up!

Sign up for a free individual ContactMonkey account

Sign up for ContactMonkey White Label ($100 giveaway)

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Make it easy for people to add you to their Contacts with ContactMonkey [$100 Giveaway]


OMG! This is exactly what I have been looking high and low for! Until the iPhone can have different signatures with each email address is a is a must have service. I simply want to share my contact info and need big grand pictures in the back ground, and a simple vCard link doesn't work for the masses that use iPhones to get your contact info. LOVE IT!