Next Apple event 2023: When is the next Apple launch happening, and what will be announced?

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Apple is known for holding a small number of hard-hitting events throughout the year. While the exact dates for these can sometimes be challenging to pin down and are often announced at the last minute, Apple has built up a pretty regular cadence, which means we can predict with some accuracy when the next Apple event will be.

Apple usually holds a spring event in March or April, its annual developer conference WWDC in June, an iPhone event in September, and a final fall event in October or November. 

So what's on the cards right now? When is the next Apple event and what could be announced?

When is the next Apple event?

Until very recently, Apple was expected to hold an event in April 2023. This was going to be Apple's reveal of the Reality Pro VR headset. But our most recent information suggests this has been postponed until June and WWDC 2023. It's not clear whether the April event as a whole has been postponed, or whether the Apple Reality Pro simply won't debut, but Apple will still likely hold an event in April to show off other products such as iPad or Mac. 

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April Apple event: What will Apple announce next?

Apple usually holds a spring event in either March or April, and until recently we had no reason to believe this wouldn't be the case this year too. Recent reports indicate that Apple was planning to unveil its Apple VR Reality Pro headset at said event, but have now canceled this. We don't know for sure whether this means there won't be an event at all, or whether Apple may still hold an event for some of its other products, just without the headset.

Unfortunately, there isn't much else on the rumored launch slate for this year. A rumored 15-inch MacBook Air probably wouldn't command an event by itself, and we're not expecting Apple to make any other big upcoming changes to any of its major product categories prior to WWDC.

With all of that in mind, it could be that Apple simply skips its usual Spring event and goes all-in on a WWDC launch of the new Apple VR headset, 15-inch MacBook Air, and any other surprises it might have in the pipeline.

WWDC 2023: When is WWDC and what will Apple announce?

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WWDC 2023 will almost certainly take place in early June, as it does every year. An educated guess would be the week of June 5, with the headline keynote taking place on that Monday. Apple will unveil iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, watchOS 10, and more. Apple also often releases new physical products at WWDC, last year treating us to the overhauled M2 MacBook Air

When was the last Apple event?

Apple iPhone 15 event: When is the iPhone 15 launch?

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All signs point to an iPhone 15 launch in the first half of September 2023, as Apple reverts to its usual iPhone launch windows after a disrupted couple of years due to COVID. If that holds true, expect an event on either September 12 or 19, with pre-orders that week and a release date the following Friday. The iPhone event has also become home to Apple's yearly Apple Watch update debut, with the most recent additions to the best Apple Watch models, the Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, and new SE all being unveiled at the same time. We also saw AirPods Pro 2, so a nice accessory is never out of the question. 

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