Caption Contest: KanyeBerry Says... What?


Sorry. Had. To. Be. Memed. But as long as we're being so predictable, we might as well make it a contest. A caption contest, of course. So let's set the stage:

iPhone 3GS, blockbuster selling, uber-popular, satisfaction levels off the hook, has just won the smartphone of the year award, and is about to give its heartfelt speech, in front of proud Pappa Jobs, no less, when the boldest of Kanye West-inspired BlackBerrys storms the stage, speaker on full, auto-tune set, and just has to interrupt and say...


What? That's where you come in. Head on over to our TiPb iPhone Forums and let us know. Be creative, be comedic, be original, and the caption we love best will get an iTunes gift certificate!

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Caption Contest: KanyeBerry Says... What?


I'm sorry, I'm really happy for you Jobs.. but the Pre OS is one of the best of all time.. Best of all time.. Best of all Time.
Followed by a not so heart felt web appology to Apple, and the iphone.. followed by a dramatic scene in which Blackberry is shocked Leno would ask him how Nokia would feel about his outburst.. Blackberry is left feeling ashamed.. but will still sell wonderfully somehow.
(okay, so all I did was replace a couple things here and there.. but.. its all I had. lol)

While I detest Kanye's interruption at the VMAs, I would caution TiPB from likening their device of choice to Taylor Swift... seriously? =p

"Steve jobs I know you own apple and made the iPhone n all. Ima let you finish your speech but the meizu 8 is the best iPhone I ever seen"

I’m sorry, I’m happy for you iPhone, but the BlackBerry 8900 CURVE, Oooooh Yeah! That's the best of all time.. Best of all time.. Best of all Time. I'll let you get back to talking 'bout Jobs and all, but IT'S A CURVE, MAN! That's all I have to say, ya know what I'm sayin'?

iTaylor: Thank you so much! I always dreamed what it would be like to send MMS, but I never thought it would happen.
KanyeBerry: Yo iTaylor, I'm really happy for you, I'm let you finish, but the Motorola Razr is one of the best selling phones of all time. One of the best selling phones of all time! I uh... yup.
iTaylor: Tear

"Yo, Steve. I'm really happy for you man, but I just gotta say, the G1 from my boys over at T-Mobile was the best phone I ever laid my hands on." [camera pans over to a confused G1 development team sitting in the audience].
It's short, and it's all I've got.