More details on the new MobileMe -- becoming Ustream + Foursquare?!

Cult of Mac, who previously rumored a storage-free iPhone nano, is now offering some more potential details on that rumored MobileMe update, including functionality that would make it a mashup of Ustream and Foursquare. According to a "source who wishes to remain nameless":

the centerpiece of the new MobileMe services is a dynamic webpage that sounds like a mashup of Facebook, Foursquare and Ustream. The webpage will collect a ton of information that is automatically uploaded from an iOS device, including the user’s location, photos they’ve taken and video they’ve shot. It will also detail music they’re listening to, games they’re playing, applications they’re using, music and apps they’ve purchased, web sites they’ve visited, status updates, and so on. Users can even send live video to their page, much like the live video-streaming service Ustream.

They also say Apple will offer privacy controls for those who may wish not share. A second service called "Tokens" is also discussed:

Tokens (the name is temporary) allows users to tag GPS locations with information, tips and interesting photos. Users can see what tokens others have left behind. The information could be restaurant reviews, meal recommendations, special deals offered by retailers, or photos of events that took place there. However, the system is complex and Apple is having trouble getting it to work properly, our source said. (And yeah, Apple can’t seem to make the simple version of MobileMe work properly now – but that’s another story).

I'm not going to lie, this isn't really what any of us had been hoping for in a MobileMe revamp. In fact it sounds a little like the Kin services! We've discussed universal login so you can enter your password to activate an iPhone or iPad (rather than tether to iTunes) and pull down all your settings. We've talked about media streaming so you don't have to choose which of your music and movies you sync over USB. We've begged for them to just buy DropBox already. We've never really sat down and dreamed about another Foursquare, Gowalla or Places -- or Ustream for that matter.

Is this the MobileMe revamp you've been looking for? Let us know in comments!

[Cult of Mac]

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More details on the new MobileMe -- becoming Ustream + Foursquare?!


I really hope they keep the social aspects off of MobileMe. I don't use facebook nor care for it and certainly don't want it on my MobileMe

I agree, but at least with Apple, I will have to explicitly opt-in to a clearly defined service, and there will be easily found and painless opt-out options if I so choose. Apple really is the only company that takes their customers' privacy seriously, and they would not compromise that if they make MobileMe more social.

I have no desire to pay for any of those things listed ... however if they make it a free service ... maybe. I can see the usefulness, but Apple should be careful that they may be stretching a bit too far from their core competency.
Facebook, Foursquare, Ustream are all done and ingrained - what are you going to offer to differentiate Apple? And will this be another closed ecosystem that only iPhone users can update? If so, you're missing the point of what makes all those other platforms work.

Sounds like Cult of Mac is making up stuff. They have nothing.
The only people I believe to have real info in the Apple rumors game are the WSJ and DaringFireball. Maybe the Loop. Yukari Iwatani Kane from the WSJ is fed info (could be true, could be not) directly from Apple PR for timed leaks or FUD. John Gruber has reliable sources within Apple. And Jim Dalrymple seems to have old-guard Apple sources within Apple, just not as good as Gruber's.
Everyone else is speculating and making up stories according to their whims.
So, Apple likely fed information to the WSJ stating that:
"Apple is considering making MobileMe a free service that would serve as a "locker" for personal memorabilia such as photos, music and videos, eliminating the need for devices to carry a lot of memory, the people familiar with the situation said.
MobileMe, part of an industry wave known as cloud computing, also could become a focal point for a new online music service that Apple has been developing for more than a year, the people said. Social networking would be another key component, one of the people said."
This is all we know. And the $300, subsidized for free, iPhone "nano" was also part of the WSJ article.
I'm skeptical this can really work in a world where wireless data services cost $15 to $50 per month on top of $40 per month voice services. Maybe I'll believe when wireless data and voice total costs go down to $40 per month along with reasonable bandwidth amounts, I'm skeptical that this whole cloud-only device strategy could really work.

I totally agree. None of this cloud based stuff is appealing with the current pricing and capping of data plans. I easily use 5-6 gigs a month thanks to the old unlimited plan.

I think MM is a pretty good service. While everyone complains about it's cost and function I use it daily for syncing my devices. Most of the time it works flawless. But if these are the new features coming to MM I don't need nor want them. I don't use check in anyway. Being 40 years old I really don't care for people to know my every step. I have enough ways to connect to friends now. So take it or leave, I'll leave it!

I've had an account since it was iTools, and this would just suck... I don't need/want more social networking, I want function and ease of use.

I really don't believe Apple should pursue a social direction. Ping has failed horribly and though these features sound useful at the least, they certainly are not desired or needed. Perhaps it could work, but my guess is it would be a dead end.

It's not happening so maintain calm and try not to get your panties in a twist/knot/any other form of discomfort.

This is really dumb that you guys keep hoping for a for streaming. In what world or carrier would that even work. Not even a current 4g network could handle all the streaming. Concentrate on a viable or possible development.

Idk if you're referring to me or tipb but I've read here countless times that they hope for one and as stated in this article " We’ve talked about media streaming so you don’t have to choose which of your music and movies you sync over USB."

I have MobileMe Family account and it is OK. I hoped to see more out of it. It should be free as it is as it's not worth that much and I was a huge fan of it for a while.
Oh well...

What I want is untethered close to real time updating between devices, especially for music, apps and podcasts on top of the existing mail and contacts.

Err... I already stream music from iTunes via mobile me to my iphone. Not video - given. But, music streams fine.

I like mobile me the way it is. If apple wants to be more social, why don't they do what palm did with webos? I would love that on iPhone.

Unlike everyone else, I kind of like the sound of this rumor. I haven't had a MobileMe subscription in the past, but this is something that could change that...

It's 2011 and i still have to activate und sync my iPhone via USB-cable! WTF?!
This should be the highest priority for a new Mobile Me Service: Wireles syncing between all devices.
And MobileMe shoud be FREE!
The service today sucks big time and i have to pay for that crap?!
Because there are Google, Facebook, Foursquare and Dropbox i don't need any of the services. But i will probaly use them, if they are for free.

I like how MobileMe works now. Sounds like apple is following windows and their cloud. Not a good idea. That's why I like apple, because it's NOT like PC