Editor's desk: Orlando live!

See that picture up top? That's me trying to figure out a) which flight I'm about to miss, b) which event is next, and c) how I got stuck in the Matrix. And why's that? Because this week marks the first in what will no doubt be several crazy summer weeks in mobile and at Mobile Nations. For my part, I leave for Orlando today to join Kevin Michaluk and what feels like most of the CrackBerry nation for BlackBerry Live 2013. I'll be there in my Mobile Nations producer capacity to help broadcast and record not only CrackBerry Live TV -- we'll be streaming straight from the show floor! -- but also to continue working on #TM13...

Speaking of which, we've launched the official teaser page in all its teasing glory. You can sign up to learn more about our smartphone round-robin re-imagined, and since this is Mobile Nations we're talking about, you know that there'll be some insane karmic rewards coming your way, so you probably want to sign up sooner rather than later...

But that's only part of the stuff headed your way this week. We've also got:

  • Phil Nickinson and Jerry Hildenbrand from Android Central off to Google IO, where they should get a ton of Android and Chrome news, and we may even get some updated iOS apps. Watch for Google's big keynote on Wednesday. 2011 saw a ton of stuff get announced that never materialized, but 2012 -- Nexus Q aside -- showed a new, more disciplined focus. Here's hoping this year is more of that.

  • Daniel Rubino from Windows Phone Central is off to London for a Nokia Windows Phone event. There are rumors of new hardware, new software, and more.

On our end, we're starting our prep for WWDC 2013 here at iMore. It's still a month away, but with iOS 7 coming, and OS X 10.9 coming with it, Apple news is going to go from 0 to warp 60 really fast.

That raises the question: with iMore's new, all-Apple focus, what kind of coverage do you want to see? Should we treat Mac and OS X the same way we treat iPhone, iPad, and iOS, or do you want to see it handled differently? Also, Google is really stepping up their iOS game, how much of Google IO do you want to see us pull in here? Let me know!

Photo: @safesolvent

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Editor's desk: Orlando live!


Just keep doing what iMore does... quality reporting on all things iOS, OSX, Mac, and More... Google IO? If it pertains directly to iOS, OSX, or Mac... report it. Leave anything Google/Android to AC... That's why they exist.

They are just sharing human resources to be efficient and cost effective, smart way to do it. Also, they, like most members of these sites, like all things mobile (with an obvious bias or preference) so participating in an event like this is still exciting. I am sure any reports from this event heading to imore will be a compare and contrast type of post.

Spare a thought for those of us reporting on Google I/O on both sites ;-) It's going to be a crazy, but crazy good week this week!

@kch50428 what he said. Keep on doing what you guys do. If Google I/O has anything relating to iOS then of course we want to hear about it. Keep up the great work guys

Re: "...how much of Google IO do you want to see us pull in here?"

Just tell us this year's Android release number. I'd say it's roughly 50/50 between "4.3" and "5.0." Google might want to stick with 4.x until 4.x reaches, what, maybe 20% of the Android pie. (After a year and a half of availability.)

To both your questions I say cover both in depth. There are some quality writers on staff (you included) and I'd love to read their impressions of everything. Obviously due to resource constraints not everything will get the same treatment, but that's understood.

I love iMore nah nah na boo boo! Thanks Rene! Hope to see you in Orlando this week, be it airport or disney world or driving down the road to orlando or to Melbourne lol! Airport is crazzzzy big there. It's my week to move down as I've mentioned. Have fun!