EE sign up two million new UK 4G users in 2013 - twice their target

EE It would appear that the UK mobile consumer is loving 4G, according to the latest statement from EE. The network - first to introduce LTE to the UK - had a target of signing up one million subscribers in 2013, and it only took ten months to get to that goal. During the following four months a further one million folk joined EE, according to a recent press release.

This goes to prove two things - that faster data speeds are quite clearly very much sought after, and that consumers are willing to pay a little more for that privilege. With EE selling both the iPhone 5S and 5C it's likely that a very high percentage of the two million are rocking an iPhone. 

Vodafone and O2 now offer LTE, although they have more limited coverage than EE. Three is also planning an LTE roll out shortly. I can't wait for 4G to be the norm.

Did you pick up a new iPhone from EE and was it a decision based on data speeds? Sound off in the comments. 

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Reader comments

EE sign up two million new UK 4G users in 2013 - twice their target


I was an early adopter with EE 4G and left after six months, sold a 4G contract on the basis I'd be able to use 4g at home and work - only to find no signal, very, very poor battery life on my iphone 5 due to the poor signal I had.

Add to this poor connection speeds when I could connect (my HSPA Mifi with three was always significantly quicker by a factor of 2 or 3 times!) meant I complained and we agreed to part ways.

Don't see 4G as having a killer use yet - and until there's some killer use or the operators stop trying to rip people off and making you pay a premium for something that doesn't cost them any extra to provide (see three's model!) I won't be signing up for it!

Oh and no mention either in the EE press release about any increase in complaints to ofcom about the lack of coverage of 4G that they sold some people....interesting that! ;)

I am currently in the 3 trial for 4g usage and I can tell you that the speeds are fantastic.

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Wish I was. That said over the christmas period I decided to use my AYCE data to download Max Payne, (27 gigs).
On my normqal broadband connection a time of almost 3 days was estimated. I switche to the hotspot and this fell to a few hours. What gives I thought, so it was over to and it turned out that I was getting 26, yes Twenty six Mbps. It made me wonder if they were trialling 4G in Bedfordshire. Oh and that's all at less than £20/month.