EE UK launches double-speed LTE, queen and country hit 40+Mbps

If you're on EE in the UK, you could be seeing a major LTE speed boost coming your way. Alex Dobie of Android Central explains:

The new, faster speeds are enabled by allocating more of EE's spectrum to its LTE network — it's now using 2x20MHz of 1800MHz spectrum instead of 2x10MHz. This brings theoretical transfer rates of up to 150Mbps, with real world speeds averaging around 30-40Mbps. In practice we've seen download speeds regularly hit 40-50Mbps in London and Manchester, with throughput reaching highs of 78-79Mbps in some areas.

Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield, start your speed tests!

(I've gotten 50Mbps down at the local coffee shop, how you doing?)

Source: Android Central

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EE UK launches double-speed LTE, queen and country hit 40+Mbps

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Perhaps EE would get a bigger uptake on their 4G services if every time you visit one of their stores to enquire, you weren't simply dismissed and told to go and phone a help line where you can merrily waste an hour of your life that you'll never get back.
Having defected from 02 after 10 years, I can't wait for my Orange contract to expire so I can return to 02. Having been told, prior to the launch of 4G, that i could swap and at no extra cost,Ii find that whilst this may be true, the data allowance is far less and to get the same does actually cost more. A classic case of the grass is not always greener !!

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