Evernote 7.3 makes taking notes simpler, more colorful

Evernote for iOS has been updated to version 7.3, making some changes to the user interface, as well as other improvements, all in an effort to make Evernote simpler and more responsive. You can customize the interface with some color and background options, as well as how the app displays your notes.

The biggest changes to experience are in Evernote's home screen. Quick Note, which generally favored text notes, from the bottom of the screen. Instead, Evernote has opted to place a row of buttons at the top of the screen, allowing you to quickly create notes of different types. Below this row are your sections. In addition to reordering, you can now show or hide details of each section, as well as add or remove them. Don't want to see the Market section? turn it off in the app's settings. Finally, you can now pick a theme for Evernote's home screen, either Classic green, Light, or Dark.

There are other improvements and fixes in Evernote 7.3. Business card scans can be saved to your contacts automatically. You can also set the quality of audio notes for either sound or file size. There are also syncing improvements, fixes to unseen card scans and corrupted audio notes, and several stability fixes.

You can download Evernote 7.3 from the App Store now.

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Reader comments

Evernote 7.3 makes taking notes simpler, more colorful


They are still ignoring the visually impaired, no accessibility features even though Apple has given developers even more tools with iOS 7. A company that has had an app out as long as Evernote should feel ashamed about not providing accessibility features. The app is beautiful but not very useful on iOS for me.

Love Evernote. Love it. LOVE. Cannot say enough how much I depend on Evernote - I've tried many other notes/productivity apps, and none are anything close to Evernote, esp the cross-platform support. PC/Web/iPhone/iPad - I use them all.

Off subject, but seems like none of the videos in any news story will play on the iPhone. Podcast videos play. Reset phone, still no go. FYI
Reference Evernote, I have been with them since day one, and like it, but an update killed templates, and I also agree. Accessibility needs to be a part of the program.

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Nice update. I like that there's a little more customization and like the home screen controls a lot better. Great job.