Evomail+ is replacing Mail.app on my iPhone, maybe for good!

Evomail+ is replacing Mail.app on my iPhone, maybe for good!

Evomail+ is now available for iPhone and boasts a simpler, more fluid experience than its predecessor, most of which was based on collected user feedback. The new One Button feature of Evomail+ constantly adapts and changes to better suit what you're doing at that exact moment. Which is why I'm replacing the default Mail app on my iPhone with Evomail+, at least for now.

When it comes to workflow, Evomail+ has been designed from the ground up in order to make email not only a more manageable experience, but more of a conversational tool that we don't dread using. Dominic Flask, co-founder and lead designer of Evomail has this to say:

With the re-design of Evomail+ we focused on streamlining the user’s experience by creating the One Button, a single blue button that adapts to contextually fit within its environment allowing for faster navigation of your inbox and messages,

To most of us, email is a deeply personal experience that all of us handle differently. Depending on my workflow, how I choose to respond and organize emails could be completely different than that of even one of my colleagues. A lot of the issue I've taken with third party email clients in the past is that there just isn't an all in one solution across multiple platforms... yet.

I think Evomail+ brings us closer than ever to a feasible alternative solution. For me, I need an ecosystem that encompasses my entire workflow, not just bits and pieces of it. The mail issues with Mavericks finally made me ditch Mac Mail altogether several months back and I've settled on Airmail to replace it. It's the only third party mail client on any platform that's gotten me to ditch the native option for good. Mainly because no third party apps ever play nice across platforms.

When it comes to alternative mail apps for iOS, I've seen very little point in organizing things on my iPhone with a workflow that isn't available to me on my Mac, which is where I spend about 50% of my day hammering out emails. Airmail lets me quickly archive or delete messages, something the stock Mail.app on my iPhone doesn't let me do very easily. It's one or the other, unless you want to manually perform several taps to do the opposite of whatever you've chosen in settings. Archive and delete is something Evomail+ does very well with just a quick swipe in one direction or the other.

Some people may take issue with the fact that Evomail+ does store copies of your emails on their EvoCloud service. This personally doesn't bother me but it's a consideration for many who are bothered by that from a privacy standpoint.

Evomail+ is the first email app that makes me want to work through the teething problems of creating email harmony across desktop and mobile. I think I'm going to give it an honest try with Evomail+ and hope I never have to look back. If you happen to check out Evomail+, what do you think? Is it enough to make you ditch the default Mail app? Why or why not?

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Reader comments

Evomail+ is replacing Mail.app on my iPhone, maybe for good!


I may give that a try also...the option to DELETE is a positive.

How does it work with push/fetch? Any change to the current patterns?

Was tempted to give it a try because the functionality sounds really useful, but was put off by the very negative reviews for Evomail (the non + version) on the app store.

Funny, I was very recently looking at Airmail too. The lack of a trial and possibly the loss of integrated services, (I think), are what's holding me back.
Support looks pretty crap too, you'd expect to be able to see the license agreement without buying it or having to email support surely?

Yep, and very good price it is too. I look at more than just the initial cost of things these days and browsing the support site didn't look to be that easy an experience. Mind you it can't be any worse than Apple who are good when it works but terrible if things go wrong due to their secretive nature.

You can download the beta first, (which is free) that way you can try it out and see if it suits your needs and is worth it's price. That's what I did and I ended up buying it, worth every penny.

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Did that and it turns out my problem wasn't with Mail. The same thing happened in Airmail, (zero kb attachments).

You did? From this statement:

"I think I'm going to give it an honest try with Evomail+ and hope I never have to look back. "

I got the impression you really hadn't used it that much to be able to give us a good review.

I have every intention of spending some real time with evomail and then coming and posting my thoughts after I've a)either found a way to integrate it into my workflow or b) left it on the table.

I think it's the best effort when it comes to usability and workflow. Just depend for me on whether it integrates well and plays nice across platform. Which i am looking at

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"I think it's the best effort when it comes to usability and workflow." Confused me. What makes you say that?

Have you never used Mailbox? It's been doing the things Evomail does since it started.

I have never tried Evomail but Mailbox has been my go to. My only peeve is to get Yahoo! accounts fixed (I understand that it is Yahoo!'s problems) and add in access to folders. Honestly, the Lists function is useless to me at least.

Just tried it and I love the simple concept but the performance just isn't there. It was snail slow for me so I'm sticking with Mailbox for now :-)

I also much prefer mailbox. Plus I do not like the evomail icon. It just doesn't look like a mail app icon. For some reason that's important to me.

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It looks very pretty but it is as buggy as hell. I will wait for an update or two before trying again.

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Allyson, no video? [xD]
I like the look of this mail app. I feel like I want to stick with Apple's Mail app because I feel that using another app for my mail might only add yet another link to the chain around my neck that is my digital life. It seems the more people trey to simplify things the more convoluted things actually become.
Again, I really like the ideas behind this app. Maybe Apple will take another look at their mail app ad renovate it like they have some of their others.

I can't stick with any email clients as long as Apple doesn't provide a default option. Every time I compose a new email, it'll always open in Mail.app. That does mean that I must have accounts turned on in Settings in order to send out emails.

The app is quite nice but I feel like Mailbox is faster. sadly Mailbox has problems with Yahoo! I don't know why but... If I had to choose Mailbox is my favorite.

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Have no problems with Apple's mail apps at all (but then, I do not have and never will have a Gmail account – I won't touch anything from Google even with gloves on and the reason to have a mail server that does not follow industry standards escapes me).

My entire business life depends on Apple Mail (plus MailTags, Mail Act-on and Mail Steward) and it has not failed on me since 10.3. A mail program that uses another service infrastructure (and is free on top of that) to store my stuff is out of the question. I do not accuse them of anything, but when even huge companies like Sony can't keep their networks secure, I doubt that complete nobodies on borrowed time and money can.

There are certainly imperfections in iOS Mail.app. Big ones like missing rules support and no junk filtering, and small ones like having only one color for flags. But at least it works, follows standards and is backed by one of the few companies that still have my trust.

I agree with you and were it my choice, I wouldn't have Gmail either. Simply due to issues and weird server things that go on that aren't standard. Sometimes for work, you have to. And with Google Apps swaying companies, that's become commonplace. I guess you could always just forward, but that becomes messy too. :\

This looks like a great app. I prefer universal apps that I can have the same experience on all my devices. I get annoyed when apps on one device have great features, but on the other devices I forget that app doesn't have the same featuring. So I will only switch if the have a universal or app for both platforms on iOS and even better for Mac.

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Well, I've spent the last two hours trying to make it work, and it's about to get deleted. It won't load either inbox, it won't fetch any mail. It looks nice, and sounds helpful, but it so far has done not a damn thing besides kill my battery.

Apparently the app doesn't play well with iOS 7.1 B3. I can add Gmail accounts but it just times out and doesn't download anything...or just crashes.

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Its very buggy, and slooow, and painful to setup with gmail, and iCloud for that matter. After I figured this out I wanted to delete the app, but I wanted to delete my email account info from it first. Good luck, all I get are error messages about how it can't delete my email accounts, great, now I have have to change all my email passwords. Before you ask I did try to contact them for help, which creates an email from the evomail app, which fails to send....In the future the iMore staff may want to be more careful about posting articles about new apps until they have tested them, posting this to the front page about how you found an app that maybe is going to replace the Mail app on your iPhone for good makes it sound like its been vetted. This app obviously has not..

Archive Or Delete? Huh? To me, "archive == move to a folder" and delete is, well, delete. Both of which are easily accessible via the buttons on the message or swipe action in the message list.

And... having my mail on their servers is a problem for me. Especially since it's a free service. The screenshots do not show any ads, so how are they earning money to fund the development of the app and run the service? We all know how Google does... by selling the data we give them for free. (If I could find another way to sync contacts between IOS and Thunderbird on my PC, I'd blank out my GMail data completely.)

Mailbox is free as well. I'd guess both of them got funding from investors and/or have plans for business or monetization in the future. Just speculating though. It's probably tough to release a paid email app right from the start these days, in such a crowded market. Most of them are starting free.

I think I'm going to give a go, but before I do, what are your thoughts vs. the Mailbox 3rd-party app? Personally Mailbox has made for a more enjoyable experience via email (nerdy, I know) but I don't like how it only allows you to archive messages because it disables that mobile-laptop harmony you speak of (basically I can never find the messages on the native Mail.app on my MBP). Any insight on this would be awesome!

I'll give this one a try. So far I've tried just about every third party mailbox app and all ways end up going back to the stock one.

It's not looking to go so far, it gave me an error during the walk through an now it won't pull up my inbox.

Many BAD reviews on this app. If you're going to replace the mail.app, then Boxer is the only one that lives up to the price, Free or Not.

Funny I was actually trying out the updated version of the old Evomail 2 days before this article was posted. Yes, again I'm trying out different email apps on the AppStore. So when I saw the article, I immediately downloaded the app and tried it. I really like the interface and simple gestures of the new Evomail (very similar to version 1) however some bugs I encountered are really killing the experience. When I tried linking my Yahoo account, it didn't show my mails. I waited for a few minutes but it didn't really load up. There were also a few instances wherein I tried opening an email from my Gmail account. The app froze, the email didn't open and I had to force quit the app. It could also use some improvements in terms of speed and responsiveness. Still I think it shows a lot of promise and I'll try it again once they have released an update.