kiwi for gmail

Not surprisingly, I spend a lot of time of my time each day in front of a computer. A great deal of that time is spent going through my various inboxes separating and responding to email, and prepping articles for iMore through Google Docs. For both, I'm a heavy user of Kiwi for G Suite, which is packed full of excellent keyboard shortcuts.

Freely available in the Mac App Store, Kiwi for Gmail brings your favorite email client as one centralized app. From here, you can take advantage of the traditional Gmail interface that provides quick access to all G Suite applications and documents, including Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Admittingly, until recently I largely ignored Kiwi's keyboard shortcuts. Once I spent some time learning more about them, I became hooked. They have ever-so-slightly boosted my productivity and almost certainly have shaved a few work minutes off of my day. Better still, I'm not alternating as much between my mouse and keyboard when I'm using my MacBook Pro with a desktop monitor. Less mouse usage can reduce the risk of Repetitive Syndrome Injury or R.S.I.

Kiwi shortcuts

As you can see above, Kiwi's keyboard shortcuts are available for Mac and Windows, although there are many more for macOS users. These include shortcuts for zoom in/zoom out, composing a message, find in page, and others.

Initially introduced as a Kickstarter project, Kiwi for Gmail supports up to six Gmail accounts simultaneously and allows you to open documents in separate windows. Files available for opening include gsheet, gform, gdoc, gslides, gdraw, glink, and gnote.

You can download Kiwi for Gmail from the Mac App Store and through the Kiwi website.

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