Gmail On IphoneSource: Charles Deluvio / iMore

What you need to know

  • Gmail for iOS has finally been furnished with privacy information as required by Apple.
  • The change was made server-side, and the app is still two months without an update.

Google has finally added information to Gmail to comply with Apple's new iOS App Store privacy labels.

As noted by MacRumors:

Google today quietly added App Privacy labels to its Gmail app, marking the first of its major apps to receive the privacy details aside from YouTube.

Though App Privacy information has been added to Gmail, Google has done so server side and has yet to issue an update to the Gmail app. It has been two months since the Gmail app last saw an update.

Gmail has gone for weeks without an update ever since Apple introduced new measures to its App Store which show users how much data an app collects on them whilst they use it.

Google, which normally updates its iOS apps on a weekly basis, stopped updating its apps in early December, before promising in January that its apps on the App Store would be updated in January. From that report:

In a statement to TechCrunch a spokesperson from Google confirmed that the company plans to release updates to its apps on the App Store as soon as this week.

Reached for comment, a Google spokesperson confirmed the company has a plan to add privacy labels across its app catalog. They also confirmed the labels are expected to begin rolling out as soon as this week or next week, though an exact date is not yet available.

As MR now notes, Gmail does now have privacy information as required by Apple, but the app itself hasn't yet been updated for over two months.