Facebook for iOS updated, finally lets you edit comments, add photos to replies, and more!

Facebook for iOS update finally lets you edit comments and add photos to them

Facebook for iOS has just been updated to version 6.6 which finally lets you edit comments you've previously left on someone's status, add a photo to a reply, and view the edit history in just a tap.

The web browser version of Facebook has let you edit comments for quite some time now. The Android app recently got the feature so it's nice to see the update was finally pushed out for iOS as well. Not only can you edit a comment, you can view the edit history in a single tap as well.

Other features in the update include the ability to add a photo to a comment and an option to add expressions to someone else's timeline. Aside from that, the update says it includes bug fixes as well.

If you happen to find any other new features, let us know in the comments!

Allyson Kazmucha

Editor for iMore, Potter pundit, and the ninja in your iOS

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zdn1042 says:

Not good. Now all those hilarious spelling errors/auto correct misfires will be fixed. Haha.

jlb21 says:

The add photo when commenting works for me, but I can't seem to be able to edit comments I've left on my or someone else's posts....

Allyson Kazmucha says:

Tap on the comment of yours you want to edit and a menu comes up. One of the options is edit.

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pr1nce says:

Really like being able to edit previous posts. It works great for me.

Dionte says:

Excited about the editing feature and bug fixes

bookimdanno says:

I read icons can be posted now as well. Does that include Emoji? And is that what you meant by "expressions"?

fieserhkf says:

no need to delete the wrong words and post a new one again~yeh!! editing is great

mobiers says:

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ssmita76 says:

Edit option my Facebook is great. As many times I spelled wrong by mistake and it always give bad impressions to readers. Facebook has done incredible job by adding this feature for iOS users who are using Facebook app in their phone.

HarshRajTechcronus says:

It comes to us as a great news that Facebook has brought this new update. We as Techcronus (www.techcronus.com) recommend to have the updated version of Facebook for iOS. The updated version will help you smoother your operation with great experience on iPhone.