Free Wallpaper Friday: Turkey Genocide Edition


Welcome, dear readers, to another exciting installment of Free Wallpaper Friday, where I pass out free images like candy from a parade float. And this week I'm loading you up with a double does of sugary sweet wallpapers with a Holiday theme. Enough to kill a diabetic.

If you were expecting turkeys and cornucopias, you're in for disappointment. I prefer more of a Christmas theme because frankly Thanksgiving is rather boring, and I'm sure that, like me, you'd rather stare a colorful Christmas tree on your iPhone screen rather than a Butterball Turkey? Am I right or am I right? Right then.

These aren't my best submissions, but there are a few good ones to choose from. I'm partial to the snowmen image myself. But I will be rolling out some really magnificent Holiday walls in weeks leading to up Christmas

Download them after the jump. Oh,'re welcome.

xmas-trees.jpg sunflower.png straw-bale.png snow-men.jpg red-tree.jpg passports.jpg pale-stars.jpg orange-stars.jpg liberty-stamp.jpg holiday-lights.jpg green-stars.jpggold-tree.jpg blue-swirls.jpg gingerbreadmen.jpg blue-tree.jpg apple-flax.jpg


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There are 13 comments. Add yours.

Norman says:

Thanks. I like a few of these.

Jason says:

To heck with the iPhone wallpaper. I just put the Turkey Genocide on my desktop! Have a great weekend everyone.

carlos says:

yeah the turkey genocide is my wallpaper for this weekend,

Seth says:

have a great weekend and a merry Christmas!! Hang on, am I a month early??

jake says:

I think jokes involving Turkey and genocide are in pretty poor taste...

Bitcher says:

who cares what you think?

Linda says:

Those are nice iPhone wallpapers. :)
Anyway, we don't even celebrate Thanksgiving correctly, but I'm sure everyone already knows that.

Jabba_Dude says:

I wonder if the American Indians celebrate thanksgiving?

Bryan says:

I just found your website today, and boy did i realize what i've been missing =(. Btw Kent, is your iphone still bricked? it happened to me so i unlocked it to 1.1.1 myself =D. IT's getting snowy up here in canada so i appreiciate the awsome christmas/winter theme.
By any chance could you get the windows vista aurora theme at the iphone res? Thanks man, your wallpapers are beautiful enough to push the sleep wait button a few times before i go to sleep.

Free iPhone wallpapers here says:

Another big collection of height quality iPhone wallpapers:

Dave Jackson says:

Great wallpapers...thanks for the post. Came across a site which had some pretty cool wallpapers.