Gmail experiencing outages, is it down for you?

Gmail experiencing outages, is it down for you?

Looks like Google's Gmail is having some problems this morning. While mine (a paid Google apps account) seems to working fine, a lot of you are telling us you're not getting any Gmail this morning at all, not on your iPhone, not on your iPad, and not on your Windows or Mac PC. Not good.

If you're experiencing a Gmail outage, or if you were back it's back now, let us know in our Gmail Forums

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Gmail experiencing outages, is it down for you?


well, i am getting emails from things like Facebook notifications, Apple Support, but not from my usual gmail using contacts...

I can get to my Gmail from my iPhone and my Macbook while using Tether. Not from my iPad as the Internet at my job is down. It took the IT Department an hour to even report it via e-mail, after it was reported to them. Good job!! LOL!!!! This is why I bring my Macbook Pro to work. For the usual and customary Network and Internet outages at a Medical School. SMH...

Mine isn't working either. But I figured it was something like this. Although I was a little worried when my passwords wouldn't work. False alarm!

I just converted all my email accounts from Yahoo to GMail yesterday and today there are problems off and on all day. Still trying to import old emails and contacts, etc. Not a good sign as far as I am concerned

My gmail on my iphone said my password was incorrect. I had to change it through the internet first, then on my iPhone settings and it finally worked. But it was annoying because I had just changed my password the day before.

Mine was fine today, but yesterday I kept getting "password incorrect" error for a few hours. Seems fine now.